Part-Time $25 To $30 Hour Work From Home Job Sending Emails (Non-Phone) | No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another part-time work from home Job lead for you we are gonna dive all In just know the links to all the pages That I share are always in the YouTube Description box below this video today's Job lead is from the company case text Now case text only has 19 reviews on Glassdoor they do have a 3.8 out of 5 Star rating with those 19 reviews but They are hiring a user research Coordinator this is part-time remote Within the United States they are paying Very well though they are paying Anywhere from 25 an hour all the way up To 30 dollars an hour for this position Now case techs is a company that's been Applying AI to law in creating solutions To enable attorneys to provide higher Quality representatives to more clients And they have been doing like you user Research and user testing where you can You know join people often do it for Clinical trials and studies where you Can join focus groups and feedback Sessions and so what you will be doing Is coordinating the users of those Groups so as a user research coordinator For case techs you'll be responsible for Identifying and contacting users who we Who are willing to do user feedback Sessions for product and customer teams From their existing database so these

Are people that's already signed up to It now it's going to take 10 to 20 hours A week for this job so it's a very part Time but you can be conducting the email Outreach coordinating meetings and Participation in rewards Administration So you're going to contact the users for These focus groups through email so this Is mainly going to be a non-phone as far As what they're looking for they don't Require any kind of college degree you Need to have great verbal and written Communication skills you need to have Knowledge of database searching you need To be an active listener have good time Management skills and have an interest In the legal tech industry above that You have to live in the United States All right if you've made it to the end Of this video I want to say thank you so So much for watching and supporting me As always please feel free to leave Anything specific that you're looking For down in the comments I do read those And keep that in mind when I'm out there Searching for job leads to share and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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