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Happy Friday YouTube family I am back With another no talk and work from home Job where they are hiring immediately And you can make a thousand one hundred Twenty per week and if you would like to See more videos about this then let's go Ahead and dive right into the job now We're talking about as you can see on The screen single Grand they're Currently seeking contract pay media Associates to work from home this is a Entry-level position this is a contract To full time so you'll be a 1099 and you Work yourself up to becoming a full-time Employee at the company and the great Thing about this company here they do Not ask for a degree so no grade no Degree is needed here so when we go more Into details about this position here Um it specifically says that as a Digital marketing blog blog with over 200 000 visitors a month a podcast Called marketing school with over 2 Million downloads a month in a YouTube Channel with more than 74 000 Subscribers so when you go down here They're looking for someone that is Humble hungry and smart contract pay Media Associates to join their team this Role will have contract to higher Potentials they looking for someone that Is self-starter resourceful entrepreneur Endless curious and highly ambition you Have a time management organization

Skills strong communication Interpersonal skills a positive attitude And a growth mindset you show up on time Pay attention to details think on your Feed ask for help when you need it and Constantly demonstrate respect for Others that is what they're looking for A candidate like that when you go into Details about your responsibilities You're going to report to paid media Managers and other team members to work On paid search and social and display Advertising including navigating Platform interfacing pulling data Informative reports and other tasks Needed to drive success for their Clients they also want you to prepare Reports in my of Excel and PowerPoint Google Sheets and slides now there is a Place a free place where you can go Microsoft 365 in practice Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint SharePoint Microsoft Teams access all of that all you have to Do again is click on Excel Whatever you're interested in formatting Click on formatting and then it will Take you to a video where you can go and Listen to and you can learn word excel PowerPoint within less than 10 minutes So make sure you go ahead and check it Out again it is free 99 to you now we're Going back to the job diverse Responsibility again they want you to Perform audience and keyword research

For ad campaign you they want you to set Up ad campaigns within Google ads Facebook ads and other platforms now if You don't understand things like that go And Google things like I did what is Google ads and what does it mean for my Business when you go down here it tells You exactly what is Google ad is used For Google ads is a product that you can Use to promote your business help sell Products or service raise awareness and Increase traffic to your website it is a Very easy to do this all you have to do There's plenty tons of videos that you Can watch as you can see what is Google As high Google ads words are working Five minutes watch these videos it can Educate you on what is Google ads they Will walk you through how to do a Google Ad see our Facebook ads so you can go Ahead and get this job now we're going Back to the job description here they Want you to prepare meeting agendas Taking notes and sending Recaps after Client calls they want you to be able to Assist managers with advertising budgets And forecasts and then the requirement Is just one to two years of marketing Experience very easy marketing and then They want you to have passion about Digital marketing and again they want You to know be proficient in Microsoft Excel PowerPoint and Google workspace Product I just went over Microsoft 365

Training they want you to have Analytical thinking skills excellent Verbal and written communication skills Strong attention to details eager can do Attitude 18 player who takes assistance On others while they work now if this is Something that you're interested men to My right this is a quick cry application Meaning it will literally take you five Minutes or less to complete but you do Not want to register process all you do Is fill out everything they're asking For a resume a cover letter Um if you have a link in profile you can Use that they want your hourly rate you Can put there And then they also want you to have a Case study here what is your most Impressive win as it relates to your Current role and then you ask answer all Of this information and then you hit Submit application okay this is a short Quick application go ahead and fill it Out to the best of your ability if this Video has been helpful thus far consider Subscribing to the channel I would love For you to be a part of the family all You have to do is click that red button That says subscribe and next to the Subscribe button click the Bell to turn On all your notifications so every time I upload new videos you'll be notified And it will give you plenty of Opportunity to go ahead and apply for

These no talk and work from home jobs Jobs are hiring immediately jobs that Will train you so keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you got to believe if You don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs There is a job being made for you but it Starts with you if you don't know Something use Google as your friend to Research things to educate yourself There are free videos out there that Will walk you through on how to do Things like I just showed you a few Minutes ago about Facebook ads Google Ads there are free things out there that Will help get you started but you got to Take the first step faith without works Is dead if you don't know something go And educate your mind and don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it too Many times people look at a job post Their job record say I don't have the Experience they're going to train you Anyway the way that they want you to do The job but you have to have that Mindset and say look I don't care if I Apply for 100 jobs out of 100 some job Is going to give me an opportunity when One door closed one door will be open But you have to believe and like I said

