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Happy Wednesday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job where Actually you can start working today so Make sure you're watching the videos Because I am going to also do a resume Demo so let's go ahead and dive right Into the job now we are talking about um This company here digital transcription System they're currently hiring Experienced medical transcription speech Language editors to work remotely this Is fully remote okay these type of jobs They will hire you Um actually today because in the past When I was um applying for medical Transcription they hire me that same day Things like can you start the next day And I was like I want to start next week So this is a one of the jobs of many That you can start working today so when We go in there they do want you to have A minimum of three years of Transcriptions or speech editing Experience to be eligible for hire now They do have entry level positions where If you don't have experience some of Them are willing to train you but this Is really for if you have that Experience Um that they will ask see how you They're seeking a meeting opens for Full-time and part-time remote medical Transcriptions language Specialists and To give you information when we go down

A little bit further DTS currently has a meeting open for an Experienced medical language specialist In the following eras acute care opening For medical language Specialists Transitional typing candidates should Have a minimum of three years of proven Experience and be available for the Following shifts okay this is the Platform that they are using meta Tech Traditional type and so you can go and Google that and you can get more Information about that now these are the Full-time shift openings Tuesday through Saturday 7 A.M to 3 o'clock P.M Central Standard Time Um again it talks about the Q platform And then also current part-time if You're interested in part-time shifts Um it is Wednesday Friday and Saturday 7 A.M to 3 P.M Central Standard time so They are hiring right now are hiring Immediately so please apply to Dave Interests interviews are being scheduled Immediately until the position is filled So they are reaching out to me and said That you can actually start today once The paperwork is processed and Everything you can do that at and then It talks about the computer Specification so every work from home Job will tell you what type of computer You need what type of equipment you need In order to get started so make sure you

Go ahead and check that out again According to Glassdoor you can make Anywhere between twenty to forty dollars An hour doing as an experienced medical Transcription so that is a good pay for Someone so if you're interested in Applying All you need to do is Click right here Where it says apply now I want to leave Some encouragement words with you before I go to the resume demo it's just to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You I know that it takes some people a Little bit longer to find a work from Home job because that's what happened to Me it took me about a year and a half to Find me a work from home job but once Your resume is tailored to the job that You're applying for then you're gonna Start getting invites to an interview a Lot of people don't get a job offers Because of their resume that is the Biggest thing so that's why I am start You know showing you in 2023 and all my Videos how to get your resume tailored To each job so making sure you're Looking at it but don't give up too many Of y'all are right at the finish line And you just want to throw in the towel Because you listen to what nay says what People are saying that you're not good For the job you're not a fit you don't Dress the part and a lot of people

Listen to that instead of listening to What God has for them to do you know That gets you in trouble you got this You got to keep pushing keep praying Keep applying there is a job out there Being made for you but it starts with You you have to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today Today and grab what is yours by applying For these jobs there is a lot of work From home jobs that are available right Now different companies are hiring a lot Of companies will train you because I List them on this platform so go out There today don't be scared there is a Job out there being made for you and Also what I wanted to do Is I want to talk about I I'm just not I'm not going to go over this um book Because I've already did a video on Bookboat where I go in the details and The information it's in the YouTube Description bar I talked about multiple Strains of M you're supposed to have Eight multiple strains of income you Need to prepare and plan you never know What can go down on a job a lot of People go homeless it's because they They don't prepare and plant plan Bookboat is a great platform if you do Your research people make it anywhere Between a thousand ten thousand a month Creating low content books like journals

Law books Diaries coloring books Coloring pages all done in Book boat so Go ahead and check it out as soon as you Sign up today you can go ahead and Create low content books and upload them To Amazon kdb there is a video where I Go into details show you how easy it is To make a journal so go ahead and check That out today okay now also I want to Leave this to with you is that you can Practice your audio transcription Practice it's free all you have to do is Click on one of these and you can Practice your transcriptions for free Since we are talking about medical Transcriptions if I click on editing Test one It talks and then you go in and you fill This out and it grates you for Um what you did so that's it's one thing That you need to go ahead and do okay Now we're going to go into the resume Right This is a simple resume what you need to Have is your first Last name or first a middle name your Phone number susiejones or Susie doe Jones Now I'm going to be going back and forth To the job post or the job wreck so you Can understand you want to have you want To take this right here word for word And implement it into your resume that's Very important then you want to come up

