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Foreign It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am back again On this Friday because I saw this hot Work from home opportunity that's Available us wide it only requires one Year of General customer service Experience so that could be pretty much Anything and it's gonna pay pretty good You know for being so little experience Friendly now after telling you all those Great things I'm sure you're interested But there is one little thing okay it Does involve a phone and some of you are Like what's the problem Delilah that's Fine but I know for the folks on my Channel who are like a phone I'm Allergic I know this one won't be for You but still stay tuned because maybe You know someone who would like this and I thought this was a great opportunity Because this is from a company called Sun Auto Tire and services and if you Know someone who's looking for a job and You know they know a little thing or two About cars you don't have to be Experienced in that area but maybe this Might pique their interest because you Can do this from home and a lot of folks Know about cars and tires and stuff like That so anyway we're gonna get into all The details but first please make sure You lock it in by hitting the Subscribe Button and tapping the notification Bell

It is a must that you have all Notifications turned on for my channel Because that's when YouTube will let you Know every time I post but if you don't Have all notifications turned on YouTube Will only tell you sometimes so go ahead And do that and once you take care of That business we'll be ready to jump in Okay so this is a new to this channel Company I've never heard of Sun Auto Tire and Service but they are actually a Major company they've got over 350 Locations nationwide they serve over 2 Million customers annually and 2500 Service based I don't know what that is Maybe that's a little garage that the Cars go in I have no clue but these are Their brands and you can see they have a Ton of different brands that are under That umbrella so maybe you use one of These locations or one of these brands For your own car and when you go and get Services now jumping off in here to the Lead they have a call center customer Engagement specialist that is available Us wide on the lead it says Arizona but Remember I've been telling y'all look at These leads when you're curious because Once I opened it I saw hey it's Available us wide and this is for their Call center customer engagement Specialist position these are full-time Shifts and they're offering full-time Hours and it says that shifts are

Available during 12 to 9 pm eastern time On Saturday and four weekdays so the Weekdays are to be determined when your Hours will be but they are saying that You need to be available to work 12 to 9 Pm on Saturday kind of interesting how They have that written here but as long As you're available on Saturdays then You're good or weekdays now the Compensation is going to be 19.23 per hour and it says commensurate With experience so perhaps you can earn More if this isn't your first time doing Things with Auto and Tire stuff and then You can get up to 250 dollars per month In bonuses based on individual Performance so you can earn earn more Money just by doing your job well so it Says headline named best place to work Sun Auto Tire and Service is the fastest Growing top 10 independent tire dealer In us with 350 Plus stores in the U.S Come join an awesome team with excellent Career path opportunities job overview The customer engagement specialist is Often the customer's first Contact into A Sun Auto Tire and Service location it Is the CES responsibility to utilize Their talents and experience to engage Listen educate and identify customer Needs and help customers make buying Decisions the goal is to provide a Positive and brand aligned response Exciting the customer to quickly visit a

Sun Auto Tire and Service location for Their service needs or providing Retention resolution to protect our Customer relationship and likelihood to Recommend our brand key responsibilities Positively represent the Sun Auto Tire And Service Brands through customer Interactions through phone web chat and Social interactions effectively educate And schedule the customer and Appointment to visit a Sun Auto Tire and Service location when appropriate Provide a timely response to customer Maintenance and retention requests Correctly maintain customer records Within operating systems and customer Relationship management tools project a Positive and helpful attitude reflecting Professional communication and composure Be accountable to Vision Values and Goals motivated to meet and exceed Targets focus and passion for Sun Auto And Tire services and products duties Brand advocate for increasing customer Appointments estimates and invoices Customer acquisition provide general Question and answer to Sun Auto Tire and Service location phone calls chat Collaborate with business partners on Customer escalation and resolution Customer review retention this position Is remote ideal candidates possess these Attributes experience in a sales related Role helping customers decide on product

