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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so if You're not subscribed make sure you Subscribe and hit that notification Bell And that Bell will help you to get Notified when new videos are posted for Work from home opportunities that you do Not want to miss out on so good morning Good afternoon good night whichever time You find this video I hope you're doing Well so we're going to jump into the Work from home positions I want to share With you in this video I have two remote Based positions I want to share with you From two different companies the first Company we're going to take a look at is United Health Group I've shared Opportunities from this company multiple Times on my channel they always seem to Have remote-based positions available on Their website can range from entry level To professional opportunities so if You're someone who's looking to gain Some experience and and develop skills In a medical or Insurance area then United Health Group is a great company To get started especially if you're Someone who's looking to add remote Experience to your resume so United Health Group have multiple positions That they have available and I wanted to Explore one of the jobs that they

Currently have on their website now keep In mind this job will need you to have At least two years of experience in some Areas listed in their requirements now If you're curious on how to find Remote-based positions on their website You can go to where it says join our Talent Community okay and search for Jobs so we are here on one of their job Listings that is currently available Email marketing opportunities are always Available and I believe that is one of Those types of jobs that are in high Demand but have low competition other Positions can go pretty fast but these Types of position always seems to be Available most of the time all right so If you feel like you meet the Qualifications then I highly suggest That you go ahead and apply for this job Or if you know someone who'll be a Perfect fit then go ahead and share this Information all right so United Health Group have a position here for email Marketing automation Specialists this is Available nationally remote okay so that Means it's not just available in one Location but if you are in Dallas Texas Which is their primary locations then You possibly can work on sites so let's Dive into this particular position to Find out more information so you will Enjoy the flexibility to telecommute From anywhere within the us as you take

On some top challenges that is their Famous that is their popular quotes on All their job listings all right United Healthcare is a company that's on the Rise they're expanding in multiple Directions They're all about transforming the Healthcare industry okay so this is very Important to know about a company I Always stress to make sure you know Their mission goals statements and read More about a company so that when you Put your applications together that you Put it together of the company's Mission Goals statements okay you want to Definitely personalize your resumes as Well as a cover letter a company can Tell when you're just submitting a General cover letter or resume that can Apply to any other company so you want To make sure you personalize your Resumes and by doing so this will help You this will help you to advance to Possibly the interviewing process in Hopes of Landing a position okay so Let's jump into this work from home job Again this position is full-time Employees are required to work their Normal business hours which is 8 AM to 5 PM training is provided and will be Conducted virtually from your home so They will provide you with some training But they still need you to bring some Experience to the table for them to work

With all right for every new company That you're working for you still need To know the company and how to use their Tools and get access to their resources And just being introduced to the company So much majority of the time that that Is included in their training walking You through the procedures okay so the Primary responsibilities for this Opportunity you'll create and manage Email campaigns which is not very hard To do you can actually learn how to do This Independently okay there's so many Different free programs that can teach You how to do this you can also use YouTube to learn how to create and Manage email campaigns design email Templates and landing pages for digital Campaigns if you have a website and you Put your own website together and that That will be very familiar to you if not Then again this is definitely something You want to you know train yourself to Do if you're interested in these types Of opportunities again these types of Jobs are in high demand with low Competition so they're going to be Available so you have time to train Yourself and get the knowledge gain the Knowledge and Skills to be able to apply For these types of jobs because they're Well-paying position back to the Responsibilities you will automate agent

Journey workflows use data in analytics To clearly articulate performance manage Email lists including lists segmentation Tracking bounces Unsubscribes and undeliverable email Addresses now I'm familiar with this Because I run a website so these sound Very much familiar to me So if you do run a website then this Will definitely be familiar to you as Well okay help write email copy for Various Target audiences and proof Content for business business material Prioritize projects project manage own Work including creating a plan with key Milestones and timelines for each Project deliver projects on schedule and Manage multiple deadlines okay you'll be Rewarded and recognized for your Performance now let's jump to the Required qualifications so for this job You will need to have a bachelor's Degree okay so you will need to hold a Bachelor's degree or higher in Communications marketing public Relations or related fields you will Also need to have at least two plus Years of experience in the development And execution of marketing Communications campaigns two plus years Of experience with email marketing Automation platforms okay so if you have Two plus years of experience handling Email marketing in any of these areas

