$20 To $27 Hour Researching Credit Disputes For Errors (NON-PHONE) Work From Home Job 2023

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I've got another non-phone work from Home job lead for you this one is from U.S Bank they are looking for a credit Bureau dispute resolution specialist now This is remote for my United States this One is going to be non-phone they are Not requiring any kind of college degree The links if you're interested in Applying are in the YouTube description Box below but basically the dispute Resolution specialist is responsible for Reviewing and analyzing credit bureau Dispute data and formulating accurate And timely responses to Consumers and Credit reporting agencies on disputes Received so you'll basically be Responsible for researching resolving And responding to cardholder claims of Errors and or inaccurate reporting of Credit information while maintaining a High level of productivity and accuracy You'll make independent decisions for Appropriate actions to be take taken Within Regulatory and procedure Guidelines so you'll make sure that the Errors are correct or you'll correct any Errors for the credit reporting bureaus So what happens is when someone goes Online and pulls their credit report Like from Equifax or Experian or TransUnion there's a little button on That website where they can actually Dispute something so if they've had a

Loan with U.S bank and it's reporting as A bad debt or a past due or something Like that on their credit report they Can dispute that saying this is wrong Information now U.S bank has to research That and say yes we have records and we Can actually prove that this is this Person's debt and this is correct and we Are allowed to report it that way or if Not you have to send the reply to the Credit the bureau saying no remove it From their credit report now one thing To note is that a U.S Bank only has 30 Days once the credit report agency Reaches out to them to ask them to Verify if the information is accurate to Respond if they don't respond within That 30 days the person automatically Gets all the negative information Removed from their credit report so That's what you'll be doing you'll be Looking at the these accounts that People say are have errors on them and Are not reporting to their credit Reports correctly and you'll be Researching within U.S Bank's internal Systems pulling up old past due account Information and making sure the Information is accurate they don't Require any college degree just a high School diploma or equivalent and they're Looking for someone who's four more Years of some kind of clerical Experience or customer service

Experience so you don't even actually Have to have actual experience with Credit reporting now of course they have A few preferred skills including working Knowledge of how the fcra's work you can Google all the fcra policies and Requirements and they are publicly Published online someone who has the Ability to work mobile multiple projects At once and meet the deadline so a Multi-tasker you also need to have Skills and knowledge in Microsoft Office Now of course the pay is always going to Be dependent on location and experience But the pay range from this position is Anywhere from twenty dollars an hour all The way up to 27.35 an hour of course U.S Bank also Offers a standard benefit package that Includes medical dental vision a 401k And paid time off all right if you've Made it to the end of this video I want To say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me as always feel free to Leave anything specific that you are Looking for down in the comments I do Read those and keep that in mind when I Am searching for job leads to share I'll Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you

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