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Foreign And I'm so excited to have you join me For you to be clicking on this video and Watching make sure you subscribe and hit That notification Bell so you did not Miss out on any of these amazing Opportunities that I'll be sharing with You on this channel so if you're new to My channel welcome if you are someone Who came across this video and you're Interested in getting started and Working from home make sure you check Out the links in the description section Below this video alright so on today's Video I will be sharing something a Little different from my usual videos Usually I share job leads from companies Work from home opportunities that allows You to apply for positions in hopes of Landing a remote base position and that Could be so competitive because there's So many people you know applying for the Same position right now this particular Video is not going to be about work from Home job leads this is about a side Hustle that I want to share with you It's been a minute I've been sitting on It for a while and I figured why not Just go ahead and share this amazing Opportunity doing something very simple You may need to have a vehicle and your Driver's license but that's basically All you will need right as well as the Willingness to help others so that

Opportunity is delivering lost or Misplaced luggages so if you're someone Who loved traveling and you travel often Maybe you have experience losing a Luggage and it is not pleasant okay here You are trying to enjoy yourself looking Forward to your vacation and now you Don't have items that you brought with You to thoroughly enjoy yourself right So it's definitely not a pleasant Feeling but there is an opportunity Available in this and came across the Story of this guy who was able to earn Eight hundred dollars in four hours by AI delivering lost luggages and this is A side hustle that he does and obviously It's making him pretty good money so in This video I'm gonna share the article With you we're gonna go over his story So you guys can see that it's a real Person to show you that any Average Joe Or Jane okay can earn money all right This person is no different than the Rest of us no different than you okay so If you can do it you can do it also so Once I share the article that covers his Inspirational story okay successful Story then I will share some information With you to help you to get started as Well exciting isn't it so get excited I'm very excited about sharing this so We're gonna jump into that information And if you'd like to see more of these Types of videos give it a thumbs up Post

In the comment section below and I'll be Happy to share these types of videos on A regular basis all right less get into It let's get into it now the story comes From an online article source called the Sun right the US sun and they covered This story of a teacher he's actually a Teacher but regardless he was earning Some extra cash and it goes to show Even If you have a full-time job if you're a Teacher or whatever else other Occupation that you're doing you can Still have a little side business a Little side hustle you do to earn Additional income okay so absolutely Nothing wrong with that we are in the Gig side hustle economy so there's so Many different opportunities and this is Just one of them now the Sun article Covered his story stating lost and found I earned 800 extra in just four hours With luggage side Hustle the extra cash Helps when I'm not teaching so there you Have it he was not teaching so he may Have been doing this in his off season Right during the summer time just Picking up some extra cash which is Smart Americans are finding ways to save Money or bring in extra cash as Inflation is hitting all aspects of our Everyday lives that is a reality it's Pretty tough okay so anything you can do To earn additional income is all good as Long as it's legal right so he has been

Doing this for some time I believe and He stated that now the article make it Sound as though he's earning eight Hundred dollars in four hours meaning That four hours of work he earned eight Hundred dollars but that is not the case He gave some clarity on a YouTuber's Platform I'll try to link their YouTube Channel in description section below This video but they actually covered the Story this guy's story and he was able To give some more uh clarification in on The amounts he actually earns so he Stated that or it was mentioned that he Earned 800 working part-time 20 hours Per week so four hours per day for a Week and he was able to earn 800 he was Actually doing this side hustle Part-time basis all right this title is A little misleading when you read it You're thinking for hours and he earned 800 like crazy this is crazy like how is It that I'm just learning about this Lucrative side hustle thing going on but Working 20 hours a week and earning 800 Per week is still not bad for a side Hustle that means he could be earning Around forty dollars per hour doing this Which is not bad at all okay now his Information is listed in this article I'm gonna post it in the description Section below this video his name is Travis Bolton and he delivers lost Luggage in his side hustle he has a tick