And you're familiar with these Terminologies then you will be good to Go two plus years two plus years of Experience with Salesforce understanding Of email design proficiently using Microsoft Word experience with a b or Multivariate testing Ability to travel up to ten percent of The time domestic meaning that they may Require you to do a small amount of Travel in your local area okay so it's Not that much of a big deal ability to Work any shift between the hours of 8 AM To 5 PM so notice they stay any shift Meaning that there may be some Flexibility involved in this position Thus say that you can work full-time Hours as well they have their preferred Qualifications so if you have any of These things that you are preferred Candidate experience with writing Content for various audiences experience Of working in Medicare design experience And working knowledge of adobe Telecommuting requirements required to Have a dedicated work area established That is separated from other living Areas ability to keep all companies Sensitive documents secure must live in A location that can receive United Health Group approved high-speed Internet connection internet service Okay so if you live in the US anywhere In the US you should be okay

They also have their soft skills here if You have excellent written grammar Proven ability to meet timelines strong Problem solving skills etc etc then You're good to go now let's get to the Meat of this position which is the Salary let's talk about the salary so The salary for this position Specifically for areas specifically for Certain States Connecticut Nevada and Washington or New York Rhode Island Residents only You can expect to get paid between sixty Seven thousand to 133 000 okay uh New York is mentioned here So that is basically going to give you An idea of the salary range if you live In those States but if you live in any States in the US this still will apply To you as well just to give you some Ideas of how much you can expect to get Paid of course salary can vary based on Your location your experience level as Well as your skill level so those are Factors that usually determine how much Exactly you will get paid now of course If you hit all the targeted Qualifications including the preferred Qualifications it's assumed that you Would earn the highest pay 133 000 per Year so they also offer some benefits as Well of course they are United Health Group and you are an employee so you Will get some benefits so this is the

Opportunity that they have available It's a full-time job high paying Position Edition it's not full-based Dealing with emails sending emails of Course there's more than just sending Emails marketing included in designing And some technical skills that is Involved in this position but of course I have a diverse audience with many Skills and talents so hopefully this is A position that you feel you can apply To okay so let's jump to the next Company that is currently hiring Something very similar they don't Require you to have as much experience As United Health Group this is coming From interaction design Foundation it's Good to do a Google search on this Company but they have pretty good Ratings if you Google them Google Interaction design foundation reviews And you will see all the information you Need to see about this company so for Time's sake we're just going to jump Into the opportunity that they have Available this company will provide you With a computer okay so they'll provide Guide you with a free laptop to do this Job so are you a strong communicator and Troubleshooter do you have an eye for Detail and a desire to help people Achieve their goals through online Learning do you enjoy working across Functionally to solve problems and

Thrive in a fast-paced dynamic Environments great then continue reading Right now interaction design Foundation Is the biggest online design school Globally founded in 2002 they have over 135 000 graduates and can they have been Around for a very long time so this Company is looking for member support You will help them achieve their Vision To become the best and most recognized Design school on the planet so you will Act as an ambassador of their brand and Maintain their excellent reputation you Will serve as a point of contact for Business to business customers with Queries about their products orders Onboarding delivery Etc her respond daily with their users Across multiple channels okay multiple Channels can mean email chat maybe some Phone might be involved in there Communicate and collaborate effectively With other teams to relate customer Needs work with the developments and Editorial team Etc etc you can read all these Qualifications and that they have listed Here okay now let's go to what they Offer they offer full-time fully remote Position with world's biggest online Design school it's just repeating the Same thing over and over so we're gonna Jump to where it says they offer Competitive salary now they did not list

