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Stellar Co pays 18 to 24 per hour blog Writer work from home review Africa at Work from home jobs pronounced AF free QT Stellar Co Link in description job Title blog writer this is a remote work From home job as an independent Contractor freelance worker You will be working for yourself and Will be responsible for your own taxes Pay from 18 to 24 dollars per hour this Is a full-time part-time contract job 8-hour shifts weekends only choose your Own hours or four hour shifts no Weekends day shift night shift or Monday To Friday You choose your own hours if you are Looking for ongoing work then this is The job for you Stellar Co is looking for a Content Writer to create out of this world Articles or clients via guest posting This requires you to learn about many Industries and be able to adapt to Editor guidelines while creating Engaging content Applicant must have a Bachelor s degree And have a HubSpot Academy content Marketing certification or be willing to Be certified HubSpot Academy is a free six-hour Online course applicants must also Complete an assessment via indeed to be Considered for this position Schedule is flexible options 4-Hour

Shifts eight hour shifts day shift Evening shift Monday to Friday night Shifts weekends no weekends weekends Only Education Bachelor preferred this does Not mean a bachelor degree is required Only preferred so step outside of your Comfort zone for this one Indeed rates Stellar Co a two stars but Glassdoor rate at 2.3 there are not very Many reviews yet so don't sleep on this Opportunity A reviewer rates four stars and says Good opportunity another former employee Rates three stars and says good people But low pay This was in 2022 so pay may have changed Since then due to varying ratings let's Read and see what others have to say [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Laughs

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