Services experience with in contact Zendesk Podium or similar comfortable in A fast-paced multiple activities Happening at once environment team Focused and goal oriented curiosity to Learn and understand self-regulating and Accountable problem sensitivity or the Ability to tell when something is wrong Or likely to go wrong confident in Applying general rules to specific Problems to produce answers that make Sense attention to detail with excellent Written and verbal communication skills Qualifications one to two years of Relevant work experience in sales Marketing and or customer service Support track record of good tenure Experience with telephony or CRM Software Solutions experience with Microsoft Office and applications word Outlook PowerPoint preferred Qualifications high school diploma or Equivalent bachelor's degree desired Remote work experience desired bilingual Plus so remember preferred as it's nice To have but you don't have to show up With these and then benefit at Sun Auto We recognize that benefits play a vital Role in helping ensure the health and Financial Security of employees and Their families we offer a range of Market competitive Total Rewards that Include mirror increases paid holidays Paid time off and incentive bonus

Programs unless covered by a collective Bargaining agreement as well as medical Dental and vision insurance health Savings account 401K retirement plan With company match that's free money you Want to take advantage of paid vacation And sick days employee discounts Educational assistance company paid life Insurance short-term and long-term Disability insurance and then down here They have their Equal Opportunity Employment agreement which just means That they can't discriminate against you For a number of Legally protected Reasons including if you have a Disability so that is a lead y'all and I Really like this lead because you only Need one year of work experience and I Know this is a call all Center job it's Going to pay you pretty well and on top Of that you get benefits such as you Know 401K with company match and then of Course you know paid time off you want Paid vacation and sick days and a lot of Folks are really interested in doing Call center work and they find Themselves entertaining companies that Don't offer benefits and sometimes That's what we're looking for depending On our situation but if you are someone Who wants to do this and you know you Don't plan on going anywhere within the Next year or two try getting on with a Company that offers benefits and offers

Paid time off and sick leave and stuff Like that that's really going to help You out when you can't clock in you know We're not always the healthiest okay so You want benefits and as much as you can You want to try and get on with a Company that offers them so if you like This lead the apply for this job online Button is at the top right and you Definitely want to to get your Application in ASAP now I have some Resources for y'all okay that's not all Folks if you are looking for an online Job you want to head to my website Remotelworklife.com and you will see Something called the mega list of jobs This list has 485 companies on it that will hire you To work from home all of these companies On this list offer remote positions so You don't even have to question do they Have something remote they offer remote Roles you can go here and you can search This list maybe you're looking for Something else in the customer service World so you can even search for Customer service and you can see that There are 161 companies that offer customer Service roles okay you're gonna find Something and then when you say hey let Me check out the company we have the Direct link for you to go to their Careers pages that that's where you can

See all of their latest job Opportunities this is how people are Getting interviews and this is how People are getting hired do not sleep on The mega list of jobs book market and Every time you look for a job come here And look on the mega list as well And then lastly check out my Amazon Storefront this is where you can get all The equipment for your home office Without breaking the bank you're not Getting ready to work for anybody's Company if you don't have a computer That meets the requirement and you don't Have to worry about spending hundreds of Dollars you can get just what you need Okay these computers are just what you Need to clock in do your job and clock Out and you can get everything you see Here for a hundred and twenty four Dollars and fifty cents this is actually The lowest I have seen it on sale Sometimes this computer is 130 or 40 or 50 bucks it's a hundred and twenty four Dollars right now so it runs Windows 10 Pro most companies tell you they need You to run at least Windows 10. it has Wired keyboard and mouse a lot of Companies say you can't do wireless so It's got what you need and then it comes With a 19 inch monitor so you're gonna Be able to do your work just fine and if You need dual monitors there's a dual Monitor hookup as well for 205 dollars

Y'all okay so come here and get your Computer folks have told me that these Computers are great like that's the Feedback that people are telling me from Getting these computers in my Amazon Storefront and these are all sold Through Amazon so they just allow me to Make it convenient for what I would pick And just show y'all these are sold Through Amazon so it could be to you Within the next week or so and if it Doesn't work for you you just return it Okay we know how to deal with Amazon so Come to my Amazon storefront the link is In the description box below along with The link to the mega list of jobs on my Website and then of course the link to This hot work from home opportunity from Sun Auto Tire and Service so thank you So much for watching I truly hope this Has been helpful and I will talk to you Soon bye

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