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Foreign [Music] At home and welcome back to another Video so excited to have you in today's Video I'm going to share a very unique Opportunity that I have never shared Before on my channel because I've never Heard of it before okay there's so many Opportunities that are available and I Love discovering new things because I Believe that this is something majority Of you can do now before I get into the Details of this position make sure you Hit that subscribe button if you're not Subscribed and hit that notification Bell so you do not miss out on any Videos that are posted on this channel Because I share job leads and sometimes These jobs can go very fast you know They expire so you do not want to miss Out on a video that could be the video In which you will find the remote base Position of your dream now back to this Amazing opportunity the featured company Of today's video is three plate media I Have shared this company me in the past In a few videos they provide captioning Services translation services as well as Transcription and they work with YouTubers to get their videos Transcribed or to provide captioning and Not just YouTubers but other big name Brands and companies use three play Media services and they will hire those

Who are looking to get started in Working from home working a flexible Schedule majority of these types of jobs That you do are part-time or flexible And these different types of jobs that They have on their website do not Require you to be on the phone and they Serve more than 10 000 customers across Multiple Industries including education Media and entertainment governments and Enterprise companies their solution Increased the value of their customers Online and Live Events by making making It accessible and usable for all Audiences okay so if you would like to Learn more about three play media make Sure you check out their website you can Always go to and read Some more information regards to this Company okay so again they provide Closed captioning and transcription Services audio description translation Services to various companies that they Work with and these are the platform That uses their services I mentioned YouTube there's Vimeo Zoom user platform Dropbox so let's jump into this amazing Opportunity I want to share with you in This video because I believe it is Something for everyone or majority of You can do this because it's super easy To do it does not require you to have Special skills no experience you don't Need to submit resumes or to uh you know

Standard formal interviewing the Opportunity I want to share with you is For a voice writer so you might be Wondering what exactly is a voice writer So basically a voice writer is someone Who listens to this a speaker who is Addressing a group at a live event and As simultaneously as possible you will Repeat what they are saying in a clear Well enunciated voice this lets the Speech recognition software translate Your words into real-time captions for Audience members so in addition to Re-speaking the word words you would Need to speak the punctuation if you use Speech to text on your cell phone you Likely already have the hang of this Okay I sometimes use speech to text Using my cell phone so for example you Will actually say the word period at the End of sentences or the words question Mark at the end of a question so every Single thing that you hear you will Repeat it and you will also have to Voice the punctuations okay so that's Basically what voice writing is and this Is where you will apply to be a voice Writer so they have this video here you Can play it and it will you know further Explain to you what exactly a voice Writer is and you can listen to it to Get more information so they provide Transcription closed captioning audio Description and live captioning

Solutions to customers around the world Period Okay and as you can gather from this Example it's kind of like simultaneous Translation so instead of a foreign Language a voice writer translates Spoken words to written words with the Help of an automated speech recognition Software now I am just reading the Information that is in this box right Here it is not possible for me to Increase the screen size I tried it and It will not let me do it so for those of You who may be wondering okay can she Increase it so I can read what's on the Screen it's not possible to do this but You could click on the link and read the Information that is within this box but I'm just going to read a few of what it States okay states that the voice writer Wears a comfortable headset with a Microphone and sits with their computer In a quiet location as the events live Stream Begins the voice writer speaks Directly into an automated speech Recognition engine of voice writer's Breathing diction and pacing maintain Accurate caption capture throughout the Events so again you can go through and Read the full details listed in this box It basically tells you and explain Everything you need to know so it's Pretty much straightforward you'll be Listening to what you hear and just

Repeating it okay okay now let's go to The qualifications you can read their Who we are section and their why work at Three play media they just list some Benefits in working for this company so You get flexible scheduling and freedom Of choice so as a voice writer you'll Choose the jobs that you want to do that Fit your schedule competitive rates they Value all their time spent working voice Writers are paid for events prep time And overtime when events run long now You may be wondering okay how much Exactly do they pay so I was able to do Some research and they pay on average 50 Cents per captioned minutes plus up to 20 minutes of prep check-in time prior To an event if an event runs long you Will receive 55 cents per additional Caption minutes so on average 50 cents Per minute let's say you work for an Hour that's around thirty dollars for One hour of work okay so that's Basically what I was able to pull up if You do a Google search you know you can Search for the specific title with Replay media and again it will state 30 Per hour on average so back to the Qualifications so to qualify for this Position you will need access to a Headset computer and strong internet Connection you must have excellent Verbal communication listening skills And a clear consistent speaking voice

Sitting or standing comfortably for the Duration of an event up to 90 minutes Multitasking between listening speaking And typing Managing projects working independently And closely following instructions Completing a background check before Starting to work so those are the Qualifications all right so if you are Interested in becoming a voice writer There's really no years of experience That you need to have you just need to Have the equipments and the ability to Communicate and good listening skills so If you meet all these qualifications Which majority of you Probably do then I highly encourage you To apply for this amazing opportunity With three plate media all right so you Just click where it says apply to be a Voice writer and it will take you to This page where you just fill out your Information all right and then you save To continue Then you will confirm your email then it Will give you some information on the Next step and you will answer your Skills and experience based on the Qualifications okay so that's basically All you need to do and of course they May have to they may possibly be an Assessment given to you to be sure that You are able to speak clearly and you Have good communication

Etc etc okay now this company they're Not known for doing interviewing so for This particular position you may have to Record your voice they may give you a Script and you have to you know read it Or they may have you actually listen to Someone speaking and you would have to Repeat everything they're saying and This is how they will assess your skills There's no formal interviewing like Other jobs or a resume that you have to Submit or any of that now if you want to Submit those things feel free to do so All right so that's basically it from Three point media I wanted to share this Cool amazing and unique opportunity for Those who might be interested alright so Link will be in the description section Below this video to take you to the Opportunity so you can get started now If you have any questions about this Opportunity to the best of my abilities I'll try to answer them if for whatever Reason you came across something totally Different from anything I stated in this Video just let me know in the comment Section below and also if you went Through the application process feel Free to share your experience as well in The comment section and thank you so Much for watching I'll see you in my Next video Happy work from home bye

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