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[Music] Hi everybody welcome back you already Know why I'm here I'm back bringing you Guys another job today and today I'm Coming to you guys with a very high Paying job so of course you're gonna Need some experience I try to bring jobs For everyone on the channel those that Have experience those that don't have Experience so we're gonna go ahead and Get into the details and this job right Here is going to be with the company Growth therapy okay they do have a few Other remote jobs you can definitely Check those out but we're going to be Talking about the Health Care Council Job okay and just to let you guys know This job has a pay between 150k and 190k A year okay so that's some good money Right there all right so let's get into The details of this job right here we're Going to be establishing the compliance Targets that the company must meet and Monitor its performance against these Targets you're going to provide solution Oriented legal advice to teams including Product Insurance operations sales and Marketing from the initial stages of the Product development through the launch And you're going to be reviewing key Legal agreements such as employment Contractor contracts provider and Partnership agreements and vendor Contracts and you're going to own the

Policies and procedures for capturing Storing assessing and transciting Sensitive data you've got a quarterback Relationships with outside counsel Across key episodic legal work streams State-by-state practice laws compliance Program build outs potential litigation Responses to subpoenas for records and You're going to oversee the grievance Process for complaints making sure that The company meets required timelines for Resolving issues so of course you're Going to have to have experience for This job they'd like for you to have a JD from a U.S law school and be a member Of a U.S state bar in good standing with The ability to register as in-house Counsel in NY in Florida you need to Have at least four years of experience In health law or compliance working at a Law firm or digital Health Care Services Organization you need to be deeply Knowledgeable on privacy laws payer Requirements and Health Care regulation You need to excel at project management And written communication and Thrive and Fast-paced environments and provide Practical advice by weighing legal risk Against the business needs and realities You don't have to meet every single Requirement but if you're still Interested in the job you should apply So they have benefits as well with this Job flexible working hours and location

A wellness stipend also team meditation And this job has a quick application as Well so of course if you guys are Interested definitely check out this job In the description bar you already know I wish you the best of luck thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys In my next video

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