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Alrighty guys I'm spilling the tea on How I got a 700 Plus credit score I'll Have to put the screenshot in Um because I'm gonna be honest with you Guys this time last year I was looking At like low 500s I think it was like 480 Though but I think I might have hit the 500 10 or 15 Mark like by paying down a Credit card but then little did I know I Had stuff in collections I had multiple Miss payments I had overdue balances and I mean you name it I was a spendaholic Shopaholic they don't have a good grasp On my money and honestly I was living Well above my means and putting things On credit because I didn't really know How credit worked and how it affected You so I want to share my tips with you Guys because I know there's so many People out here charging for this and I Just love the free knowledge so give it A thumbs up if you're ready to raise Your credit score and let's get into it Okay you guys so all of my important Documents I keep in here because I know Y'all want the receipts y'all want the Receipts y'all want to see the proof of Purchase the proof of the documents Cetera so literally I keep record of Practically everything in here please Don't come rock me and find the spin Though actually what you'll literally Just find in here are a bunch of credit Reports mailed to me every single month

I would ask credit bureaus as I was Sending off letters and stuff to mail Back an updated credit report with the Changes so there's just tons in here Everywhere I also have and will still Keep forever receipts and tracking Numbers from the post office from me Sending off letters certified post I Keep it all I literally keep every Single thing because you never know if They want to try to add something back In no baby you took that off and here's The receipt to say that I mailed it in And proved it also sometimes if it takes Over x amount of days Um while they're still doing their Investigation you want to have certified Mail proof that you mailed it on this Date they received it on this date Because legally they have to remove it After I think it's 30 to 60 days 60 is Like the cut off if it's been past that So baby I keep all the receipts but I Want to show you guys something that I Kept record of that I'm actually very Proud that I kept a record of but it is The letter that I received from Capital One right after I negotiated with them To remove my missed payments I think It's in that dang it a big thing that You can do is actually call the Companies here we go I think this is it Castle one yes honey a big thing you can Do is you can actually call your credit

Card company and you can ask them Because of good behavior change Behavior Paying your payments on time Etc to go And remove old missed payments Especially from years back you can say Things like I'm in the process of buying A house I really want to make my credit Report look neat and tidy is there Anyway because I've had a good standing History long standing with you guys you Could remove it Etc but I have the Letter here February 23rd 2022 of this Year thank you for contacting us about Your credit report based on the Information you gave us we research your Account we know your credit is important So we want to help you understand the Steps we've take again we sent a Requests to the credit bureaus to remove The past due history for October 20 or October 2021 through January 2022 Because I missed October November December and the January payments 120 Days worth of missed payments Um it may take up to 60 days to update Your credit report for more information Blah blah blah I kept this because you Never know when you're gonna need it but It's also great for proof for you guys That it does work and that was 120 days Worth of missed payment so I'm gonna Give you guys a little fun fact here it Affects your score heavily I think my Score shot up about 50 to 60 points from

Just getting those missed payments Removed and fixed with the credit Bureaus but on top of that for every Missed one payment you need I think it's 12 months worth of on-time payments to Counteract that one so if I missed four Months worth of payments it would need To be 48 months four years of me paying My credit card on time to just Counteract that so it's easier to call In and get them removed so that's the First thing y'all want to do you don't Have to send any letters you don't have To pay anything at the post you just Kind of have to work with the people and If they don't give you what you want you Hang up you call back again one thing I Did is I called and I said you know I Was working on this with someone else I Got disconnected unfortunately can we Continue the process he just kind of Took me at face value maybe he knew what I was doing maybe he didn't know what I Was doing but like I said if you guys Want to know deeper about that that'll Bump you up 50 to 60 too I mean Depending on how many missed payments You get removed upwards from that so That is great another thing I did is I Just found different discrepancies and I Went ahead and sent off letters because Of one credit report reports something One way and the other one reports in a Different way they have to match

