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Foreign [Music] It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I hope you guys Are having a wonderful Wednesday and I Think it's gonna get just a little bit Better because you guys I have another Non-phone work from home job yes I do Now I like to spread it around and I was Very happy to see a new to this channel Company that you may already be familiar With it's called select quote and this Is a term life insurance company now They're hiring for a little experience No experience friendly tech support role And the great thing about this role is It doesn't have any minimum years of Requirements you just need to be Familiar with some of the technical Things that they list and you're going To be answering questions via an email Ticketing system so this is a good one Y'all all right job what you're doing Pay attention I'm about to jump into the Lead right now but first things first Please make sure you take care of Business by hitting the Subscribe button Button and tapping the notification Bell You're going to want to make sure all Notifications are turned on for my Channel that way YouTube will alert you Every time I post and I post at least One video every single weekday so go Ahead and take care of that business and

Once you do we'll be ready to jump in So jumping on in here today's Panel company called Select Quote but I Am familiar with select quote I feel Like I've seen commercials for them Maybe while I was watching like daytime TV you know Price is Right this is the Kind of like company that would have a Commercial come on during you know one Of those programs now the hot lead that I have for y'all is for their Application support one position this Role is available us wide it's a Full-time it roll and it pays somewhere Between 17 and 21 dollars per hour and I Will go ahead and let y'all know from my Experience working and tech support Having my own software okay the remote Resume Builder software and having a Team I would go ahead and ask for that 21 per hour because this job is Definitely a job where you could command That amount so that's what I would do Now this opportunity just sort of Jumping ahead before I read through it You can see they don't list any minimum Years of experience but they do mention Different areas that you need to be Comfortable with and so you need to have Knowledge of software systems devices And applications you'll be assisting With systems Integrations so this is a Role where you could potentially do this With no direct experience but you do

Have to have that like tech savvy Ability so that is something that you Want to make sure you show up with now I Of course ran the glass door because I Like to check out the company and they Have a lot of reviews this is a big Company so the bigger the company the More reviews the better idea you can get If it's for you and they have anywhere From a thousand and one to five thousand Employees and they've been around since 1985 so you can read a lot about their Interview process their benefits and all That good stuff on their glass door now Jumping on in here to the job summary it Says the application support role will Respond to Tech technical problems that Occur within our internal tools and Systems application support will help Users troubleshoot technical issues and Build and maintain application Monitoring processes and systems Essential functions possessing Specialist knowledge of software systems Devices and applications providing Technical support to teams within the Organization assisting with systems Integrations managing ticketed query System and resolving tickets identifying And resolving technical issues selecting To do Rask from a list to complete by Due dates knowledge skills and abilities Excellent at problem solving ability to Work independently and with the team

Excellent customer service skills Ability to understand the issue and Provide workarounds and document issues Prefer training and experience it Experience that includes it help desk or Software support experience flexible Schedule Insurance knowledge call center Experience basics of SQL language so you Know these are preferred and the more You can check off even better but you Know those are nice to have things and Then they get into their benefits it Says it's an exciting time to join Selectquote we became a publicly traded Company in 2020 with the first 100 Virtual IPO non-biotech in American History we have also been recognized Nationally on the 2021 top workplaces USA list and by the Kansas City Business Journal as a 2020 best places to work Honoree full-time employees are eligible For medical dental vision voluntary Short-term disability company pay Long-term disability company paid life Insurance and accidental death and Dismemberment 401K plus company match Okay free money and 100 investing after Four years nice discretionary profit Sharing Employee Stock purchase program Paid time off floating holidays paid Maternity leave paid parental bonding Leave tuition reimbursement jury duty Pay and other pay leaves vary based on Work location and then down here they

