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Happy Saturday YouTube family I am back With a non-phone work at home job lead Where I say zero experience is needed And the pay according to Glassdoor is Between 19 and 22 per hour so if you're Looking for work from home jobs where You're not talking to customers on the Phone you landed on the right channel Making sure that you're watching the Videos all the way through because there Are valuable information in all of my Videos to help you get closer to Landing Your first second third job even a side Hustle okay so we're gonna dive right Into the job now we're talking about the Company the search gyro they're hiring For operation assistant to work uh Remotely this is 100 remote is a Part-time position basically you will Schedule and coordinate meetings Appointments and travel arrangements Okay that's what you'll be doing and According to Glassdoor the pay is Between 19 and 22 dollars per hour no Experience is mentioned you know how it Is when you look get job poster saying I'm looking for someone that has two Years experience in Microsoft Office Three years experience in Salesforce but There is no experience mentioned that's Why I say zero experience the only thing Is mention is these requirements okay Like uh planning and organizing Researching and flexibility now to give

You information about the company the Search gyro is a boutique digital Marketing agency providing expert Digital marketing service to drive lead Generation increase sales improve Conversion and boost Roi so I'm going to Go more into details about what else You're going to be doing on the job too As well is you're going to create and Maintain filing systems files and Folders hiring clients and sales on the Google Drive and Dropbox and pipedrive You're going to handle requests for Information and data you're going to Prepare and modify documents including Correspondent reports draft memos and Emails you're going to prepare agendas For meetings and prepare schedules can Only handle start and forward to next Person you can contribute to team effort By accomplished relating results as Needed you're going to process client Requests invoice and payment courses Work with other departments as necessary And then you're going to support new Team members on board and including Creating emails now again when I say is Zero experience the only thing that they Want you to have is communication skills Written and verbal planning to organize Researching you know being able to go on A computer in research problems Assessment and problem solving attention To details customer service orientation

Ability multitask Um ability to work as part of a team not Getting bored easily having a lot of Patient and attention to details and High level of accuracy again it's not Asking for a lot of experience okay like When you look at other the job post is Talking about years of experience two Years experience knowing word excel it Really doesn't have any that any Experience all that they're asking is Skills Um so this is very again zero experience Needed so you need to go ahead and apply For this job now if you're interested in This job you have to email your resume With LinkedIn profile at this email Address with the subject line of Operation assistant part-time and then Indicate where you see the job at at and Then in the body of the email include Your salary requirements and answer the Following questions why do you think You're a good fit for this job what Reveling experience do you have with Operation managers in a work environment What keeps you motivated and that's all You have to do in order to get your Resume and application going now I want To leave some encouragement words with You is again don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it you have to have the Willing mind the Willing heart and the

Will and spirit and you will find a job That you're seeking real soon you have To believe in your yourself because if You don't believe in yourself nobody Else is going to encourage you if Anything they're going to speak death Over you and tell you that hey don't Apply for this job you're not qualified For this job they would never hire you But if you keep believing those type of People into being around those people You're gonna eventually believe it you Have to surround yourself around Positive people people that's going to Cheer you on no matter what you do in Life they're gonna uplift you not put You down those are the type of people That you need to be around I'm telling You That you got this keep pushing keep Applying there is a job out there with Your name on it but you got to believe It starts with you it starts with your Mind you have to have the mindset you Cannot be scared of rejection rejection Is a part of the life but is not the end Of the world you just gotta keep moving You got to keep applying okay keep Applying keep pushing there is a job out There specifically for you with your Name on it so go out there and grab Which is yours today apply for these Jobs today now I am going to talk about My free job planner for job Seekers this

