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Hello let me ask you a question are you Looking for a non-phone work at home job Lead where you can start working Immediately then this is for you so Let's go ahead and dive right into it Okay now we're talking about the company Stanford Stanford is currently seeking Administrative Associates three to work Remotely okay and they are hiring Immediately this is a full-time position Here as you can see on the screen it is A full-time job here and then when you Scroll down here I know a lot of y'all May say well what is the pay now we're Going to go down here and we're going to See what is the salary for this position Here the salary is between 50 000 to 81 000 per year so this is a good salary And this job the requirement is only a High school diploma and four years of Administrative experience or combination Of education and relevant experience to Make that amount of money okay now we're Going to go more into details about uh What you're going to be doing we all Know that Stanford is just basically a University Um where it's basically a school of Medicine so this is a great um company To work for and we're going to go into Details about what you're going to be Doing you're going to act on behalf of The supervisor department manager our Chair in regards to established

Priorities and identify and resolving Problems that are administrative and Natures you're going to also compose and Draft documents and correspondent for Presentation course handouts grants Conference seminars and reports you can Perform sustainable editing and facts Checking creating maintain modifying and Assured accuracy of content in various Unit documents display reports brochures Social media and our website really easy Job and then you're going to create Complex reports and spreadsheets which May utilize specialized software and Systems and then you're going to Coordinate and make monitor routine Maintenance service completions plan and Coordinate office moves in our minor Projects as well as others duties may be Also assigned okay great opportunity Easy job for you to do and then desired Qualification is prior work experience And academic Healthcare setting prior Experience with staffer online Ordering and financial reporting system Knowledge of medical terminology as well As interesting in a long-term Administrative position here okay now The Knowledge and Skills these are the Skills that you need to have these are The skills that you need to implement Into your skill section on your resume As well as your application because not Only your application need to have

Um keywords in in the resume but it Needs to have keywords also in the Application and in the resume so they're Looking for advanced computer skills and Demonstrated experience with office Software in the email application Excellent organization skills and Attention the details that is something That you need to implement into your Resume strong verbal and written Communication skills excellent customer Service and interpersonal skills ability To prioritize multitask and assign work To to others and then also must be able To work in a fast-paced environment okay So if this sounds like something that You're able to do then make for sure That you go ahead and apply today for This job because these type of jobs they Do not last it longer all you need to do Is Click right here if this video has Been helpful so far then what are you Waiting on go ahead and hit that Subscribe button right now and turn on Your bell and turn on your notifications So every time I upload new videos you Will be notified and go ahead and apply For these jobs very quickly because These jobs move just like this and I Want you to be able to get a work from Home job okay now keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there been made for you but you got To believe everything starts in the mind

If you believe that you can guess what Good things are going to come your way But if you are doubting yourself you're Not really going to make that far in Life okay you got to speak life over Yourself the power of the tongue due to Terms life and death Some of y'all are looking at this job And say look I don't know if I'm going To apply for the job or not I just don't Know I don't have all this experience That they're looking for guess what you Do have the experience even though it Doesn't say that the job is going to Train you but they're going to train you The way that they want you to do the job Okay so you got to go out there and Apply for this job okay and stop talking Negative and start talking positive I Get it it's a lot of negativity that's Going on in the world and you need to Surround yourself around people that Have your best interests and people that Are positive have positive spirit and That's going to uplift you instead of Not lift you up but this is a great Opportunity Um I like I said I've been working from Home ever since 2007 and just because I've been working home from 2007. it Took me a while to find a job y'all That's right it took me a while it took Me almost a year to find a job right Because my resume I was applying for

Jobs after jobs and my and getting Rejection why because my resume wasn't Tailored to each job that I was applying For I was sending a resume to I called a One-size-fit-all meaning that if my Resume was tailored to daily entry I Would send it to accounting jobs I would Send it to customer service and I kept Getting rejection until one day A hiring manager reached out to me y'all And said look you are very determined You have that can do attitude but I'm Gonna tell you what you missed it on Your resume he told me that my resume Has to tailor to each job that you're Applying for yes it is work but once you Do that you're gonna see results so he Said dollar he showed me an example and I kid you not once I did that and I Started applying for jobs guess what I Started getting 10 20 invites calls I Wanted for interview and everything like That it works when you tailor your Resume to the the job position it really Works y'all it really you have to give It some time it works but don't get Disencouraged be encouraged you got this If people don't speak life over you I'm Speaking life over you I'm your friend I Love all of y'all the get watching these Videos here but you gotta have that can Do attitude a willing heart a willing Mind and a willing spirit and you are Going to get this job so go out there