Just say if you have a disability you Can contact this email to get Accommodations with applying for Employment so this is only for folks who Need accommodations to apply because They have a disability don't be emailing Them about your resume and you know an Update on it okay so this is a short and Sweet to the point lead I told you guys They do not list any years of experience That are required for you to do this job Now if you're like oh this sounds really Good you know I would love to do Something like this I'm tech savvy You're Gonna Wanna Make sure that you Put things on your resume that make it Clear that you know how to work these Technical Systems okay so if you have a Resume right now that isn't very Technical based then make sure you Customize it to do that and right now I'm offering a one dollar trial for my Remote Resume Builder software this is My own software that me and my team Built to help you cut customize your Resumes and cover letters easily and you Know it's just a breathe so you can get This software for one dollar and you can Try it out for one week and you can make Unlimited resumes and cover letters and My favorite thing about this software You can see how easy it is to go through The five-step wizard to create it but You can see like the resume that it

Spits out now if I back up here you can See where you can go in and edit the Resume this is where you can duplicate It and make a second copy and then you Can just easily tailor it so this is how You can manage all your different Versions of your resume easily because We know every time we apply to a job we Need to customize our resume and our Cover letter you don't want to just send The same generic resume and cover letter Out there so you know you can have your Base resume templates your customer Service resume your tech support resume Your data entry resume and then for each Job you can just go in duplicate that Resume and customize it specifically for The lead you are applying to this is the Way to get hired faster when you Customize okay and you can do the same Thing for cover letters so you can make Unlimited cover letters in the software And you can see how you can easily go in And do the same thing with your cover Letters now if you want this like I said You can get it for a dollar right now And you can have a seven day trial after That it's just thirty seven dollars per Month to make unlimited resumes and Cover letters it's an amazing offer Y'all so the link is in the description Box below and when you do opt in you're Going to get two emails you're gonna get An email to go to the tutorials in my

Teachable school and then you'll get an Email with your login for the remote Resume Builder software if you don't see Those emails check your spam box okay And then of course with all these Resumes and cover letters you can make You're going to want to get them in for More leads that's why you're going to Want to go to my website Remoteworklife.com and check out the Mega list of jobs I gotta make sure that You all know about this okay I'm always Talking about this but every time me and My team find a new company we add it to This Mega list and we put the direct Link to their careers page this is Important because you want to make sure That you are going directly to the Company and putting in your application And you can see all the companies that Hire you to work from home so you don't Have to worry about like do these Companies hire you to work from home you Know they do and that's what's so Powerful about the mega list of jobs Because it cuts down the time that it Takes for you to find companies and to Find applications to put in so make sure You come here bookmark the mega list of Jobs and visit it every single day okay There's so many companies on here and They're always updating their careers Pages you could come here every single Day Skip the job boards and find

Something to apply to and then find Finally okay I know I'm throwing a lot Out at you but if you need equipment for Your home office because you gotta have A computer you may want to check out my Amazon storefront I look at these job Leads every single day and I know the Technical requirements that companies Say you need to show up with all the Computers in my Amazon storefront meet Companies requirements if you are on a Budget and you want just the bare bones This is what I need to start working From home I'm always recommending like These computers right here because They're the most economical any of these Computers will suffice so if you need Dual monitors okay you can do a dual Monitor hookup this one's on sale for 189 if you want this one the HP is on Sale for 282. okay both really great Prices you can't find these in stores And these are on Windows 10 Pro you get A 19 inch monitor and a wired keyboard And mouse that's necessary for a lot of Companies applications because they're Not compatible with wireless us Keyboards and mouses so this is a great Resource that I put together for y'all I'm not saying it because I did it I'm Just saying because you don't have to Worry about you know searching the Internet for the best deals I went to Amazon these are sold through Amazon if

These don't work for you you can just Send it right back to Amazon so check Out my Amazon storefront there's plenty Of things in here to outfit your home Office including noise canceling Headsets make sure you check out the Mega list of jobs and of course get your Trial for the remote resume software and You know you're going to want to put Your application in ASAP for this hot Non-phone job from selectquote so thank You so much for watching I truly hope This has been helpful and I will talk to You soon bye Thank you

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