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Foreign [Music] S welcome back to another video I hope You had an amazing weekend and it is Monday the beginning of the week and We're gonna jump right into these work From home jobs that I want to share with You if you're not subscribed make sure You subscribe so you do not miss out on Any of these job leads some of these Jobs do expire so keep that in mind Whenever you find this video and you are Trying to apply for a position and you Are unable to do so when you visit the Link that simply means that job has Expired my channel do get a good amount Of views and applicants that get Submitted to these companies and Sometimes they can pull jobs or close Positions because they received enough Applicants okay so this happens it's Good to keep a company in your favorites And just keep checking back for Positions sometimes the company may have A way for you to sign up for alerts for Job alerts so definitely take advantage Of that and of course make sure you to Click on that notification Bell so you Don't miss out on any of these job leads And to get the best opportunity at Landing this job check out my resume Templates that I provided in the Description section below this video as Well as my services that I also provide

When I work on your resumes for you as Well as provide you with interviewing Prep options if you would like to Prepare for remote-based position Interviewing okay so let's jump into Today's video this is coming from Doordash whether you work for doordash As a side hustle delivering food or You're someone who have this app Download it on your phone and you love To use it to order food and order out so Door Dash is an American company that Operates in the online food ordering and Food delivery platform they specialize In delivery and take out from the best Local restaurants breakfast lunch dinner And so much more delivered safely to Your door they also offer pickups and For those who are very concerned about Coping 19 they offer no contact delivery Right so doordash is a well-known brand And they do have remote-based positions Available on their website from time to Time to find those jobs you may want to Go to their careers section which is Usually found at the very bottom of a Website company's website so you can Scroll down to the bottom of their Website and just search for anything That says careers so they have their Careers section under their get to know Us category okay so just click where it Says careers and you can browse through The various jobs that they have

Available whether it's remote base or It's on location so you can use their Search bar enter any type of position That you're looking for interested in That may be available on doordash so That's one way you can search for Remote-based jobs you can always put in This the keyword remote jobs or virtual Jobs or work from home jobs whichever of Those keywords that will populate all The jobs that are available for you to Work remotely okay so we're going to Jump into a particular position that I Want to share with you and if you are Interested I highly suggest that you hop On this job okay and that is for their Category assortment specialist all right So they're looking for a category Assortment specialist who's excited to Help build dashmarts doordash's first Party Grocery and convenience store the Category assortment specialist will help Manage one or more key categories for Dash Marts including but not limited to Optimization vendor management and out Of stock improvements the category Assortment Specialists will also help Improve the customer experience through Catalog enhancements you will also be a Member of the category management team And collaborate closely with the Inventory story management team supply Chain Specialists and many specialists So that sounds like a very exciting

Opportunity to work with doordash with Their new Dash mark grocery convenience Store so the responsibilities include Help identify assortment gaps and work With the inventory management team to Discontinue underperforming items help Source new vendors for new and existing Items and new items to the cap add new Items to the catalog and Ensure High Menu Integrity run pricing analysis Monitor vendor fill rates and follow up With vendors on out of stock items the Majority of the responsibilities Requires you to just keep up with items That are not performing well or become Non-existing and communicating with Vendors as well as running price Analysis okay so that's basically are You doing you're not do dealing with Customer service I would consider this a Non-phone-based majority of your work is Not phone based with the exception of Communicating every now and then with Their vendors this can either be done Via phone or chat email now about you They are looking for someone who has Bachelor's degree which is preferred but It's not a requirement must have strong Ownership mentality must have Proficiency with spreadsheets must be Extremely detail-oriented must have Effective written and verbal Communication skills experience in sales Buying and or retail is preferred but if

You don't have that then it's not a Requirement you can still apply for this Position so why you love working at Doordash well they offer leadership Skills they are operators they believe In only way to predict the future is to Build it creating solutions to lead Their company and their industry is what They do on every project every day so Keep that in mind if you you're Interested in this position these are Keywords and key phrases you want to pay Attention to so that you can highlight How your skills and your personality and Your soft skills directly relates to What they're looking for okay there are Learners okay so make sure you are Someone who's a learner who's left to Learn new things there are one team make Sure that you are someone who love to Work within a team Dynamic not a base Pay range for this position is 19 to 23 Dollars per hour which is not too bad For an opportunity that does not require You to have previous experience right Now if you'd like to read more about Doordash because you're not familiar With this company then I highly suggest And encourage that I encourage you to do So now regardless of the compensation Even though they pay 19 to 23 dollars Per hour on average it depends on your Location so if you are in California Their pay range can be between 17 to 27

Per hour Colorado is up to 25 per hour From 17 miles per hour so and so on so The average pay would be between 17 to 27 per hour for their position depending On your location and if you're located In any of these States California okay You are included New Jersey New York you Are included that's exciting because There's so many remote remote-based jobs That leave you guys out so happy to Announce that this opportunity is Available to you and you can expect to Get paid up to 27 per hour for this Amazing opportunity with doordash is Dash marks all right so that's basically It for this video if you are interested In this opportunity at the time of this Video this job was available you can Know this by clicking where it says Apply to this job so I'm going to click On that and it's going to take me to This application page which is open for Everyone to submit their application This usually means means for you to Apply to okay all right so that's Basically it for this opportunity what An exciting opportunity it is with Doordash so if you're interested check Out the link in the description section For more details and to apply for this Job and make sure that you subscribe and Hit that notification Bell because we Are not done there's so many amazing Opportunities I want to share with you

And sometimes I'll share them twice a Day maybe even maybe even three times a Day so you do not want to miss out and Check out my not hiring section for Other amazing opportunities on Melissiahome.com so check out the link In description section in the Description section and I'll talk to you Soon happy work from home bye

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