Today not tomorrow not next week but Today and grab what is yours for Applying for these jobs okay now you Know that I always talk about having a Backup plan I believe in multiple Strains of income not seven but eight Multiple strains of income just in case There's something goes down you will Have something to pay your bills too Many times people get complacent a lot Of people are on these jobs and they Think because they've been on it for Anywhere between six months to ten years That these companies are not going to Let them go I see it all the time these People have been at a company for 30 Years and they will let go and they Didn't know what to do and that's why They become homeless or on the Urge of Losing their homes or cars because they Don't plan and prepare too many times You got to be a risk taker people that Are Risk Takers are the ones that are Moving up and that is with bookboat do Your research like I did I'm not talking The talk I'm walking the walk I do book Book too as well I've been doing book For like eight or nine months now and I Love what I do now when you do your Research you can make anywhere between a Thousand to ten thousand a month Creating low content books and some of You want to know what are the low Content books you want to know what low

Content books I'm glad you asked low Content books are like splashing on the Screen these are journals log books Diaries puzzle books activity books Recipe books the list goes on you could Be so creative with this and you do not Have to have experience no degree skip The interview you can work anywhere in The world and create these low content Books and make passive income okay now The great thing about this platform is That you could always research the Product before you actually make it and See if it's salad as well as you can spy On your competitor see what kind of Keywords that they're using and their Titles descriptions not the copy but to Be expired Now bookboat has upgraded they have a New studio they have cover craters Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization over a thousand 200 plus free fonts more than one Million royalty free image pattern Scalable designs filter in much and Again you're able to make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match Interiors to create unique books For your audience and I know you're Probably saying Really is people buy these books yes People buy these books every single day And it is people are making a passive

Income doing this too as well now the Great thing about this you do not have To create the interior it is already Done for you as you can see on the Screen You could do college rules journals Music sheets career plan monthly to-do List online shopping you get the picture Saving track birthday reminders body Measurement trackers uh recipes so for The sake of the video I'm gonna do the Recipe Um template here so you could do Paperback or you could do hardcover you Can do both so I always do paperback Eight by five eleven I choose 120. once You go through the tutorials they have a Whole bunch of tutorials if you spend an Hour a day you can get through these two Tours and you can understand how to go Out there and make a passive income Creating low content books this is a Easy side hustle side gig opportunity That you can get started today okay Elementary can do this a high school Student can do this to make passive Income so if I hit the recipe book and I Hit download this is what's going to Come up this is my interior so if this Was if this was what I was pleased with This is what I would down download to Amazon kdd now again like I always say I Am not a graphic designer so I go on Fiverr and I pay somebody anywhere

Between five and twenty dollars to Create my book cover so it can stand out Okay so this is a easy easy thing for Anybody to start doing is that you gotta Plan and prepare because you just never Know what it's going to occur okay now When you go and talk about A business opportunity there are pricing And I believe it is very very affordable You know very very affordable when you Go and you talk about pricing here now This is what you need to do here is Anytime you talk about pricing It's it's very affordable Um so you can go here and this is what It's talking about with the pricing here The pricing is 9.99 per month for newbie As well as 19.99 per month for pro but If you use my coupon code which is the Rest of sweat you will get Um 20 off the 9.99 per month as well as 20 off the 19.99 per month and that is Lifetime okay and also you could try This out for free and see if you like it I guarantee you're gonna like it Um all you need to do is go ahead and Sign up today and you can start making Passive income today doing this here Okay this is very easy very very easy Thing for you to do okay so don't make Any excuses just keep applying keep Pushing there is a job out there being Made for you I'm here to help you get to The next level but you got to take the

Tools that I have given to you to get There okay so again make sure you check Out the video that is listed either at The top at the bottom to take you to Another video with more remote job leads That these companies are hiring right Now Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video

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