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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so Today's video we're going to feature Another amazing work from home Opportunity that'll be great for those Who are looking to get started in Healthcare industry and if you're also Looking for something simple and easy to Do that do not require you to have a lot Of experience so this opportunity do Require to have at least one year of Experience in this particular field okay So we're gonna go over the position but Firstly I want to talk about the company And just giving you a quick background About this particular company okay so if You are not subscribed just to remind You and know that the Subscribe button Is right there below the videos so you Can clearly see it so you can't miss it Hit that subscribe button and also hit The notification Bell so you don't miss Out on any of these work from home Opportunities okay so we're not gonna Get too fancy with that we're just going To hit that button subscribe and click On that notification Bell if you are Interested in remote-based opportunities That I share on this platform because Job opportunities to go fast and keep in Mind this platform is about sharing job Leads okay from various companies and

Then you just utilize all the resources And tools that are available in the Description section below this video to Land any other movies positions that you See okay so let's jump into the company That you're looking at who exactly is Valence Health they specialize in Serving self-insured employers Third-party claim administrators Brokers And benefits Consultants trust and labor Organizations stop loss carriers Integrated Healthcare delivery networks Also have their careers section if You're interested in browsing through The various positions that they may have Available on their website you can click On where it says careers and learn more About what they offer if you scroll down You'll notice they have their core Values make sure you read through that Information as well and then you will See where it says career opportunities At the lens So currently they have nine Opportunities available and majority of Them as you can see are fully remote Okay so they are currently looking for Remote workers for multiple positions Listed on their website feel free to Browse through their career section for Opportunities that they have available In this video I wanted to highlight one Particular position that they currently Have available and that is for their Data Verification Specialist position

And the position is for a data Verifications specialist this is a fully Remote job and it's also a full-time Position okay so about the opportunity As a data Verification Specialist you Will be responsible for verifying and Validating the accuracy of healthcare Professionals information such as Licensure board certification Education And Training to be successful in this Role you will have a high attention to Detail and you will thrive in a deadline Driven environments so these are key Factors that they're looking for someone Who has high attention to detail and That you thrive in deadline driven Environments okay so the work so the Work that you do will require you to Finish it within a certain period of Time now things you will do in this Position you will verify and validate Health Care Professionals information Which includes licensure board Certification Education and Training to Ensure accuracy and compliance with Industry standards and organizational Policies review and analyze Documentation such as transcripts and Validity of information provided for Perform primary resource verifications For healthcare professionals Collaborate with the team members Departments identify discrepancies or Inconsistencies in documentation

Communicate with Healthcare Professionals so majority of their job Again is to verify and validate Information on document of documents Okay and that's basically it now it Doesn't indicate whether you'll be Communicating with them via phone but I'm sure that might be some form of Communication that you will use but That's normal even in a non-form based Opportunity you will still need to Communicate with your supervisor using a Phone so what are the qualifications What will you bring to the team they're Looking for someone who just have one Plus years of experience in data entry Or data verification position so you Just need one plus years all right the Next thing you need to have is excellent Verbal and written communication skills Experience working in a fast-paced Detail and again deadline driven Environments so that's basically it plus Okay this is a plus if you have Healthcare industry experience as well As primary source verification Experience that is a plus and if that is A plus and that means that you may get An interview quickly if you have those Two things listed on your resume or you Have that experience okay so you will be Working remotely from your home does not Have any state restrictions listed here And notice it doesn't even mention if

You need to be in the US so you can find This out easily if you are international And you're wondering if this job is Available to you by you know simply Going through an application or you can Contact the company directly and just Inquire whether or not you'll be able to You know apply for this job if you are In another country okay so this is Coming from valence Health now you may Notice that there's no Mentioning of their salary in this Particular job post so that is Absolutely normal some companies leave That information out so to get an idea Of the average salary for a data Verification Specialist of course we can Use Google to find out this information So Google has on various platform which Mentions data verification Specialists Working specifically for valence Health You can make on an average of 18 an hour Which is thirty eight thousand dollars Per year okay so that is the average for Their data Verification Specialist as Recorded on zip recruiter so that's just The average it could very well be more Than that also keep in mind that other Factors can affect your pay such as your Location uh your experience level as Well as your skill sets Okay your skill Level so those can affect how much Exactly you will get paid So you can get paid between 18 to 22 per

Hour because we see different salaries Quoted on various platforms such as Glassdoor have it at forty six thousand Dollars per year then you have indeed Have the same type of position at so Glassdoor had them at forty three Thousand dollars per year last month it Was forty six thousand dollars per year So the salary again varies and I believe It's based on your location your Experience level Et cetera Etc okay so let's say between 18 to 22 per hour for this particular Position and it is a full-time Opportunity so if you're interested in This opportunity then definitely check Out the link in the description section So you can get started on your Application you could click where it Says apply and it will take you to this Particular page and you'll see this box That states apply apply with resumes so You want to upload your resume and They'll automatically fill out your Application for you okay so that's the Quickest way to get your application in If you already have your resume and if You need assistance with your resume Whether you want it to be completely Redone for remote-based jobs Specifically for remote-based positions Such as this then definitely hit me up Melissia at home Gmail.com and also I have some templates

Available if you prefer to just you know Download some templates and put the Information in yourself the templates Are laid out and designed specifically For remote-based positions and it's also ATS friendly okay so you can check all That information out in the description Section below this video and thank you So much for watching I'll see you guys In my next video talk to you soon

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