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Happy Monday everyone I am back with Another no talking work from home job Lead this company is urgently hiring This is a part-time work from home job And you can make 25 an hour we're going To go ahead and dive right into it I am Going to share my screen so you can go Ahead and get started applying for this Job today okay this company is hiring Right now so we're going to talk about The company PRM which is Pivot Rehabilitation medicine they're Currently seeking research assistant to Work from home Um this is fully remote this is a Part-time position and when you scroll Down the pay is 25 an hour again this is Part time and they want you to work 10 Hours a week and the job title is Research assistant okay now when we go In a little bit deeper about your Responsibility you're going to research And analyze data regarding treatments For male and female pelvic pain you're Going to be drafting papers that will be Submitted for review in National Acclaimed medical journals you're going To research treatment for endometrios Women's Health and Chrono pelvic pain You're going to analyze data you use in Research papers for submission to Journals you're going to regularly Communicate with the chief medical Officers as well as the aid in general a

Journal submission process and other Duties are assigned they want you to Have previous research experience and Success knowledge experience with spps As well as familiar with Microsoft Word And Excel now with spps all you have to Do is Google it and you will found Videos information about it as well as Our research experience all you have to Do is Google that as well as statistic Knowledge and it will show you there's Different videos that will walk you Through on how to do Um this okay before you disqualify Yourself so if this is something that You're interested in all you need to do Is Click right here where it says apply Now I am going to show you a free place Where you can go and learn Microsoft 365 For free and again I am going to share My screen so you can see it I'm again I'm all about free things before you Disqualify yourself and say that hey I Can't do the job there are free things That you can go in and check out for Free and I talk about this for my Previous videos is Microsoft 365 Training whatever you want to know about Microsoft Office like Outlook OneDrive Word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft team Yama and assets you can Always go and look at it so say for Example if I want to know word all I do Is click on word and if I want to know

How to insert tables pictures and Watermark all I have to do is click on It when I click on it there is a video That pop up pops up appears and it teach You how to insert a table all you have To do is watch the video Also you can look at it down here where It walks you through and you can go Ahead and learn how to do a table within Five or ten minutes okay that's how easy It is so before you disqualify yourself And say you can't do the job always use Google as your friend because it will Help you out and get you get you a Better understanding on how to learn Things for this position again like I Always say they're going to train you Anyway on how to do the job so why not Just go out there and just learn the Basics and in order to get in but again Your resume has to be optimized and Tailored to each job that you're Applying for I recommend you to go and Check out the live work from home q a Where I did live resume on this past April the 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M I went more into details about how you Should and show you get your resume Optimized and Taylor so go ahead and Check out that video too if this video Has been helpful thus far I want you to Hit that like button as well as I want You to hit that red button business and Subscribe and I want you to click on the

Bell to turn on all your notifications So every time when I upload new videos You will be notified and that will give You plenty of opportunity to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they go Very quickly I do want to leave some Encouragement works with you because I Feel that's what we need more of in the World we have so much negativity people In the world it is so ridiculous we need People that are speaking life over Ourself then death you know keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you but it Starts with you it starts with your mind You gotta believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so I want You to go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs it Took me a while To find a work from home job again I've Been working from home ever since 2007. I wanted to work from home because at That time I was a stay-at-home mom and You know that you can't trust everybody With your kids not even family members So I wanted to do something Um during the night where my husband was Working during the day and I kept Applying for jobs and I you know was Scared about is the job was legitimate So what I did was reach out to the Company spoke with hiring manager and They shared that it was legitimate and

It was legitimate and I got hired my First job was West at home which is now Known as Alorica and I did customer Service I didn't have any experience Working from home but I had customer Service experience working on site so I Applied and applied making sure my Resume was right and I got hired on the Spot I wasn't making anything y'all it Was a low paid job but I didn't complain I said look I need to get the experience I stayed there I believe six months and I moved on from there to making a higher Paying position and that's what I'm Telling you is you got to crawl before You walk if you don't have experience You got to go somewhere until you gain That experience and knowledge and then You have to move you can move around and Have different you know choices on your Page so you know I I just kept pushing Y'all you cannot give up some of y'all Are too close to the finish line and you Want to throw in a towel before the race Is completed you know I feel that God Put us all on the same track and he said On your Mark gets that go and everybody Is not going to make it to the finish Line and it's going to be people that's Going to make it to the Finish Line if They hopping and crying and crawling to The Finish Line they're determined to Get there so you have to be determined Too many times we're not determined we

