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Welcome back my friends today we have a Data entry non-phone work from home job Lead this is in the healthcare field but Real quickly before we get into all the Juicy details if you're new here my name Is Lindsay I'm always searching the Internet looking for the best work from Home jobs available and I bring them to You and share them on a daily basis Sometimes multiple times a day so make Sure you're subscribed have those Notifications turned on as always the Links to everything I share are always In the YouTube description box below so You can get those applications in Today's job lead is from the company WPS Health Solutions now there are Non-profit Health insurer based out of Wisconsin they have been around for 75 Years very proud to be a military and Veteran ready insurance company and they Are looking for a data entry specialist To work remote now on this sidebar where It says Madison Wisconsin sudden if you Hit 21 more they have a list of states That they currently are hiring and also One thing to note real quickly they will Mention under qualifications must live In the vicinity of Madison Wisconsin Campus location but that is not true if You come on down they say this role is Open to remote in the following states And they do list the states those are Arizona Colorado Connecticut Florida

Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska New Jersey North Carolina North Dakota Ohio South Carolina South Dakota Texas Virginia and Wisconsin so if you're in one of those States and are interested they are Basically looking for someone to review Documents that have missing or incorrect Information and confirm that those Corrections are accurate You know edit fields that are missing or Incorrect with the correct information Now they don't require a college degree They're looking for someone who is a High school diploma someone who knows How to use a computer and someone who's A US citizen that lives in one of those States you also have to be good at Working independently working from home And have strong typing skills now if you Fit those qualifications they have three Different positions open for data entry So they are hiring multiple people for This role the anticipated start date is January 30th so they will be getting Through interviews and all pretty Quickly because they want you to start In the next 30 days the starting rate of Pay is anywhere from 15 an hour to 17 an Hour and of course after nine months of Being in the role you have the Opportunity for higher pay now they also Pay for training training is also done Remotely virtually from home you need to

Be available Monday through Friday 7 30 A.m to 4 o'clock P.M for four weeks for Training and then after that you'll be Able to pick an eight hour shift Anywhere from 6 a.m to 11 30 p.m or you Can choose a split shift during these Hours so you actually get to set your Own hours after the training all right If you've made it to the end of this Video I want to say thank you so so much For watching and supporting me and I'll Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you Two videos will be popping up on your Screen one I picked for you and the Other YouTube picked for you that you Might enjoy next Please Subscribe and Hit the Bell icon so you never miss Another work from home or money making Video from me and thank you so so much For watching and I'll catch you in the Next one

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