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Hey welcome my name is Shea from Dreamhomebasework.com make sure you hit That subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel hey everyone I am glad to be Back with another hot work from home job Alert today I would like to share a data Entry position that does not require a Phone it's typing only you will not need Any prior data entry experience as well As no degree this is a full-time Opportunity that pays around 640 dollars Per week so I would like to share more Details about the job keep watching to Learn more The company that I would like to feature Today is people share now this company Works with hiring managers as well as Job Seekers they are like a staffing Agency that provides temporary to Permanent positions Um contract positions and much more now I am sitting on their official website So I do urge you to scroll through their Website to learn more about the company You can explore the tabs on the top the About us tab resources to learn more About the background of the company now To get to the careers you will click the Careers at people share at the top and The position that I would like to Feature in this video is the remote data Entry transcription position this is a

Hundred percent work from home remote Job that is full-time where you would be Um you know paid 16 15 to 16 dollars per Hour now let's take a look get some of The responsibilities for this position You will transcribe calls as well as Satisfaction survey responses medical Conditions prescription drug names and Member information you will also Transcribe recorded audio from phone Based interaction so basically you're Just listening to something that is Recorded and you are typing out what you Hear you will also escalate or transfer Calls as needed now as far as skills That are needed for this role you don't Need any prior data entry experience but You need to be at least able to type 50 Words per minute accurately you must be Able to work independently with minimal Supervision as well as be proficient With Microsoft Word Excel Outlook and The Internet Explorer and also bilingual Is a plus for you to get hired for this Role if this data entry job sounds like An ideal job for you I will leave a Direct link for you to apply right away You know a lot of these data entry Non-phone jobs they go really quickly so If you are interested it is best to Apply right away they have a phone Number listed on this job description For you to text that number if you are Interested in applying so I do urge you

To use that number right there and text Jobs the words jobs to that number in Order to apply for this role Real quick I want to go over to Glassdoor.com to see what other people That have worked for the company is Saying about the company this is a great Resource site to bookmark if you want to Learn more about a company the pros the Cons the reviews they have a 4.4 rating 89 of the people that have worked for This company recommend to a friend this Company has over 1 000 reviews but we Are just going to read a few of the ones That are highlighted on this website the Pay is good the entire staff is great They have they are nice people and they Find you pretty decent jobs I have had Great communication and I get a good Response in timely manner Good training as well now as far as the Con there are 41 reviews about it being No benefits there at people's share Which is to be expected when you're Going through a staffing agency also Management was never there and barely Worked there are only 13 reviews Horrible work-life balance the owner Management managers and corporate don't Care about employees there were only Seven reviews out of a thousand and then You know what happened if you have a Lousy branch manager so you know I think 4.4 is a pretty good overall rating

Especially for it to be over 1 000 Reviews it looks like the majority enjoy Finding remote jobs and different types Of jobs through people share you know Glassdoora.com is also a great resource If you want to look up a salary for the Company you know for a different for a Certain position because people actually Report their salary on this website as Well so make sure that you you know when You do come across a new work at home Company that you reference sites like Glassdoor.com as well as indeed.com to Learn to see if they have more Information about the company if you are Looking for more Money online with 150 companies I made Sure that I did all the research for you Guys I researched over 150 companies That you guys can be able to sign up With apply with also you'll be able to Learn different ways to avoid scams how To identify if a company is legitimate Or not you know different sites that you Can be able to check you'll find a lot Of good nuggets in this video whether You are a teen stay-at-home mom you are Retired and you just wanted to Transition to working from home so make Sure you pick up that guide I'll leave My link in the description box below I Appreciate you guys for watching take Care guys if you are looking for more Jobs just like this make sure you stop

By my official website Dreamhomebasework.com and sign up for Free work from home job alerts you can Sign up with your first name email Address and then hit that subscribe Um also you may get like a push Notification that um requests for you to Approve you know getting notifications By phone or by you know right on your Tablet or your laptop as soon as I post New content and new jobs so that is Something that you can always opt into Also on the top here you will have my Beginners guide you know our job board Also I work from home directory you can Also subscribe and you can access Um right directly to my YouTube channel From the website so I do urge you to Visit us online at dreamhomebasework.com Hey guys are you looking for a way to Make money from home part-time that Doesn't require a phone no degree no Experience and will allow you to work Flexible hours then you want to keep Watching to learn more about this work From home opportunity that pays 12 to 14 Dollars per hour just grading papers so Keep watching to learn more Thank you If you

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