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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and this one right here is Gonna be an entry level job and you do Not need any experience to work this job As a matter of fact the company Encourages you to apply if you don't Have any experience okay and we're Talking about the company paxera Health They're currently looking for a Full-time customer support specialist so Let's get into the details and according To Glassdoor this job does have an Estimated pay between 25 and 32 dollars An hour of course that's an estimate You'll have to get the exact pay from The company but with this job right here It is full time and you are going to be Receiving processing and confirming Customer orders you're going to review Relevant prices pertaining to customer Orders and confirm with sales and Pricing departments you're going to work Closely with the finance department to Resolve client payment discrepancies and You're going to be responsible for data Entry you're going to review and Communicate production reports and Respond promptly to customer inquiries Over the phone or through email and it Does say in person but of course this is

Remote so you won't be doing anything in Person you will be processing vendor Returns and following up on repairs and Attend regular department meetings you Will provide exceptional customer Service and support in areas of billing Placing orders and troubleshooting so They need for you to be detail oriented Be able to organize and multitask and Have strong computer skills in Microsoft Office let's take a look at the Application application is super quick So of course if you guys are interested In applying for this job you can find The link in the description bar if you Guys have any questions or any comments Feel free to leave those below and as Usual I thank you guys so much for Watching I'll see you in my next video And good luck to those who apply for the Job

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