Their salary on this job listing but if You do a Google search you will find That they pay on average for this Particular position 29 per hour okay That is the average Now they also offer you a home office Allowance and a laptop to optimize your Workspace so they will provide you with Free equipment to do the job for their Company now about you what are they Looking for in their candidates they're Looking for you to have at least two Years of experience in providing Email-based customer or similar Client-facing experience you are Confident Communicator you are an Enthusiastic Problem Solver your Customer empathy comes through in your Writing style and tone of voice and you Have the ability to explain Concepts Clearly you're comfortable adapting Quickly and open to change you're Self-motivated Et cetera Etc and they're looking for People who are based in the CET time Zone so if you're based in that time Zone then definitely jump on this Opportunity if not then maybe the United Health Group Position will be the best Fit for you okay these are their bonus Points on if you have these along with All the other qualifications they listed Then you just might be guaranteed the Job right so you get bonus points if you

Have experience with working remotely Have an interest in online learning You're passionate about the customer Experience if you are already a member Of the interaction design foundation so Those are their bonus points if you hit These bonus points and again you just Might be off of the job immediately this Is coming from introduction design Foundation again they are looking for a Member support for their company and This position is mainly email based Sending emails and handling emails so These are the two opportunities I want To share with you in this video if you Are interested details will be in the Description section below this video and I also have other remote based jobs Posted for today so make sure you check Them out if these two jobs are may not Be the right fit for for you there's Something for everyone all right well Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you in my next video talk to you Soon and happy work from home If you are looking to get started in Working from home of course the first Thing that you need to have is a resume A remote ready resume is the key to Lansing a remote-based position the First thing an employee sees is your Resume and that introduces you so it's Very important that you have an Outstanding professionally done resume

That stands out from all other Candidates so to assist you in putting An amazing resume together I created my ATS remote ready resume template bundle This bundle comes with two resumes as Well as a bonus resume two cover letters And two thank you notes this resume Bundle include all the necessary Components needed for you to create an Outstanding resume to include in your Application this is one sample of what You will receive in that bundle the Straightforward very simple basic resume You want something that's very Straightforward nothing too fancy or too Confusing it gets right to the point it Lists your professional skills where it Needs to be and then go into your Experience your work history and your Experience with companies that you've Worked for so ATS friendly resumes are Structured to make sure that the Important things that you need to have On your resume is at the Forefront so That when an employee looks at your Resume they see exactly what it is that They need to see okay so make sure you Check out my resume template and it also Comes with the cover letter and as you Can see it details what you can put on Your cover letter how to construct your Cover letter to make you stand out as a Candidate as well as a thank you note Which is important to follow up with

Employees about your application if you Are interested in my no experience Template this is a sample of my no Experience template for those who have Absolutely no experience if you've been Out of work for over two years or so Maybe your Homemaker or stay-at-home mom Or even a student who have happened in College majority of your life right so If you are someone who has no experience Of very little to no experience based on Those factors maybe you've worked a Bunch of gigs done doordash for a while And you haven't been in the workforce And you're looking to make a transition This would be a perfect template for This but because it highlights those Professional soft skills that you've Gained by just life experience okay so There's a way in which you can Incorporate things that you have learned In your life doing side gigs or just Being a stay-at-home mom if you're a Stay-at-home mom you've gained those Soft skills that you can integrate into Any position that you're applying for so This resume template help you to Structure your resume and highlight Those skills as a homemaker stay-at-home Mom or as a student maybe you worked on Projects in school in a team Dynamic on Certain creative projects you can Actually utilize the skills that you Gain from those things and integrate it

In your resume to stand out as a Candidate so make sure you check out my No experience resume template if this is Your situation it also comes with a Cover letter a reference page you can List a professional reference or Personal references and also a thank you Note to follow up with employees and it Comes with a guide as you can see words Are written on there which is to guide You on what exactly to write on your Cover letter all the templates that are Available do require that you have word In order to make edits to the templates Okay so if you have any issues with the Templates make sure you email Melissiathome gmail.com if you need any Tips and suggestions or if you run into Any issues with downloading your Templates

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