Essentially so you could say oh this is Actually not on here because this was Taken off so they can go ahead and Remove it from your credit report there As well there's a lot of in-depth videos On that I just want to Simply talk about The steps that I took so I got missed Payments removed I did pay off Everything that was an outstanding Delinquent balance a lot of times you Can let it go to collections not pay it People say don't pay the collections I Didn't want a collection to stay on my Report for two years open so I did a Negotiation to pay it in exchange for my Thing getting deleted and removed from My credit report it's up to you you Cannot pay it and try to get it removed And go through all that time and the Hassle or you could pay it have it Removed right away you're almost paying For a convenient fee to have it removed Right away um I was just like I'm gonna Pay it it's my debt anyways it actually Really was my my true debt got that Stuff removed that was phenomenal Another thing that I did is I worked Really hard to keep my payments on time So after 30 to 90 days of keeping my Payments on time I requested a higher Line of credit when you request a higher Line of credit it's going to make Whatever utilize rate you're using lower Percentage wise which is also going to

Bump up your score so I actually had a Balance of about four grand on one card After paying it consistently I requested A higher credit limit for 7 500 they Approved it so that already shot me up Even more points because now my Utilization is lower and the amount of Credit I have available is higher that's Just one of my cards obviously another Thing that I learned from a credit Specialist is you actually want to have More open accounts you will see a dip in Your score once you open a new card or a New line because that means your credit History that was long average is going To be a smaller average but as you Consistently keep paying it over time Having the more open accounts being more I don't know the word like trusting or Showing improving that you know you can Be trusted with more credit and over Time your credit age is going to expand Again you will see a bump in your score Too it's kind of like a game you kind of Play like Catch 22 like you have to do This take a low blow in your score like Opening a new card opening a new line to Then in turn show that you have more Credit available and more lines Available and then work on time again to Essentially build your score back up if That makes sense like I open a new card And I also bought a car so that kept Setting my age my average age limit back

But as I consistently keep paying all of My payments on time I'm establishing That I have good credit habits and time Is on my side I think a lot of times too We want a quick fix with our credit Score you're not going to get that so if You're watching this and you're like I Need to raise my score because I'm Trying to get a car next week probably Won't be able to I'm sorry it's just the Name of the game but when you do put in The work you will see the results and I Think three months goes by 150 days or Is that five months actually 150 days is Five months five months though 150 days Does go by fast I mean it's already November I started this journey last December and my score shot up to like The 700s around April March April so I Mean I don't know now it's almost December again my score is even higher You need to start now I think time is of The essence to start there are many Resources to do it for free I don't even Think you need to pay for people's Letters I think you can draft your own Letters on your own and I've just found Examples of other people's letters that I need to send luckily I don't send them Anymore and that's just how I did it you Know I did have a credit lady helping me As well kind of along the way with her Knowledge and her insights and I'd call Her and get information but now that

I've kind of established the foundation I feel like I have a pretty good grasp On it to share with you guys that you Don't need to be doing all that you Don't need to be doing the most to fix Your credit there's not something that Another person can do for you that you Can't do for yourself so I'm Gonna Leave A couple of videos below of some great People on YouTube who I think could Explain it even and more better than Meat more better who could explain it More well no who could explain it better Just better who can explain it better Than me I will leave them below and you Guys can find that but I hope this helps I know too that if you make your minimum Payments that's the that's the least you Can do and the best you can do if you Have a higher utilization one month Because you put a lot on your card but You still make that minimum payment once You pay down that balance again you'll See a rise in your score that's not the End all be all you just want to make Sure you're hitting those minimum Payment dates on whatever is on your Credit and not slipping into delinquency With your accounts because that's the Hardest to come back from to be honest With you also two I will say don't get Yourself in a cycle to why you're not Going to be able to pay it back so don't Think on behind on my rent a month I'm

Gonna put my rent on my credit card Because you're going to have to pay back Eventually that full month's rent and Come up with another month's rent right Around the corner so you don't want to Get stuck in the half habit of not being Able to pay it back emergencies I get But you know there comes a time when It's like you can't rely fully on the Full balance of your credit to help you Live your day-to-day life I hope this Help now I'm just monologuing so I'm Gonna go I wanted to share that with you Guys because you know I like to drop a Little Finance video to help each and Every one of y'all out something Evergreen that you can come back to that You can work towards I have other credit Videos on my channel too so I will link The playlist below that is all I have For you today now if you wanna if you Want if you want to hire if you want to Apply for some jobs I got you in the Videos here click my face on the screen To subscribe so you never miss a video While I'm just slurring over my words It's Sunday y'all I need to take a Midday nap but I love you God bless you And I will talk to you guys in my next Video whatever it may be bye

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