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Foreign [Music] And I'm back with another video I hope That you have had a great start to your Day so we're going to jump into some Amazing work from home opportunities and In this video I'm going to share two Companies that have similar positions And this is great for those who are Interested in non-phone-based Opportunities specifically in the data Entry area and for my Californians and New Yorkers who are finding it very much Difficult and frustrating in finding Remote-based positions in your location Hopefully this will help you out one of The companies hired specifically in California as well as in New York the First company that's offering data entry Not home-based work is exam Works they Currently have a position for a data Entry Associates so let's jump right Into it so for this position it is only Available in the US and it states that They're hiring everywhere in the US it's 100 remote so you can work anywhere okay Okay I'm assuming this also may include California or New York but if not again I have another position after this that Is specifically for those States okay so This job they are looking for someone Who will be available to work 8 A.M to 5 PM post Standard Time Monday through Friday office equipment office phone

Screen keyboard mouse and virtual Desktop will be provided so they will Provide you with all the office Equipment you will need to perform the Work now the essential duties and Responsibilities to perform this job Successfully include but are not limited To the following gathers organizes and Prepares Source documents for data entry Into the appropriate system database Reviews data for discrepancies missing Pages or information and resolves Discrepancies by using standard Procedures answers both alphabetic and Numeric data for Source documents into Proper system database for follows data Programs security practices routinely Secures information other varies Clerical duties such as starting filing Emailing and proofreading as required Perform other duties as assigned now the Qualifications in the educational area They just needed to they just needed to Have a high school diploma or Equivalence a minimum of six months Related experience or equivalent Combination of training and experience So basically if you have six months of Related experience to data entry then You will qualify for this position but If you have related experience related Could basically mean you enter orders or You whatever requires in putting some Information okay so you don't need to

Have specifically data entry experience So hopefully that makes sense all right So any work that you have done in the Past six months that is related to Gathering information and documents Preparing.com documents entering Alphabetic and numeric information into Any documents if you've worked with a Company such as HIPAA which is a company That they mentioned in their duties Section if you have the skills and Experience in maintaining Confidentiality of personal and Financial information this is also Considered you know related experience Okay so hopefully that was clear so just A minimum of six months of something you Did in a past position that relates or Close to data entry but you don't need To have prior working experience as a Data entry with the title as a data Entry specialist so the qualification For this position must possess complete Knowledge of General computer fast Copier scanner and telephone just basic Knowledge must be knowledgeable of Multiple software programs including but Not limited to Microsoft Word Outlook Excel and internet must have full Understanding standing of HIPAA Regulations and compliance must be Qualified time like this with a minimum With a minimum of 40 words per minute Must demonstrate exceptional

Communication skills and the rest of the Things that they mention here is just Demonstrating positive attitude Possessed the ability to manage change That you're good with change and Unexpected events etc etc so that's Basically what they're looking for in Terms of the qualifications area as you Can see majority of you probably meet The qualifications okay now in terms of How much this particular job pays Because they don't list it in the job Post you would have to do a little bit Of investigation and research so if you Go to Google and you type in exam Works Data entry Specialists you'll find Salary average salary is around 18 per Hour as stated on Glassdoor as reported On Glassdoor okay so 18 per hour is the Estimated total pay for data entry at Exam works okay now that's just the Estimated pay it could be more it could Be less also some companies May Determine your pay based on your Location how many years of EXP Experience you have all those things Will be will be factored into how much You will get paid for that job so let's Move on to the next company that's Offering data entry related job remote Job this is coming from change Healthcare and they are looking for data Entry operator in different locations in The US they have the locations listed

Here over 40 locations this is a Full-time position and of course it was Recently posted so you still have time To apply for this position so to change Healthcare a little bit about them they Are leading Healthcare technology Company with a mission to inspire a Better Health Care system so they Deliver innovative solutions to patients Hospitals and insurance companies to Improve clinical decision making Simplify Financial processes and enable Better patient experiences to improve Lives and support Health Care healthier Communities now that paragraph there is Very important because this is their Goal and what they stand for and their Mission and you definitely want So you want to make sure you incorporate All of those things in your resume Particularly in your summary objective Goal section okay that your goals match Up with their mission statements okay so Just a quick tip in regards to your Resume now of course I have resume Templates that you can take advantage of In the description section below this Video I did show a sample of what my Templates look like in a previous video Of another company that's hiring so I Will link it in the description section Below this video so again this is a Fully remote position only available in The US but they list here the specific

States that they're hiring at close to The bottom area of the job so they have California Colorado New Jersey New York Rhode Island Washington residents only Now it's followed up with the bottom Paragraph So this can assume that this At this statement on the job posting is For those particular State and that they Are hiring in other states in the US as Well it's just that they want to focus On these particular States when they're Talking about out the pay so the pay Range for those states listed is between 10 to 23 dollars per hour for this Position and pay is based on several Factors including but not limited to Education work experience certifications Etc in addition to your salary so change How change Health Care also offers Benefits such as a comprehensive Benefits package incentive and Recognition programs they also offer 401k contribution doesn't matter where Or when you begin a career with change Healthcare you'll find far-reaching Choices of benefits in incentives okay So that's basically what they're Offering but their pay is up to twenty Three dollars per hour for this job and If you are located in California Colorado New Jersey New York then this Is basically what you want to look at For those particular States in terms of How much you can expect to get paid of

Course also factoring your experience Level you know those things as well okay So this is is coming from change Healthcare they're looking for data Entry operator they did not list that You need to have previous years of Experience in order to apply for this Position to be considered so they do Have their preferred qualification you Do need to have a high school diploma The core responsibilities are listed You'll be preparing images for input Into Imaging system validating files Were processed entering demographic in Or charge entry obtaining info Information from Hospital Systems Resolving errors preventing billing they Do have their preferred qualifications But these are not required so if you Have Microsoft Office Outlook or Excel Experience then you qualify time Management skills critical thinking Research proficient typing skills they Did not say how many words per minute But usually typing data entry could be Around 40 to 60 words per minute but They did not state how many words you Need to type so so just be proficient in Your typing skills comfortable working Remotely are you comfortable working Remotely if you are subscribed and Watching this video I'm sure you're very Comfortable okay so that's basically it For this position those are the two

Opportunities I want to share with you For those who are in the US in these Particular States all right so if you're Ready to get started click on a link Hurry jobs can disappear at any time and I wish you all the best of luck happy Work from home and I'll talk to you soon

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