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Hey welcome my name is Shea from Dreamhomebasework.com make sure you hit That subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel Are you looking for a remote job that You can do from anywhere in the world I've found a company that is currently Hiring you can work from anywhere they Will also offer you a free paid laptop That you can use for company purposes Then you will want to keep watching to Learn more Hey welcome back everyone today I would Like to share a worldwide opportunity With you guys from a company called Product hunt this website is a place for Those that love to share and is is Geeked out about the latest mobile apps Websites Hardware projects and Tech Creations now this company right now They are looking to hire a community Support manager to work remotely from Home it doesn't matter your location They are hiring worldwide because they Have a lot of people that they are Dealing with around the globe in many Different countries this is a full-time Role where you can earn anywhere from Forty five thousand to fifty five Thousand dollars per year their mission Is to deliver an amazing experience to All of their users and to build a

World-class team now they have been Around since 2014 and they are on a Mission to surface great products every Single day and support makers that are Building the future Now product Hunt is Fully distributed team across seven time Zones this is a full-time role like I Mentioned before that is available to Remote candidates from anywhere in the World you will need to be able to work From 5 a.m to 2 p.m Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday This is initially a full-time permanent Position for anyone interested in Pursuing a career in Tech with a passion For startups a keen eye for detail and Always happy to help others that are on The team with a smile Now as far as your responsibilities for This role you would need to be able to Manage their website you know kind of Moderate what is going on you want to Make sure that you don't see any typos On their websites Um you need to make sure the product Thumbnails are clear and much more you Will need to provide customer support With a smile Engage with the community as well as you Know help the Team with other projects that they are Helping on just things that can help Them improve their website In regards to skills for this position

You will need to show the empathy when Interacting with the product hunt Community also you would need to show Attention to detail how strong written And verbal communication skills and also The ability to work with minimum Supervision now as far as how they work Every person adds culture to their team So they look for people that are curious Authentic you know bold you know someone That is going to show that they are you Know feel that they are empowered to Take risk empathetic and also those that Are serious about their work which means You know you're not always having fun Now as far as benefits and perks you Will get a competitive salary full Health insurance coverage paid time off Also a company paid laptop work from Home setup and a monthly internet Account that you can be able to use you Will also be able to have a fluid work Schedule and you'll be able to live Anywhere in the world now the salary Will depend on your location and the Cost of living and experience so it is In this range of 45 000 K to 55 000 per year I wanted to go Over to glassdoor.com just to check out The salary for this company to see if They have you know an updated salary for The community support manager position And they are pretty confident about the Fifty six thousand dollars per year that

Is reported on this website this salary Is reported from people that have worked For the company and it was last updated July 23rd of 2021 so please keep that in Mind you know it was updated last year So the salary could be a little bit more It could be a little bit less but you Know this is the Estimated salary that they are reporting For this position I also want to take a Look at the reviews for this company you Know it is always good to check this Website when it is a newer company That you have not seen a lot online so This company right now they only have a Few reviews they have a hundred percent Five-star rating one person says they Love this company great team lots of Different personalities and cultures 100 Remote team flexible work hours Unlimited paid time off so this person Is loving it also this employee says Great place to work capable clear Management great remote team and they Don't have any cons for this company at This time so that is always great to see When you are looking to apply you're Just figuring out if you should make the Decision to apply for a company or not I Hope this job lead was able to help many Of you guys that are in different parts Of the world this is a solid work from Home opportunity that you can share with Your family and friends and I do suggest

You go ahead and apply today until next Time guys take care again or online make Sure you pick up my guy 20 beginner Friendly ways to make money online with 150 companies I made sure that I did all The research for you guys I researched Over 150 companies that you guys can be Able to sign up with apply with also You'll be able to learn different ways To avoid scams how to identify if a Company is legitimate or not you know Different sites that you can be able to Check you'll find a lot of good nuggets In this video whether you are a teen Stay-at-home mom you are retired and you Just wanting to transition to working From home so make sure you pick up that Guide I'll leave my link in the Description box below I appreciate you Guys for watching take care guys Foreign If you are looking for an online chat Job that you can do completely from home That does not involve you talking on the Phone with customers or clients you will Only communicate with them through chat Or email and earn 800 around that amount Per week then you would want to keep Watching to learn more about the work at Home job that I want to share with you Today Thank you

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