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Foreign [Music] S welcome back to another video so in Today's video I'm going to share another Work from home opportunity this is a hot Work from home job lead and I wanted to Share with you on today because jobs can Go pretty fast okay I had another Company that I was going to share with You but prior to this video but Unfortunately after I recorded you know The job lead and was getting ready to Upload it the position expires so these Jobs are going so fast but there's so Many different opportunities I do not Want you to get discouraged or lose hope And also keep in mind you know even if You come across a video that I posted And a job expired when you visit the job Listing that doesn't mean that all hope Is lost that job can become available Again so you definitely want to take Advantage of their sign up if they have A sign up page where you can get job Alerts then you can do that as well or Just keep tabs on a company for a Position that you may have missed out on Because again positions tend to open Back up again so I do my best to keep my Eyes open for any opportunities that are Available alright so let's jump into Today's work from home job lead quickly Before I jump into it I want to bring Your attention to my resume Pro template

Bundle it's the first link in the Description section below this video Again I get questions in my inbox in Regards to these templates just to give You guys a quick peek at what exactly You will get okay so this is one of the Resumes that is included in the bundle And it's just a sample resume you would Have your name at the top and your Contact information as well under your Your name and then of course your Objective which is your profile your Professional skills and your experience Meaning your work history my layouts are ATS friendly so that means that all the Important keywords and details that are Specifically located in job listings Under qualifications or skills you're Going to look for those keywords in a Job testing and if you have those skills Or related skills that you have done Within your past history of working then You list then you want to list those Skills right on your resume on a Professional skills your skills should Be showcased at least at the near top of Your resumes so that recruiters will Find it difficult to miss okay because That's what they're going to be looking For they're going to look for if you Meet all the qualifications in a job or You have all the skills that they listed So that's the first thing that they want To see and then of course your work

History to see if the past positions you House relates to again what they're Looking for okay so this is ATS friendly It's a basic straightforward layouts This is basically what you want nothing Too fancy this package also comes with a Cover letter Um layout for you as well along with a Thank you notes and a thank you note is Something you send if you haven't heard Back from a company like within a Certain time frame and you're curious to Know if they have hired someone already Or you just want to give them a little Judge so that they will remember you Then you want to send them a thank you Note a follow-up notes okay so that is Also included in my Pro resume bundle And this is just one of the design for The resume uh there's two different Designs okay so I just wanted to quickly Uh just show you guys just a sample of What you will get in that bundle all Right so let's jump into the remote Based position that we want to discuss On today's video so this company is Home Depot if you are in the US you are Familiar with Home Depot when it comes To your home needs right so so Home Depot do have some remote based Positions listed on their website I've Seen jobs listed on their website but it Always seem to be like location based so I was hesitant to share those remote

Based jobs with you but then as I Further investigated I noticed something About those specific locations that they Have listed in certain States I'm going To jump into that now if you go on Home Depot you can go to their job section Where it says Shop jobs and then you're Going to see where it says search jobs And you want to enter keywords and you Can also enter location but you don't Need to really enter anything in the Location section just enter remotes And you will see some positions Populates under that keyword so they Have a lot of project manager in product Manager positions as you can see as well As some Engineering in there okay so Those are the jobs that are directly Related to remote base but in this video I'm going to be sharing a specific job That I feel majority of you should be Able to do okay so we're going to jump Into that so these are the positions as You can see majority of them may State Atlanta Georgia Atlanta Georgia Atlanta Georgia Arizona Et cetera Etc now of course majority of You probably don't live in Atlanta Georgia if you do live in Atlanta Georgia great but for majority of my Audience that's not where you reside Right and of course you will see this And you will say oh there's no job Available in my state but if you click

On let's say their HDE senior customer Service rep position Okay all their jobs have this and you Scroll to where it says work location it Says remotes virtual and associate in a Remote virtual role typically is not Required to work from a designated Home Depot location to complete their job Duties so that basically means that you Don't necessarily have to be located in Atlanta Georgia to complete your duties Working remotely limited or infrequent In-office presence may be required so Your in-office visits will be limited if You're working remotely they also refer To this location as location Independence okay so again no matter Where you are in the US you can go ahead And still apply for this position to get A shot at this job when it comes to Their remote based work okay so Remote-based work they are open for you To work on location or if you don't live In a designated Home Depot location such As Atlanta Georgia you still will be Able to apply for the position all right So we're not necessarily going to be Looking at their customer service rep Position that is not the position that I Want to share with you the position that I wanted to share with you in this Particular video is their TCS service Services quality Associates of course They have other remote-based position as

You can see that you can check out as Well okay so we're just gonna for the Sake of the time of this video check out Their TCS service quality associate Position now to be sure that you are on The right job lead you're going to look For where it states up here TCS Services Quality Associates so this Banner will Drop down and it says apply firstly You're going to look at their Qualifications so we're going to click On the qualifications Tab and this is so That you can learn more about this Particular job okay so for this job you Will need to have a minimum Qualifications of being 18 years of age Or older you must be legally permitted To work in the U.S so this is a U.S Based position previous customer service Or retail sales experience is preferred But it's not a requirement minimum Education the knowledge skills and Abilities typically acquired through the Completion of high school diploma or GED So again you just need a high school Diploma or a GED They don't have a preferred educational Level so if you have a high school Diploma again you're good to go minimum Years of a work experience for this Position is only one year okay so just Need one year of working experience and Again it could be in customer service or Retail sales and then there are

