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What to do two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with that easy peasy part-time Non-phone entry-level work from home job Now if you are looking for more Non-phone jobs no interview side hustles Be sure to check them out on the blog make sure You guys smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification thumbs up The videos and make sure you share we Are giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers they are absolutely free to You guys so go spread the word go tell a Friend be sure to come back leave us a Comment don't forget to go back check Out those two part-time videos that I Dropped on the channel today make sure You hop over to the two chicks blog look Under the spotlight job section and Apply for Omni interactions this one Guys is a beginner friendly skip the Interview company let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job You guys are looking for or a side Hustle and be sure to sign up for Branded surveys the link is down below In the comment section let's go ahead And get into the video so the company Guys is drip and they're looking to feel Their production QC associate part-time Remote position now the drawback to this One they are stay specific and they are Only hiring in three states Florida Ohio And Texas now it says here this is a

Remote part-time entry-level position we Are looking for a production QC Associate to help ensure the Deliverability of our product the Product production QC associates they Primarily test our content by sending SMS messages across various providers And carriers and log the results while Making changes as necessary now if you Are a computer savvy person with a keen Eye for detail yourself motivated you're A quick learner then they are interested In hearing from you now the comp Sensation guys it is on the low side so You really could use this one as a side Hustle and you can work part-time 12 to 28 hours per week so you can get up to 280 dollars per week they are flexible Monday to Friday hours to fit your Schedule plus weekend hours available if You are interested so there's a Possibility that you might could make More money so it says that you will test For the successful delivery of SMS Messaging through extensor review of Campaign content results across multiple Cellular carriers adjust retest and Document changes made to SMS campaigns Mass specific predetermined responses to Frequent messages and you will need a Few skills but not really computer Capability Microsoft Office 365 Android OS and use of electronic databases Impeccable English language grammatical

Skills strong organizational skill deals Attention to detail and exceptional Variable and written skills problem Solving ability to interpret data draw Conclusions and spot the trends work Ethics self-motivated and able to work Independently or with a team and this is Some information guys about drip so make Sure you do some research they got the Information right here you may want to Jot that down if you are going to apply For this job so again the company is Drips and they are looking to feel their Production QC associate part-time remote Position the drawback again they only Hire in Florida Ohio Texas and the pay Is on the low side but hey it is a Part-time flexible work from home job Anybody that lives in these states can Apply for this position if you know Someone that lives in these states and It's not you don't be mad or sad because There will be other opportunities such As this one make sure you share the Video though and make sure you come back And leave us a comment because on this Channel guys sharing is caring hop over To Facebook join kiss that cubicle Goodbye make sure you follow us on our Other social media platforms we do have Another giveaway coming up matter of Fact two more giveaways over on our Facebook business page it's two chicks With the side hustle be sure to go over

There and follow us we're giving away Two additional laptop computers free Free everything is free 99 won't cost You nothing hop over there follow us and Start sharing also on Instagram before The end of the year we are doing a Pop-up giveaway so follow us on Instagram two chicks with the side Hustle on Tick Tock two chicks with the Side hustle and on Twitter two chicks With the side hustle make sure you guys Share our information leave us a comment Somewhere and we do check our comments My name is Carol and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video bye Bye YouTube

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