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Hi everyone it's Suzanne today I have a Data entry operator position this is a Great high paying remote position they Are saying that they're paying between 36 and 51 dollars per hour to enter data From home they're only looking for a Little bit of experience as a data entry Clerk they just want to be able to see That you've done some data entry high School diploma no degree so sounds like A great opportunity it's probably not Going to last very long I'm just going To warn you now so let's go ahead and go Through it again it is remote and they Are looking for a data entry operator to Update and maintain information in their Company databases and computer systems The responsibilities will include Collecting and entering data in Databases and maintaining accurate Records of valuable company information The ideal candidate has essential data Entry skills like fast typing with an Eye for detail and familiarity with Spreadsheets and online forms you will Work with a data team and data manager Previous experience as a data entry Clerk or similar position will be Considered an advantage so make sure you Get that on your resume and to show and To prove that you have at least a little Bit of that data entry clerk Responsibility ultimately a successful Data entry operator will be responsible

For maintaining accurate up-to-date and Usable information in their systems so Here's the main bullet points of Responsibilities insert customer and Account data by inputting text-based and Numerical information from Source stocks Within time limits compile verify Accuracy and sort information according To priorities to prepare Source data for Computer entry review data for Deficiencies or errors and correct any Errors research and obtain further Information for incomplete docs apply Data program techniques and procedures Generate reports scan documents and Print files Keep information Confidential respond to queries for Information and access relevant files Comply with data integrity and security Policies and ensure use of office Equipment and address and email Functions so nothing in here about Having to talk to customers at all so This is going to be primarily a no phone Required job for all of you introverts Or people who just don't really want to Work from home job or you have to talk To people on the phone you want they do Want you to have proven data entry work Experience as a data entry operator or Office clerk doesn't say how much Earlier it's said that if you have it You're going to have an advantage in Getting hired experience with Microsoft

Office and data programs familiarity With administrative duties like office Duties experience using office equipment Typing speed and accuracy knowledge of Correct spelling grammar and punctuation Attention to detail confidentiality Organizational skills and a high school Diploma no degree needed in this Position so this is a very it's almost a Beginner Position but you might just need just a Little extra of that data entry Experience but it doesn't sound like a Lot so it's almost like no experience But Additional computer training or Certification will be an asset all right Guys so if you think you've got a shot At this job and you're interested I'm Going to go ahead and put that link Down Below in the description so you can go And apply and otherwise I will see you Guys tomorrow

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