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Work from home enrollment associate up To 19 to 26.00 per hour hiring now UMass pays up to 26 dollars per hour Work from home enrollment associate Review Africa at work from home jobs Pronounced AF free QT before we get Started what type of work from home job Are you looking for put it in the Comments section and AI will get started Scouring the web for the perfect Opportunity for you UMass Global Link in description job Title enrollment associate this is a Remote work from home job with UMass out Of Texas Pay starts from 19.75 cents per hour to 26.88 cents per Hour this is a full-time position with Extended hours and weekend availability Next if you are an internal employee Please access the career app on your Workday dashboard the University of Massachusetts Global as a private Non-profit affiliate of the University Of Massachusetts next Benefits will include medical dental and Vision plans including health and Flexible spend accounts that cover you And family There is a work-life balance providing Generous vacation and sick time and 13-paid holidays which include a winter Break Financial protection and tuition

Remission next retirement includes a Pre-tax Roth option with a six percent Match and additional contribution of 3 Percent UMass Global employees are eligible to Participate in a voluntary hybrid Flexible work Arrangement called remote Work Next position duties and Responsibilities responsible for Converting prospective students from Point of inquiry though registrations Matriculation and onto a UMass Global Student You will also serve as the primary point Of contact for prospective students Next Essential Knowledge skills and Abilities you will need exceptional Interpersonal skills experience and Maintain accurate records ability to Work autonomously with a high level of Initiative work effectively as a member Of a team student-focused personalized Service attention and responsiveness High integrity and self-discipline Next education experience certification And or licenses you will need a Bachelor's degree or listen or Equivalent combination of education and Experience you will need one to three Years experience related to admissions Coaching customer experience Machines tools equipment electronic and Software you need strong Technical and

Computer skills must have willingness to Learn new software you will have Frequent contact with students Occasional contact with faculty or staff An occasional contact with Community or Vendors Special requirements this position Requires working flexible hours and may Require occasional weekend or evening Work Applicants are subject to a background Check and criminal history please be Sure to check as this may or may not Apply to remote workers Next University of mass is rated 4.2 Stars by indeed on reviews jobs salaries And more the reviews show 829 with 394 Having 5 Stars 272 have four stars 113 Have three stars 31 have two stars and 29 have one star Due to varying ratings let's read and See what others have to say you will see The questions asked regarding working From home and the reviews Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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