Competencies section they have skilled At consistently providing outstanding Customer service capturing and recording Data demonstrated ability to complete Projects and assignments accurately Demonstrate ability to effectively Communicate with customers ability to Set priorities plan and coordinate work Activities okay so for this particular Position you may not be communicating With customers on a frequently frequent Basis like let's say if you're in a call Sensor environment you're constantly on A phone with customers but for this Particular position there will be Limited communication with customers Okay so just keep that in mind if you're Someone who's uh you know not so Comfortable with dealing with customers On a regular basis alright so we're Going to scroll back up and we're going To go to the job description section and This is where you'll find all the Information you need to know in regards To what you will be doing in this Particular job so the position purpose The quality assurance associate Works in A call center environment the Representative's role is to provide Quality professional customer service That consistently meets or exceeds Company standards of excellence in Customer expectations The position is directly responsible for

You will be listening monitoring Evaluating and scoring inbound and Outbound calls the position is also Responsible responsible for providing Specific detail and accurate feedback For coaching packets so the key Responsibilities include 80 Monitor and Capture data from customer telephone Transactions with Associates so you'll Be listening to phone calls and just Capturing data and it's 80 of the jobs So majority of your job will just be Listening to phone calls okay 20 is Create weekly reports weekly scorecard Preparation escalating areas of concern To management communicate the problems To managers so you will be directly Reporting to senior manager quality and Customer experience this position has no Direct reports travel requirements Typically requires overnight travel less Than 10 percent of the time so again Less than 10 percent of the time meaning That you more than likely won't be Required to travel but if for whatever Reason in whatever case they may need For you to travel to let's say have a Company meeting to communicate things Face to face then they may require you To meet up with them maybe in your Location Okay so I wouldn't worry too Much about that physical requirements That have listed here most of the time Has been spent sitting in a comfortable

Position now in terms of the benefits They have you can read through the Benefits that I have listed here they Have paid parental leave to bound to Bond with your new addition 401K savings Plan with company match Merit increases In performance bonuses on the spot Recognition and rewards for a job well Done you can read more about their Benefits by clicking where it says see More benefits now of course we're all Curious to know what exactly does this Particular position pays now the next Thing that you may have noticed is not Mentioned on this job post is their Salary they do a great job of keeping it Classified so we just got to do some Digging and of course we're going to go To Google now keep in mind when you Google a salary for companies such as Home Depot you're just going to get the Average salary it may not be 100 Accurate because it can depend on your Qualifications your experience level so Sometimes your location plays a factor On your salary so you're just going to Get as close as possible to give you Guys an idea but again that does not Mean that that's going to be the exact Salary for you okay so just keep that in Mind so once I Googled Home Depot Quality assurance remote associate job Salary I pulled up on Glassdoor that They have them at 120k it's 190k per

Year okay and this is particularly for Their Home Depot quality assurance job In general then they have listed here Sixty four thousand dollars per year for Again their quality assurance specialist Position Now they're paying so as you can see it Fluctuates depending on where you're Looking Glassdoor have them at the Highest pay and then other sites may Have them a little bit lower than glass Doors so Glassdoor is more trusted Because that's where employees tend to Go to post about a job with a company Company and they will reveal how much They got paid for their how much they Were paid in a position just starting Out with entry-level jobs as an Associate you may not get the maximum 120k per year or you may get close to 60k per year you know so again Um it's kind of tricky when it comes to To giving the exact amount of salary When a job listing does not reveal it There's a site called comparably uh Comparably have them at seventy nine Thousand dollars for their q a salary in General so the average Home Depot q a Earns an estimated 79 000 annually which Includes estimated base salary of Seventy two thousand dollars so again This position I wouldn't put it that High because it's an associate position And it doesn't require you to have a lot

Of experience so it's kind of like an Entry level position so I am not sure I'm going to be honest with you the Exact pay for this position or Google Employees have put their salary for Related positions such as this it could Be around 60k per year okay so that's Possibly where it's at it's not 100 okay And this is all again based on Experience level Um your location all of those things are Factored into your pay now it does make Me nervous when companies don't reveal Their pay in a job listing but sometimes They may ask you how much are you Looking to get paid for this position And it's good to do do this research so That you don't go too high or too low Okay so good to do research on the Salary amount for positions to give you An idea of how much you can expect to Get paid on average alright so that's Basically it with the Home Depot they Are currently hiring they have multiple Remote based positions as you see and Home Depot will not restrict You by Location if you are looking to work Remotely so hopefully this was helpful For you if so make sure you check out Out make sure you click on the link in The description section to learn more About this opportunity and to get Started in your application process at The time of this video this position was

Available so if it changes that's just Normal and natural you would have to Sign up with Home Depot in order to Continue applying for positions well That's it for this video thank you so Much for watching I'll see you in my Next video Happy work from home bye

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