Just want to give up and that is not the Option you know no don't be no I mean Next opportunity rejection is a part of Life that's that you know you're going To be rejected everybody some people are Rejected every single day day of their Life and they still moving forward you Know you got to speak life of yourself If you say you can you can but if you Say you can't then you can't the power Of the time determines life and death You gotta Speak Life of yourself I want To build a community where we can uplift One another on our job search in Everyday life because people going Through a lot of things that people need A way out you know from Um disencouraging because some people Are around it every single day so again I just want to build a community where We can uplift and encourage one another On our job search in everyday life and I Just want to tell you this here you got This you got this you got to keep Pushing you got to keep applying you got To go out there and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs today okay so Speak Life over yourself the power of The tongue determines life and death you Got this if anybody else don't tell you I'm gonna tell you you got this I Believe in you you can do this okay so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs you

Know that I talk about having a backup Plan just in case it's something occur You should always have not seven Multiple strains of income but eight Multiple strains of income and I talk About course careers again I believe in Course careers I have people I know Family members and people that my next Door neighbors their kids are taking of Course careers and they are loving it And I know you're gonna love it too And for those who don't know course Careers is a online platform where you Can learn text sales Information Technology digital marketing no Experience no degree is required course Careers have partnered with Fortune 500 Companies that will hire you into entry Level position dropping the degree in Experience only for course careers Graduates and you can make anywhere Between 60k to 120k a year now tech Technology sales which is the same as Tech is there's more than 300 000 Opening jobs average starting salary is Between 60 to 80k a year digital Marketing is this is is something that You're not on a farm you're not on a Phone it is more dealing with campaign Ad blogs websites there's more than 200 000 opening jobs average starting salary Is between 40 and 60k a year and in Information technology is the same as it Is more like a chat job you're not

Dealing with customers on a farm they're More than 200 000 opening jobs average Starting salary is between 40 and 60k a Year and what I always say is to go Check out the testimonies and see what Everybody else is saying is a lot of People are speaking good things about Course careers and how it works is you Just need to start their free intro Course in the intro course is going to Give you all information about Information Technology Tech sales and Digital marketing at that particular Time you know if it's a good fit so stop Procrastinating take action faith Without works is dead and all you do is Enroll in the course it is a self-paced Course some people complete it within a Week some people completed in three Months it just depends on how much time You spend with it and then after you Finish the course up before you finish The course people are getting job offers You can start applying the skills you Acquire from the course in a new career They would teach you exactly how to land An entry-level position through an Insider knowledge of how to apply to Companies what they look for resumes Applications how to interview it so much More again they partnered the record With Fortune 500 companies that want to Hire you dropping experience and degree For only course careers graduates okay

Now when I go into one of these um Job titles and I'm going to choose text Sales now when you click on text sales It's going to tell you how long it take Eight week course between 4 and 12 weeks On an average here's the some of the Companies that will hire you in a text Cell serving monkey article Um different places like that Microsoft Will hire you and when you go down a Little bit further it talks about the Day in the life what you'll be doing is Responding to emails and checking Calendars researching com companies and Adding in New Prospect and making phone Calls in your Outreach text sales is Very high in demand if you know that There's a lot of people that are being Successful in Tech sales as well as the Other ones I.T and digital marketing and When you go down a little bit further it Talks about who is this text sales Course for your background and what you Will learn in the course you will learn Sales Basics sell skills sales Technology sales process interview prep And and then you can go and get started Again here is some more testimonies that You need to go and check out the video And here's the price again they're free Introduction courses free it is a One-time payment fee of 499 you cannot Go to a community college trade school Um university and pay just this that's

All you're gonna be out of more than 100k And you just paying 499 dollars for a One-time payment fee but if you use my Coupon code which is the rest of 50 You'll get 50 off of that or you can Choose to do a four bi-weekly payment of 150 dollars where there's no contractor Heating fees along with a 14 day money Back guarantee again you got to stop Procrastinating you got to take action Faith without works is dead if you are Tired of struggling living paycheck the Paycheck of you've been on a job for a While and you want to have weekends off You're not able to get weekends off or You maybe you cannot afford to get some Of the things that you need you have to Take a risk and use the job that you Have as a crush to invest in your future This has been a life changing for so Many people family and and their self so Make sure you go ahead and sign up today Once you sign up with of course careers You can go ahead and start taking the Class today okay so make sure you go Ahead and sign up today okay and Remember To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there with your Name on it but it starts with you you Got to believe if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by

Applying for these jobs and remember to Watch the video that's listed either at The top at the bottom there are more no Talk and work from home job leads that You can choose from to get a job okay so Make sure you check that out and don't Forget to check out the work from home q A where I did live resumes I show you How to optimize and tailor your resume To the job post so go check out that all You have to do is go into my live and You will see the work from home q a live Resume you do not want to miss that okay Again thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video bye

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