Wayfair Hiring! Part Time Work From Home Job | $15 An Hour Online Job Computer Provided Remote Job

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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with another work from home video And this is a part-time work from home Job with the company Wayfair and Everybody knows who Wayfair is make sure You guys subscribe like and share on This YouTube channel guys not only do we Talk about legit work from home jobs Side gig side hustles we also do live Streams and we give away laptop Computers if you want to join in on the Fun make sure you take the video posted On your social media platforms that is All you guys have to do and don't forget To come back and leave us a comment now I dropped a lot of videos on the channel Yesterday make sure you guys go back and Check out those work whenever you want Jobs also don't forget about Telus Telus Is hiring for their Raider position it Is posted over here on the two chicks With the side hustle.com blog look on The home page for tell us let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job you are looking for and be sure guys While you're in the comments click on That link and sign up for Branded Surveys let's jump in so again the Company is way fair and they are looking To feel this part-time virtual customer Service work from home position now it States here guys please note we are Currently only hiring in the below States for this position and they do

Have the states listed here so please Check the states first before you apply For this job so it says here guys that You will demonstrate reliability Attendance and commitment to being Present and on time for your full shift Each day this is crucial you will handle A high volume of contacts you will Handle an estimated 50 to 60 calls per Shift this is a fast-paced environment And highly structured there is a little Downtown downtime in this position as You are typically on back-to-back calls During your shift and I can imagine Because Wayfarer is just like Amazon people are On this website ordering stuff Constantly so the pay for this one guys It is 15 an hour also this company will Provide you guys with the equipment so You really can't beat that for a Part-time job it saves it right here 15 Hourly depending on your location and it Could be more because some states the Minimum wage and the pay because of the Cost of living is just a little bit Higher so it says we are currently only Hiring for this position and they do Have some more States look like listed Here Different from what they have listed up Here so make sure you guys check down Below as well to see if they are hiring In your state so again the company is

Way Fair the position is for their Part-time virtual customer care work From home job and they will provide you Guys with the equipment and the pay is 15 an hour now I'm not sure how many Hours you guys would have to work it Doesn't say whether it's 20 30 I didn't See the hours here and I looked for that But I did not see what amount of hours You guys will have to work each week so Again the link is posted on the two Chicks blog I will be sure guys to leave It right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check it Out and apply don't forget to share my Video and don't forget to do some Research about the company just in case You get an interview know something About Wayfair know something about the Work from home side also not just the Company itself but know something about The work from home side as well and be Sure guys to come back after you share Leave us a comment hop on over to Facebook make sure you join kiss that Cubicle goodbye and you want to follow Us guys because we have giveaways going On this year across multiple platforms Follow the two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page last but Not least Twitter and Instagram two Chicks with the side hustle on Instagram We are so close to reaching 10 000 Followers so don't forget to hop over

There follow like and share but make Sure you come back and leave us a Comment somewhere my name is Carol and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye YouTube

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