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Hey hey hey happy Monday two chicks fam It's me Carl I am back with a high Paying work from home job but before I Jump in now for those of you that are Looking for those non-phone jobs make Sure you go check them out over on the Non blog be sure to let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job side gig or hustle You guys are looking for make sure you Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification thumbs up these Videos and make sure you share because On our Channel guys we give away laptops And we're giving away 10 more laptop Computers absolutely free to you guys Anybody can win go spread the word tell A friend invite your people to the Channel make sure you leave us a comment Don't forget to go check out that live Stream we talked about 10 part-time jobs That are hiring right now and some of Them are skip the interview make sure You check out the video hop over here to The two chicks blog look under the Spotlight Josh section make sure you Guys apply for tellers and also on the Interactions and don't forget to get Branded surveys in your basket people Here guys are making real money from the Site we had a lady over on the comments That made 200 off of branded the link is Down below in the comment section let's

Go ahead and get in so the company is Xerox they're looking for leasing Customer care associates to work from Home so it says that your Responsibilities include you will Monitor customer service email inboxes And also facilitate all questions and Requests in a timely manner resolve Internal customer service request Account reconciliations and other Maintenance as needed you will also have To communicate and coordinate with the With external or internal Xerox staff in A clear and concise manner maintain a Positive empathetic and professional Attitude towards the customers at all Time also guys you will have to ensure Customers satisfaction and provide Professional customer support now the Skills and requirement are as follows Two plus years experience in customer Support in the office technology Industry or a like field strong written Communication skills and ability to Effectively interpret customer requests Ability to work independently as well as Part of a team time management and Organizational skills ability to thrive In a fast-paced work environment strong Work ethic and attention to detail Knowledge of info least preferred However guys that is not required and This is one of those high paying jobs Now the information it is posted on our

Two chicks blog and I will be sure to Leave a link right below this video in The description box so you guys can take A look at the company make sure you do Your own research make sure you share This awesome video with your friends and Family stick it on Facebook posted in Some Facebook groups make sure you come Back and leave us a comment meant so That we will know that you shared and Your name will go on our giveaway list And then what you guys want to do is Hop On over to Facebook join the group that Is a blessed group because people are Getting hired so make sure you guys come Over there it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye and a lot of people guys have Been hired within the last 30 days I Think the top company is United Health Group there are so many people that have Been applying to this company and Getting hired so make sure you hop over There and join us and then you want to Follow us on our two chicks with the Side hustle Facebook business page Because we are going to do a laptop Giveaway on that page once we reach a Hundred thousand followers we are right Around like 50 000 followers right now But once we get it to 100K then we are Going to give away two brand new laptops They are absolutely free so go on over There guys what are you waiting for you Can share the content and I think it's

Easier for you guys to share the content Over there we already have some people Over there now who shares the content That we post you guys are more than Welcome to hop over there just in case You don't win a laptop on the YouTube Channel you still have a chance to win On the Facebook business page so make Sure you guys hop over there check out That page make sure you guys are Following us over there and tag you tag Your people from their Facebook business Page and then you want to follow us on Tick Tock Twitter and Instagram because On Instagram we are going to do a pop-up Giveaway that means that we are going to Just pop up over there and do a giveaway Don't know yet what day and we can't Give you guys that information because It is a surprise we've done this before About two years ago so we are going to Go give it a go again so make sure you Guys are following us tag your people Over there on Instagram as well let your Friends and family members know what we Are all about on this channel on the Instagram in our Facebook group on our Facebook business page and thank you Guys so much for sharing our information We really do appreciate each and every Single one of you my name is Carol and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing Fantastic people in the next video bye Bye you too

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