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Hey hey two chicks fam happy Thursday Guys it's me curl I am back with another Work from home video but before I jump In if you guys missed the live stream Last night be sure to go back check it Out we talked about 15 companies that Are background noise friendly guys be Sure to check out the video make sure You share because on this YouTube Channel not only do we talk about legit Work from home jobs but we also give Away free laptops and if you guys want To win take this video take any video go And share it with a friend go post it on Facebook Instagram come back leave us a Comment don't forget guys to hop on over To the two chicks blog look on the home Page for tell us International the Raider position is now open the pay is 14 an hour now we have been dropping a Ton of work when you want videos be sure To go back don't miss them go back and Check them out and don't forget to let Us us know in the comments what type of Work from home job you're looking for And while you're in the comments guys Click on the link and sign up for Branded surveys let's jump in the Company is valence Health they are Looking to feel this medical bill review Auditor work from home position I Believe this one is full time so it says As the medical bill review auditor aka The bill review analyst three you will

Pre-screen the claims to identify the Unbundled charges and billing errors you Will perform in-depth reviews based on Accepted billing practices and also Coding rules it says that you will Identify correct billing and savings on Claims by running the codes through the Programs also work collaboratively with The negotiation team to resolve claim Issues and obtain additional discounts Communicate all findings to clients by Providing a bill review report that can Be reviewed with the client chance at Their request evaluate and respond to Bill consideration request communicate With providers to query or to resolve Billing discrepancies and respond to Appeals educate the staff and clients on Any updated info on codes and edits Formulating document Department Processes and also policies track and Trend to be a review partner with team And direct supervisor in achieving Departmental goals and suggestions this One guys you will need some experience And qualifications I do see here three Plus years of auditing and or reviewing Medical bills and claims experience Ensuring overall accuracy of a bill Claim reviewing medical codes itemized Or duplicate charges Etc working Knowledge of Industry coding the ICD-10 The CPT the hcpcs revenue codes Etc Excellent communication skills both

Verbal and written and the knowledge of The CMS guidelines and this one is Posted on the two chicks blog I will be Sure guys to leave a link right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check out valence Health make Sure you go over to Google type in the Company's name see what comes up jot Down any important information just in Case you guys get an interview with the Company you want to be prepared and not Surprised now I will be sure to leave a Link to this particular company right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check them out don't Forget to share sharing is caring we Just made the announcement that we are Going to do a laptop giveaway over in Our Facebook group so make sure you guys Join us it is kiss that cubicle goodbye And all you guys have to do is invite Invite invite you can post the group on Your social media platforms tell your Friends your family members to join us We are trying to grow that group also Guys don't forget about out the two Chicks with the side Hustle the Facebook Business page the Instagram and the Twitter because we are doing a ton of Giveaways this year on across these Platforms so be sure to follow like Share subscribe invite to the group the Facebook group again it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye and I am dropping some

More work when you want jobs side Hustles in the group today I've been Dropping them all week on the channel And in the group but just in case you Miss them over here on the channel there Are some different ones posted in the Group as well so be sure to join us and Make sure when you come over there make Sure you invite anybody you know that's Looking for a legit work from home job a Side gig or a side Hustle the same thing With Instagram if you know some people On Instagram you guys can tag them in The post or you can just tell them make A post about us create a story or real And let your audience know your friends Your family members or whoever you have Following you guys let them know that These work from home jobs they are very Much so legit they can make money Straight from the comfort of their own Home in their pajamas how cool is that My name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video bye YouTube [Music]

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