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Foreign [Music] S welcome back to another video in Today's video we're going to talk about Another opportunity this opportunity is Very similar to the last position that I Posted on this channel from Home Depot Unfortunately that job expires just as I Stated in the video so in all my videos I just want to let you guys be aware That jobs will expire so if you come Across a Job Link that is no longer Available that's basically what it's Stating okay meaning that the position Was closed so what you can do about that Is just you know sign up for Notifications subscribe to this channel So hit that notification Bell uh you can Also sign up to the company that you're Interested in working for and you can Get notified for when a position becomes Available once again okay so those are The steps you can take to hopefully you Know catch those jobs that you desire to Apply to okay and of course you know I'm Always going to be sharing remote these Positions on my channel this is Basically what I do on a regular basis So on today's video we're going to talk About a company called Chief and as you Can see on your screen they're all about Women empowerments women have always Been powerful right we are definitely Powerful Chief is the only private

Membership Network focused on connecting And supporting women executive leaders So they're all about you know networking With powerful women in high positions With Fortune 500 companies as you can See on their website so Chief drives Women to the top and keeps them there Connects to a network of leading women Build a personal Board of advisors Unlock access to prominent business Experts and programming grow as a leader Now if you are male watching this video You might be saying is this only for Women well of course not okay the job Position I'm going to share with you is Available to anyone anyone can apply for This job now as I stress in my videos It's very important that you learn about A company that you're applying to Understand our goal and as well as their Mission because you're going to be Working for a company possibly one it Helps you to tailor your resume as well As your cover letter make sure you check Out my resume templates in the Description section below this video as Well as my resume revamping services That information is in the description Section below this video I work on People's resumes I've been doing it for The last three years now so let's jump Into the actual work from home position That has been offered by this particular Company so they are offering their

Member experience quality assurance Analyst position this job is currently Available at the time of this video but That can change at any time they are Looking for people to work in the US This is a U.S eligible position they Have location-based positions if you are Located in New York Miami San Francisco You can work on location in those area But if you're not in those locations Then they also State here that this Position is remote eligible and U.S Based so for this role the member Experience team supports both Chief Members and guys as they navigate all Chief Services the quality assurance Analysts are responsible for ensuring That all Communications with members and Guides follow their best practices they Are constantly working to set a new Standard of high quality service across All channels email phone as well as SMS And this role will have direct line of Sight into how you show up for their Members and guide and direct Responsibility for monitoring and Identifying Trends so what will you be Doing in this position you you will Review evaluate and score member and Guide emails calls and texts against Established quality assurance standards Participate in ongoing design and Development of quality assurance Scorecards determine gaps in individual

Performance develop training content to Drive a cultural of continuous Performance improvements so these are All the functions that are included in Being a quality assurance analyst you Basically monitoring calls and emails And texts and you're just creating Reports and also coming up with ways to Better those calls emails and tax Communication okay so what you've done And enjoyed doing so these are the key Skills and experience that they're Looking for proving experience working In a customer success account management Or similar customer focused or adjacent Roles so if you have worked in anything That relates to custom summer Focus then You should be good to go even if it's in Customer service experience owning kpis Which represents key performance Indicators and an adherence to detail Processes now what exactly is kpi I looked it up in Google it basically is A performance indicator or key Performance indicator which is a type of Performance measurements kpis evaluate The success of an organization or of a Particular activity in which it engages Which makes sense for this particular Role as a quality assurance analyst so If you are familiar with kpi great if You have experience working kpis then Even better so that's all they're Looking for they're not looking for you

To have an advanced degree for this Position they're not looking for you to Have 10 years of experience to apply for This position they don't even mention The years of experience that you need so You can have one year of experience and Qualify for this position okay the rest Of what they're looking for is just Detail oriented with excellent written Verbal and interpersonal communication Skills creative problem solving Proactive self-starter passion for the Company's Mission now these are benefits That you'll get for working for this Company why you'll want to work here They offer competitive salary and Equity Flexible vacation policy 20 weeks of Paid gender neutral parental leave full Medical dental and vision packages Opportunity to work for startup Wellness Work from home and learning stipends Available So while they are committed to remaining Compliant and adhering to mandates paid Transparency is more than a Consideration of what's lawful and Unlawful but rather an opportunity to Disclose what's required and what they Think is fair and Equitable compensation Framework so Chief will hire develop and Retain the best talents they're all About being transparent about their Salary which is awesome not a lot of Company are transparent so you have to

Go digging and Googling and trying to Come up with the average salary to get An idea of what to expect in a position Especially when they don't list a salary Right so that's basically what I tend to Do for jobs that don't list salaries I Just simply try to Google that company And a position to get an average of what It could possibly be of course pay is Depending on your experience level The amount of years of experience you Have your skill level educational level Sometimes or even your location those Can play a factor so not every candidate Is going to get paid the same amount of Salary they believe in paid transparency And they are transparent about this role Which is 75 000 per year that's their Base salary now I had you know a few People commenting under my last video That I shared a similar role with a Company called Home Depot and some of You were just like questioning the pay Salary for what I had quoted on that Video and stating that there's no way Entry level position in this field will Pay that much money no way well Here you are there are companies that Will pay you fairly well even for entry Level positions that doesn't require you To have 10 years of experience they do Exist okay and that's what I'm here for And to make you aware of what is out There and what is available to you no

Matter where you are in your experience Level or skill level all right so this Company pays 75 000 per year and it's Clearly shown on a job listing so that's What we're going to go with all right so That's basically it for this video I Just wanted to share this opportunity With you at the time of this video they Are currently accepting applications if You have a LinkedIn account you can Apply with LinkedIn if you want to use My resume templates to apply for this Position you can go ahead and do it this Is one example of what my template will Look like you will get a resume that you Can fill out and you just follow the Instructions that's written on this Resume and what to put in each section And it also comes with cover letter as Well as thank you notes I also have another resume Design This Is not the only one it's two resume Designs that you get in that pro package If you check it out it's the first link In the description section below this Video if you are not comfortable with The templates and you still would like To have your resume done professionally Then you can hit me up in my email Melissiathome gmail.com all that Information is in the description Section below this video okay so that's Basically it thank you so much for Watching and I wish you all the best of

Luck happy work from home bye

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