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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And I'm back once again with another Work from home job leads video so in This video I will be sharing two remote Based positions from two separate Separate companies and they both offer Similar jobs okay so we're going to get Into the details and if you're Interested in any of these remote-based Positions in this video today then make Sure you check out my resume templates In the description section below this Video it will definitely help you to Construct an appealing resume for Applying for Mo based jobs okay and if You have any questions in regards to the Templates or have any issues feel free To shoot me an email at melissia at home also my website is currently Going undergoing some construction some Upgrades right now it is still Functioning and working but in the Coming weeks it will be going under some Construction okay so just a heads up Alrighty so let's jump into the details Of these amazing job leads I'm so Excited to share with you today so the First job lead is coming from a company Called instacarts and of course I'm sure You are familiar with instacart you Either you know someone or you yourself Use instacart to deliver groceries or to

Order groceries without leaving your Home to go to the grocery store I have This app on my phone and it's so Convenient and I love to use it okay Because there are times when I just Don't want to go to the grocery store Especially during times like this when It's super busy gets really busy so I Love to order things on my instacart now They currently have a position available You're looking at it right now in the Video This is for their trust and safety Specialist for their fraud departments It is a contract based position what Exactly does this contract position Requires so instacart's trust and safety Team takes data-driven customer first Approaches to ensure they are complying Science with all locals States and Federal regulations regarding grocery Fulfillments in this role you will be Responsible for executing on processes Critical to ensuring the instacart Platform remains secure safe and stable For all users so this role will include A blend of areas from reviewing Transactions in real time to prevent Fraud identifying fraudulent activities Patterns account takeovers and handling Internal exclamations to provide Services through instacart platform and Much more There's a certain amount of time that They will need you in this position so

It states here this is a six-month Contracted position at instacart with Expectations to work 40 hours a week Okay this is non-exempt position they do Pay by the hour and it is eligible for Additional hours as necessary so 40 Hours a week and if you like to add Additional hours to your 40 hours then You may be eligible to do so you will be Scheduled to work one or two weekend Days which your manager will assign to Your schedule based on your availability All right so that's the gist of the Position in regards to the time they Need you to work which is six months and 40 hours so and it is a 40 hours a week Position not about the job for this job You will be identifying fraud patterns And conduct investigations to deter Fraudulent suspicious activities Maintain acute of inbound Shopper and Customer appeals with time management And prioritization skills recognize and Present opportunities to improve and Drive tasks to full resolution complete Live historical data reviews with Detail-oriented approach execute on Repetitive operational tasks while Maintaining maintaining attention to Detail and having an eye for process Improvements you'll be identifying fraud Patterns conducting investigations Maintaining a queue of inbound Shopper And customer appeals you will need to

Have one to two years of professional Experience ideally in a fast-paced Setting in fraud data processing or Support related fields or strong Academic record okay so if you have Either one of those then that's Basically what they're looking for if You want one to two years of Professional experience then they say Ideally in fast-paced setting either in Fraud data processing or support related Fields Or strong academic record strong verbal And written communication skills Positive attitude understanding of the Gig economy and of course there are some Data entry involved in this particular Position so you would have to be Proficient in Excel Google Sheets basic Understanding of SQL is a plus and of Course be available to work weekends or Holidays availability that you're Flexible to work weekends as well as on The holiday seasons okay so that's Basically the job in a nutshell if you Are interested you can apply with your LinkedIn or you just you know answer Your information manually your name Email address upload your resume as well As your cover letter how did you hear About this job you can say melissia at Home give your girl a shout out to Instacart so let them know you know I Sent you guys to their job beads so you

Can you know feel free to answer my name Melissa at home where it states how did You hear about this job okay so that's Basically from instacarts they are Currently hiring for their trusted Safety specialist contract position in Their fraud departments now how much do This particular job pays based on my Google research independent Google Research I was able to pull up the Average salary and it's estimated that a Trust and safety specialist at instacart Can earn expect to earn 33 dollars per Hour okay so so that is the average and They do state that the estimated base Pay could be around 27 per hour So between 27 to 33 dollars per hour you Can expect to get paid for this Particular position of course you know It all depends again on your experience Level all right and if you meet all the Preferred qualifications then you get The highest paid So let's jump to the next company that Is currently hiring for similar role This is from Jack Henry and who is Jack Henry you can always feel free to browse Their website to learn more about this Company but basically Jack Henry and It's usually go by Jack Henry associates They provide Technology Solutions and Payment processing Services Um primarily for financial services Organizations in the US

So that's basically what they do in a Nutshell and you can always feel free to Browse their website on their home page To learn more about their their company So they are currently looking for remote Fraud support call center representative Okay and this position is a full-time Position They are the locations they have listed Here you can go through the location but They also have remotes okay in their Locations so I'm gonna assume that this Is available remotely everywhere in the US and not just in specific States all Right but if you live in those States Then you may be able to work in their Office now in the description and Requirements section they give you a Little bit of information in regards to What they do which I just mentioned to You who they are and what exactly they Do and their fraud Center is an inbound Call center that works remotely in a 24 7 365 environments okay year round in this Position you will provide high quality Customer service in a fast-paced Environment assisting callers really Related to fraud issues on their debits Credits and ATM cards this can include Lost or stolen card reports and card Holder assistance so the starting pay For this job which is just the starting Pay position is at least 15 dollars per

Hour and could be more based upon your Geographical location shift Differentials so if you are within 30 Miles of the these locations that they Listed here in Missouri Um Kentucky offices this position will Be based in office so that's why they Listed the different areas but they also Listed that it is remotes so if you are Located elsewhere throughout the US it States here that this will be a remotes Opportunity so yes they are hiring Hearing everywhere in the U.S okay one Can assume that's the case now what You'll be responsible for you'll answer Inbound phone calls for fraudulent or Suspicious debit credits and ATM card Transactions assisting card holders and Financial institutions with lost or Stolen debit credit and ATM card reports Attending training sessions to stay Updated on products or company policy Changes make perform you may also Perform other duties as assigned okay so The all right now these are the Requirements that you need in order to Apply for this job a minimum of one year Of customer service experience must have The ability to communicate clearly and Understandably must be able to work a Set a size schedule in a 24 7 365 call Center that will include nights weekends And holidays training will be the first Four weeks and be Monday through Friday

Scheduling during standard business Hours is training paid it does not Indicate this on the job listing must Have reliable high-speed internet okay And you must have a quite confidential Workspace to be able to secure a backup Quite confidential workspace in events Of a power outage or internet outage at Your primary residence now usually when A job don't mention you know that you Need to have a computer that would Either mean that they're going to Provide you with one so that is a Possibility with this company so keep That in mind what would be nice for you To have experience with payments and Card processing strong data entry Background these are just nice things to Have so if you have these definitely Mention it okay in your resume all right So that's basically what they're looking For you can read these additional Information they have here and if you Are ready to apply for this job scroll Up and go to where it says apply on your Rights just hit that apply and you can Get started in applying for this Position with Jack Henry all right I Think it's an amazing amazing Opportunity so if you are ready to get Started links is in the description Section below this video thank you so Much for watching I'll see you in my Next video Happy work from home bye

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