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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And I'm back with another video so we Have another episode featuring another Amazing company and this company is a Well-known brand I'm sure you are Familiar with Harley Davidson and they Are known for their motorcycles so Harley-Davidson is an American Motorcycle manufacturer and there are Well known again for the most desirable Motorcycle and Lifestyle brand in the World so I'm sure you have heard of them And you are familiar with this company If you are not then feel free to do some Research some background check on this Company so that you become familiar and If you are interested in any of the Positions that I will be presenting in Today's video then you can go ahead and Apply for the jobs okay so they do have Remote-based positions available on Their website so we're going to go Through the opportunities that are there And if any of these jobs are right up Here alley then you can go ahead and Apply if not then that's okay there are Other companies and other positions that Awaits okay so let's get into it now I'm Not sure if you have ever visited Harley Davidson online retail store I was not Aware that they also offer and sell Other items that is not just about

Motorcycles okay so this is their main Website that you're looking at of course Since they are a motorcycle manufacturer They have motorcycle parts that they Sell so if you have a motorcycle you Could go on Harley Davidson's website And find whatever is needed for your Motorcycle needs okay they also have Men's and women's and kids section here Where they sell other items such as T-shirts sweatshirts just basically Apparels and accessories and caps they Have a jewelry section they also have Home decor and other things for your Home offer gift cards and you know Valentine's Day is right around corner So this would be a great little unique You know gift to give someone special For Valentine's Day they're Harley-Davidson fan let's jump into the Opportunities that they have available Now to find those opportunities you just Want to scroll down to the very bottom Of their main website page and then You're going to go to their about Section About Us section and of course You know you want to browse through Their our company to learn more about The company etc etc right So you're going to go to their careers Section and click on that and it will Take you to this page that have Available positions that you can browse Through okay so this is a page that

You'll be taken to and it says view job Openings so you're just going to click On that to be taken to this page where You'll be able to search for jobs you Can search via keywords let's say if you Want to find opportunities that might be Available in customer support or you Know customer service to narrow down Your search okay and then you just click Where it says view open position so this Is just an example of how you can search For jobs on their website and here you See a list of opportunities that are Available now as you can see there's a Mixture going on here they have hybrid Opportunities hybrid basically means That you can work on location or from Home from that location okay so let's Say they have positions here for example That says remote boats Wisconsin U.S That basically is a hybrid position Because if you live in Wisconsin you can Work remotely or from a Harley-Davidson Physical location so they have various States listed here should they offer Remote base position the popular one is Wisconsin as you as you can see now if You're looking for remote-based Positions that are available all over The us then you may want to put in the Keyword search remotes Comma us you want to scroll down to see What is available so these are the Opportunities that are available all

Over the us as you can see it says Remote us and that typically means that These jobs are available no matter where You live in the US okay so they have a Few positions here they have their Collections representative remotes they Have it design lead Loss mitigation rep recovery Representative collections Representative director digital Integration and strategy opposition Available so we're going to just look at Their collections representative just Two of the jobs that they're currently Hiring for so we're going to look at at Least two of the positions that I want To highlight in this video but if you're Interested in any other positions you See here then you can feel free to go Ahead and read more information about Them okay so for instance their Collections representative remote-based Position is available in the US it was Recently posted Maybe be a few days ago So it's fresh and we're going to look at That so this is for their collections Representative and again it says remote Us so you will play a pivotal role in Helping them create the company they Want to be and for their employees in HD Community it's done through being fair Honest positive and creative this isn't Just any company and yours isn't just Any career it's part of your story ride

With us and make it legendary so let's Go into the job summary under General Supervision the collections Representative is responsible for Collection of delinquents accounts by Phone or correspondence and handles more Complex customer cases that may require Collection representative to deviate From standard routines and procedures The job responsibilities include Responsible for collecting unassigned Delinquent accounts by telephone or cars Or correspondence if necessary assign Accounts to agencies for repossession Skip tracing or in-person collection Activity understands and adheres to Company collection and extension Policies handles complex collection Customer situations uses effective time Management ensure that all steps Necessary are taken to protect the Interests of the company so that's the Basic so that's the basis of the job Responsibility that you are making sure That you are taking the necessary step To protect the interests of Harley Davidson in this particular position the Educational requirement you just need a High school diploma okay so if you just Have a high school diploma then you are Good in the educational departments in Terms of experience and what is required These are the requirements so typically Requires a minimum of just two years of