Planner will help you out with your job Search by giving you a track and attract Everything when you're applying for a Remote job so all you have to do is Click this download button once you Click the download button then you will Receive a PDF file like this at this Time you have a choice to either print It out or you can download it and save It to your desktop okay so this this job Planner is good forever okay so when you Go down here if you're really looking For a job whether it's a side hustle Part-time full-time job you need to be Applying for jobs every single day at Least spending an hour to a day applying For jobs so basically what you do is you Will put the date that you're applying For the job the company's name the job Title the salary and the job type Whether if it's a W-2 1099 job when you Go down a little bit further you could Put what if it's a full or part-time job If the company offer paid training did You apply for the job yes or no skills Requirement and then if you were offer The job when you go down a little bit Further this is a resume comparison what You need to do is there is keywords in The job post so you go through the job Post find the keywords put that Information here look at your resume to See if there's keywords in your resume And put it there and then you want to

Compare that's what you want to do is Because again the in the job post there Are keywords in the job post so Basically what you do is take the Keywords from the job post and implement It into your resume that is how your Resume passed the applicant tracker System but again Only if you have the experience you Don't want to lie because you never know When they're going to have you do a test So if you have the experience that is Um shown on the job post then that's What you need to do in order for your Resume to pass the applicant tracker System now once your resume pass the Africa track assistant congratulations It is time for your interview this is a Interview tracker where you want to put The date that you're going to have the Interview the company's name interviews Virtual interviews are conducted on a Platform similar to zoom so you should Have a link so you put that link there Who you going to interview with and what Time what if it's Central Standard time Mountain time specific Standard Time Whether if it's 1am 2 o'clock P.M that's Very important and when you scroll down A little bit further this is to-do list Before your interview this is one of Many that you got to do did you research The company that is very important you Need to know as much about the company

As you can because when you research That's work and a lot of times when you Get on the job they're going to have you To research different things and if You're able to research the company and Know as much about the company that Makes you valuable they think that hey If I hire this person if they're doing This now if I hire them they'll be able To research different things that I the Different tasks that I need them to do You need to prepare to answer and ask Courses never go into an interview where They're asking you questions and then They ask you do you have any questions No you need to come up with at least Five or ten courses to ask them plan and Prepare your attire you need a dress Just like if you were going on site from Top to bottom not top and then down the Bottom you have shorts on you need to Dress exactly like if you were going on Site you need to test your Tech in Advance whether it's your microphone Your mouse your computer making sure Everything is working and be mindful of Your facial expression and body language Because they can see you they can see if You not confidence they can see if You're scared speaks clearly and slowly Be confident again they can tell if You're not confidence you know sit Straight make sure you have some Um lighting good lighting so they can

See you because if you're interviewing And you're not in a good lighting Environment they're going to say look I Can't see you can you move into a good Lighting so make sure you go ahead and Listen before you answer these are the Steps that will help you get to the next Level okay because all I want you to do Is get the job be confident be prepared And be yourself so make sure you Download this free job planner today you Can share with everyone you know that Could benefit a job planner to help them Stay organized on their job search and Again Um if you would like to be a part of a Facebook group where you're around Like-minded people that are seeking work From home jobs as well as people are Getting hired make sure you put it in Your request today to be a part of this Group also check me out on Instagram I'm On Instagram too as well make sure you Follow me on Instagram too and remember This channel is all about none phone Work at home job these they go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central standards Time so I would love for you to be on a Part of the family make sure you hit That red button subscribe and click on The Bell to turn on your notifications So every time when I upload new videos You will be notified and if you would Like to support the channel or become a

Member of the YouTube channel all you Have to do is click the join but there Is a short video explaining the benefits Of becoming a member of the YouTube Channel shout out to everyone that is Already a member also take advantage of The community tab that is where I engage With my audience Um I post my new videos when they're um Just uploaded Um I do pose I post quotes in there I'm Just trying to do everything I can to Connect with my community and also you Know make for sure you're watching the Videos all the way through because there Are valuable information in all the Videos to help you get closer to Landing Your job or your what if it's your first Second third job and also the links are Under the video okay the links are Always under the video you click on that It's going to take you straight to the Company what you see in the video Remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will there is a job out There with your name on it so go out There and grab what is yours thank you So much for watching and I will see you In the next video

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