With a resume summary it should be short Brief and straight to the point so I Came up with exceptional reliable and Pain taking medical transcription editor With extraordinary attention to details Able to handle extreme High work volume With sustained Focus good interpersonal And communication skills and working With Physicians nursing all other Medical staff okay Now I took some of the keywords from the Job post and Implement those into my Resume so Um in my resume summary some of the Keywords are attention to details let me Put that back Um also good interpersonal skills Communication skills Reliable those are keywords that you Need to implement into your resume as Well as your resume summary and some Often to Um your experience as well now if you Google if you Google Um what are the soft skills I can show You right now if I Google this if I go In and say what Hold on what are this the soft skills Skills for experienced Medical Transcriptionists This is what's going to pull up here Computer skills listening skills time Management skills those are the skills That you need to put

In your job uh in your skills as well as Your resume summer you need to add those In there computer skills different Things active listening typing skills Communication transcription skills Multitask editing these are the skills That you need to implement into your Resume summary so go back to this here Your key components is the same as Skills so when I go into my the job Wreck You go down here it really doesn't give You that much Um keywords off in here so you're going To have to Google like I did to come up With a lot of information uh what you Want to do is you want to also put Medical language specialists in there Some kind of way into your work Experience or skills as well Um when you go down here QA editors Um that can go off into your resume as Well as Um You know management teams different Things like that that you can put in Your resume but when I did my research Just like I did showed you a few minutes Ago how I Googled that I came up with Some of the keywords strong attention to Details excellent organization skills Motivated self-starter interpersonal Skills active listening Um listening skills is the same thing

Problem solving skills daily entry Skills computer skills typing skills Editing teamwork time management skills Ability multitask grammar skills and Medical terminology okay Those are the skills that I came up with And when you when your resume is trying To make it through the African tracking System all hiring manager can do is go In and just type in one word like Medical terminology and if you have that In your resume your resume is going to Pull up and it's going to be in the Power a call back so you want to make Sure you have all of that into your Resume now the next one is the Professional experience you want to make For sure that it's in complete sentences And have bullets bullet points and then You always highlight the company's name Your title when you start and how long You're there to present or November 2018 To September 2020. now I do have a Sample resume I got this information on Indeed I love indeed they do have resume Samples that you can kind of look at to Kind of make sure your resume is Um on you know aligned with that now I'm Pretending like I am this is my medical Billing specialist resume and I am Applying for this digital transcript System so what you have to do is go into Your work experience on your current job Or past job

You got to ask yourself what did I do on This job that is similar to what the job Title the job post so if I'm a medical Billing specialist responsible for Managed billing and claims department at Private medical practice identify Medical code procedures or free errors In the mission making Necessary Adjustment to patients accounts Um all of these goes hand in hand with Transcription so basically you want to Look at these bullet points and kind of Rearrange them in order to match the job Because applicant tracker system reads From top to bottom you just go through The next job and you do the same thing You ask yourself what did you do on this Job that is similar to the job post and You just re-arrange your bullet points In order to you know for the African Tracking system catch those so you can Increase your chance to get a invite Back into The company give you a chance to come in For an interview and they have their Skills last I believe that on a resume It should be the summary it should be The skills it should be the experience Years in an education is next that's What I feel that has worked I reached Out to hire manager and they told me That's the way that they like the resume To be and exactly what I'm telling you If you take these twos you shouldn't

Have any problem get your resume passing African tracking system and getting a Call in for an invite again your resume Just need to be simple straight to the Point And I'm not telling you to lie on your Resume if you don't have experience I Would do it because a lot of times they Will give you a test and if you don't Pass it they're going to automatic know That you lied on your resume so be Truthful if it's something that you've Done it's fine if you haven't done Medical billing or Um transcriptions before just be honest They do have entry-level transcriptions Positions available that you can start Um working as soon as today so those Type of jobs move really fast because a Lot of people want to get into that Field here so hopefully this video has Been helpful um again I want to get see More and more people in 2023 are getting Job offers so I'm doing I'm doing my Part but you got to do your part two is To listen to what I've said and Implement this into your own resume Um so you can get closer to Landing a Remote job consider subscribing to the Channel again this channel is all about Another phone working home job needs to Go out every single day that's Mondays Through Friday I'm sorry Mondays through Sunday at 7 A.M Central Standard Time if

You would like to become a member of the YouTube channel I would love to have you There is a link that you can click on And it's a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That have supported the channel I really Appreciate you so much as well as make Sure you share this Channel with Everyone that could benefit a nonfall Work at home job lead now I'm going to Tell you again you'll hear this from me Because a lot of people don't get this Is to keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there with Your name on it but it starts with you You gotta believe you has to bleed if You don't believe nobody else will so go Out there and grab what insurance by Applying for these jobs stop worrying About the name says people gonna talk Let them talk at the end of the day they Don't pay your bills get out there and Do what you think is best for yourself And I believe in multiple strains of Income I believe in eight and you should Have those to plan and prepare because You never know what can happen on these Jobs okay so thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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