Related related experience previous Collection experience or customer Service experience possess good Communication skills keyboarding data Entry skills so there will be some data Entry ability to handle large volume of Collection accounts proficient with Computer system good problem solving Skills effective negotiation skills okay So majority of what they're looking for Is in the skills department so if you Have these skills then you should be Then I highly encourage you to apply for This position it also helps if you have Two years of related experience so Anything you have done that directly Relates to what they're looking for in The responsibilities section then you're Good to go Um if you do have previous collection Experience that's great or if you have Just worked as a customer service Representative then that's good too That's good enough okay so that's Basically all that is required from you Just majority of your skills and if you Have some customer service and possibly Some experience that's related to Collections and handling those types of Situations it can get a little testy With dealing with customers and people Who owe money Etc et cetera okay so Being able to have like problem solving Skills and also knowing how to handle

Difficult situations and customers is Also good trait to have so you can Implement those things within your Resume and it will be directly related To this position you don't necessarily Need to have a lot in order to apply for Those positions for this position just Know how to work in what you already Done and the skills you already have and Make it relates into this position okay So this is basically what they're Looking for for the pay range Sean Represents the national average pay for This role so the average pay for this Type of role would fall between 15 to 23 Dollars per hour so that is the pay Range for this position with Harley Davidson I know you guys are going to Frown down on this but they do require That you have covid-19 vaccination this Is required so if this is a turn off for You perfectly fine but there are Companies that are mandated and are Required to enforce this okay so you Just gotta understand it from the Company's end as well and of course I Know it is a remote based position why Do I need to be vaccinated but my only Theory is that is to make it fair all Around that if they have you know people Who are working outside of the home in Office doing similar things that you're Doing and they have to be vaccinated Then maybe it's just fair that everybody

That works under that company Under the Umbrella of Harley-Davidson is Vaccinated that might require you to Come into an office that's close within Your area Harley-Davidson office within Your area for meetings or for Gatherings Or something you know so it's just Basically having an understanding from The company's perspective but let's jump Into the second position I want to share With you quickly and this is the highest Paying position out of the two and that Is the recovery representative position It is a remote-based job and it is Within the loss mitigation area Okay so Under General supervision the loss Mitigation representative is responsible For collection and or monitoring of Complex accounts relevant actions Insurance claims wrecked or stolen and Deceased estate claims that may require Deviation from routine processes and Procedures so the job responsibilities For this job include under general Direction utilizing the HD valued Behaviors collects either replifin Accounts Insurance claim accounts or Deceased accounts files with attorney And bonding service for the processing Of replen claims while continuing Collection efforts communicate with Vendors communicate with attorney uses Effective time management ensures that All steps are necessarily taken to

Protect the interests of Harley-Davidson Again protection of information and Compliance etc etc so for the Educational background they did not list Any educational requirements here it's Not available Experience typically requires two a Minimum of two years of related Experience previous experience with Customer credit replant actions Insurance claim experience as well as Customer service and collection Experience is required for this position Effective excellent oral and written Communication skills the ability to Negotiate displays an ability to reason Rationalize Etc etc strong teamwork skills PC Literates the preferred qualification Here is just one thing that they need Knowledge of loan Management systems for Financial services so that is preferred If you have that knowledge then you're a Preferred candidate okay now the pay Range for this particular position Ranges from twenty seven thousand Dollars per year to eighty one thousand Dollars per year so that is the pay Range now I notice on this particular Position they did not list that coveted Vaccination is required so that could be Up in the air maybe certain positions it Is required for certain jobs And other jobs maybe not or it doesn't

Matter so that is something you can Inquire about if they contact you with Interest in bringing you on board okay So that's basically it for this video I Wanted to share these two opportunities From Harley Davidson they do have Remote-based jobs available across the U.S in different states so if you're Interested in working for this company From the comfort of your home then check Out the links in the description section Below this video and thank you so much For watching I wish you all the best of Luck happy work from home bye

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