Surround yourself around people that is Update uplifting you have your best Interest that is positive that it's Going to speak life of you instead of Death I keep saying in there because When you're around negative people You're going to pick up their negative Thoughts everything that come out of Your mouth is going to be negative but If you're around people that are doing Things and positive you can't help but To Speak Life of yourself and nothing But positive words come out of you so it Can choose your friend's circles choose The people that you want to be around Very careful and you know my Circles of Friends are very small and certain People cannot enter into that you know Certain people that you can't be around It's certain people that I cannot be Around and that's including family no Family because they're not my best Interests you know they're always Thinking positive and saying positive uh Negative things about me or um you don't Want that to interfere in your circle You know so Make this year you go out there and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Again you got this keep pushing if Nobody ever tell you that you got this I Believe in you but you got to go out There make the first step is apply for These jobs there is a job out there

Being made for you but it starts with You take action today and apply for These jobs okay you know that I talk About multiple strains of income I talk About having a backup plan at all means Necessary just in case something goes Wrong on your job too many times people Get complacent on their jobs and they Think because they've been at a job Anywhere from six months to longer that These jobs are not gonna let you go There's many times that I don't care if You've been at a job for a year 30 Minutes or uh five years they will let You go in a minute so you need to always Have a backup plan and that is with Course careers course careers you do not Have to have an experience no degree They will drop the degree they have Partnered with different Fortune 500 com Companies that will drop degree for just Only course careers I mean you can be a Tech sales we all know text sales is High in demand not only do they get paid For hourly but they also get a Commission check which is really great Um you can also study information Technology as well as digital marketing So when you look at this technology Sales there are more than 300 000 Opening jobs at average starting salary Of 60 to 80k a year and that is a phone Job where you're reaching out to Potential buyers are interested in

Buying your product digital marketing There's more than 200 000 opening jobs Average starting salary it's between 40 And 60k a year that is dealing with Facebook ads um different Google ads um Analytics um Especially if you do blogs website Content creation that is what digital Marketing is all about and again that is A no talk and work from home job Information technology is again you're Not on the phone you're dealing with Um customers in a queue similar to chat There's more than 200 000 opening jobs Or average starting salary is between 40 And 60k a year so how it works here all You need to do is look at the Testimonies that's the first step that You need to do listen to what Everybody's saying a lot of people Speaking great things about Um course careers high it has been a Life changer for their life and for Their self and their family so go check That out and how it works is that you Start join their free intro course and Then the intro course it's going to talk About everything you need to know about Digital marketing information technology And Tech sales at the time you should Know if it's a good fit for you if it's A good fit then you need to go ahead and Enroll in their course again this course Is self-paced you'll learn everything

You need to learn to be successful on in On your job Some people complete the course in the First week some people completed in Three months it's just up to you Depending on how much time you spend Um dealing with the course and then You'll start applying the skills you Learn in the course they will teach you Exactly how to land an entry level Position through Insider knowledge of How to apply to companies what they look For resumes application how the Interview is so much more because they Partner directly with companies again That want to hire their students Dropping the degree and experience Requirement for their graduates so if I Go into one of the courses here I'm Going to choose uh text sales when I go Into text sales it tells you some of the Companies that you're able to work for These are some of the companies that you Can work for and then when you scroll Down a little bit it talks about the day In the life of a text sales you will Respond to emails in checking calendars You're going to research companies and Add in new prospects as well as you'll Be making phone calls to people in your Outreach and you go go down a little bit Further it talks about the course what Do you be learning the course sales Basics sales skills sales technology

Sales process interview prep and then There are more testimonies that you need To watch and hear from other students What they have to say about course Careers what they went through how They've been successful on this so watch The videos there are tons of course Careers with testimonies that you need To check out and here is the price again The free introduction course is free and Is a one-time payment of 499 dollars but If you use my coupon code which is Theresa50 all in caps you'll get fifty Dollars off of that or you can choose The four payment plans of 150 there is No contract or heating fees along with a 14-day money-back guarantee when you go To college University trade school You're out of more than 499 dollars this Is a steal so make sure you go ahead and Sign up today so you can change your Life and your family life this is a Great opportunity to make anywhere Between 60k to 120k a year but again you got to put in The work so make sure you go ahead and Sign up today that information is under My YouTube subscription box are and Remember my channel is all about no talk And work from home job leads they go out Every single day at 7 A.M such a Standard time so if you're looking for a No talk and work from home job then Consider subscribing to the channel by

Clicking that red button and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Your notifications so every time I Upload new videos or if I go YouTube Live you will be notified if you would Like to support the channel or become a Member of the YouTube channel all you Have to do is click that join button There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member make sure you Check out the community tab members I'm Always uploading new work from home jobs That you can go and apply for and look At if you have any questions let me know If you're not a member of the channel Maybe sure you check out the community Tab that is where I engage with you Every single day when I upload my new Videos when I do posts when I do quotes When I go YouTube live take advantage of The communities tab that is my way of Getting it in connection with all of my Audience and remember To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there being made For you but it starts with you you got To believe if you don't believe nobody Else will so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs And remember to go check out the videos That are listed at the top or at the Bottom there are more non-phone work and

Home job needs to help you get closer to Lending your first second third job even A side hustle thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video bye

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