Tock Um page as well that goes by I daddy Trap and on his Tick Tock page which is Where they picked up the story he did Post a video that went viral and it Showed how he was able to work the side Hustle so I'll post a link to that Actual video this is the video right Here that is posted on his Tik Tok page I'll post a link directly to it in the Description section below this this Video even if you don't have Tick Tock App on your phone you can still view the Video online like if you're a computer You can actually search out his Tick Tock name and see his videos how he was Able to earn his money delivering lost Luggages now of course we are here to Find out okay that's great and all for Him how do I get started so I'm gonna Share with you some websites that may Enable you to get started now keep in Mind he did not work directly with the Airports to do this the airports did not Hire him he actually was working for a Small independent company in which he Shared because there are so many people Requesting asking him in his comments How do you how do I get started where do I start et cetera et cetera so he Actually posted a company that he was Working with now this company is not Available in all locations okay so it is Restricted to a certain location the

Company that he listed is called Express Luggage I was doing some Google search To find this kind company and I was Unsuccessful doesn't mean that the Company is not legit if you can't find Them on Google is that the company may Be a small independent owned company and They're just a startup so Express Luggage was the company that he worked For and he also gave a number of an Individual to call about the opportunity So I'm sure that number was hit up Thousands and thousands of times by so Many different people and I'm not sure How well they're doing right now with The business but I would assume that They would start to get some momentum Right but unfortunately I wasn't able to Find Express luggage online however I Was able to find other companies that do Something similar that you can actually Get started in delivering lost luggages So the companies I was able to find one Of which is roadie okay Roadie you could Get paid to drive so Roadie will pay you To actually drive your car you can earn Cash on trips you already take whether You drive across town or across state Lines Roadie is an easy flexible way to Make money driving now in regards to Whether or not you can actually you know Work with them to deliver uh lost Luggages to recover and deliver lost Luggages they have a section here for

Airline luggage delivery okay that States reunites customers with delayed Baggage faster and easier than ever so This is an indication that they do offer The service it may be a service that is Available to you to earn money to Deliver lost luggages like Travis was Able to do okay and get started doing This now in terms of how much an average You can earn delivering lost luggages it Could be within a range of forty dollars Uh per day or forty dollars per hour it May be less depending on the company That you're working with okay and Travis's case he's working with a Private company so it may have worked Out for him that he was able to earn a Little bit more of course again it Depends on who you're working with so if You are able to find a privately owned Company startup company like Travis is Working with and be able to deliver lost Luggages then you could possibly earn a Little bit more you would have to do a Lot of online digging and investigation In your areas to find a similar company To work with so with Roadie they have Worked with some major airline Brands Such as Delta United Airlines Southwest Alaska Airline American Airlines etc etc So they work with these airline Companies to recover lost luggages and I'm sure this is a booming industry Because people tend to lose their

Luggage often while traveling on a daily Basis there's so many frequent flyers And I'm sure these airline companies Deal with a lot of lost luggages or Misplaced luggages that they need to get Rid of to get out of their vicinity so It doesn't get stacked up alright so Drivers such as you who are willing to Deliver these luggages will definitely Benefit in this business you can contact These airline companies yourself if you Want to work independently and you know Request more information and ask them if It's possible for you to get started in Assisting with delivering these lost Luggages now there's another company I Want to share with you very quickly this Is reliable couriers I believe they may Be able to offer a similar Um side hustle opportunity airport Luggage pickup and delivery service they Offer this for those who desire to have Their luggage picked up and delivered to Them these luggages may not be lost per Se but individuals may have misplaced Them or forgot them and just want or for Whatever reason they're not able to pick Up their luggage they will request that Their luggages be delivered to them and You could be that person that will Deliver the luggage so you can contact Reliable couriers they have a phone Number here get in touch with them just Request more information and details on

How you can get started in helping them To deliver pick up and deliver luggages Those are the two companies I was able To do some research and find in that do Something similar that will help you to Get started in this industry okay so Definitely check out the information all Information the article and Travis's Tick Tock Link in the description Section below this video I'm sure he has Received so many messages about this Opportunity and how to get started but You can find out on your own how to get Started just like he was able to do so Okay and I presented some information Here so hopefully this video helped you As well alright so I wish you all the Best of luck happy side hustle and thank You so much for watching if you like I Can make another video about this Opportunity to cover some more Information if you're interested and I'll see you in my my next video Happy Work from home don't forget to subscribe And hit that notification Bell and I'll See you guys next time

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