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Hello hello and welcome back to another Video thank you guys so much for joining Me this is yours truly Melissa from Melissia at home and yes yes I know You're gonna ask this hair is fiery red And that is the mood I was in today you Know my hair goes with my mood that's my Thing now all right so I have different Wigs yeah some of the videos I am Wearing wigs and my last Um video where I paired in the video I Had this black and gray at the bottom Wig you probably see it in my default Photos on some of my videos that was one Of my favorite ways since I'm one in a Comment section ask about the hair They're like how did you get your hair So long and and I responded by letting Them know that it's actually a wig and It's one of my favorite wigs okay so my Hair go with whatever mood I'm in it's I Like it so I'm wearing it in this video Anyway this video is not about my hair Okay but if you're interested in getting This hair I can leave a link in the Description section I got it off Amazon All right so let's jump into this video Okay this video is for those who are in Need of emergency emergency emergency Melissa can you tell me how I can make a Hundred dollars in the next 24 hours 500 A thousand dollars in the next 24 hours These are the amazing emails that I get From so many of you and I read these

Emails and thinking is there a loan Shark somewhere that's after you is your Life in danger because it raises some Concerns about the urgency in needing That much amount of money in such a Short period of time let me know what's Going on so this video is for those who You know may find yourself in a Situation where you do need some Emergency money and you don't have a Rich bestie somewhere that's very Generous who can just give you that Money without you having to sign a loan Application or making some agreement to Pay them back because let's face it if We borrow money from family members or Friend more than likely they're going to Want that money back right I shared a Video years ago okay I'm old I'm 41 Years old yes I'm proud to tell you my Age because I'm 41 years old and I Really don't feel like it and apparently I don't look look at either so I don't Know maybe I need to recheck my birth Certificate years ago I shared a video Where I talk about how you can get money In the fastest way possible and I showed And I shared some ways in which you Could do this majority of the methods That I shared were you know selling Items or pawning a jewelry you know if You have some something in your home or Like expensive jewelry you can pawn it On your appliances I don't know anything

You could do within the next 24 hours to Make a hundred to five hundred dollars Do it right so I share some advice and Some tips in that video it was such a Long time ago I was such a baby So naive but in this video it's just an Updated video to that video and I'm Gonna share some updated information On some online opportunities that are Available for you to earn money in the Quickest way possible it may not it may Not be within the next 24 hours you'll Make 500 Although some of the opportunities I've Seen and witnessed a very few people who Are able to kill it within 24 hours and Make thousands of dollars of course That's very rare it doesn't happens for Everybody doesn't happen for me so if You're like me the average Joe they call Them or Joanna or GI Jane right you need Money Quick as possible for whatever it is That you need it for it out of my Business what you need it for but if you Are emailing me and you are like putting Exclamation marks at the end of your Sentences it must be serious okay so in This video I'm going to share with you Some online opportunities that you can Do to not find yourself in that Situation because you're going to use These opportunities to do this important Thing

You're going to use these opportunities To start earning some extra cash to put Aside in your emergency fund because That's what you need to be establishing You should have an emergency fund Everyone should have that including Myself I started emergency fund because Emergencies happen so these types of Opportunities will earn you extra money For you to put aside in your emergency Fund and your savings accounts for you To you know forget you're gonna forget That emergency fund it doesn't exist You're just putting money into it but You're not going to touch it that's Basically what I mean it doesn't exist Because you're not going to touch it Right and once you do that you will have The funds you need for when something Comes up that is an emergency and you Need the money in 24 hours in 10 hours Because it's already there all right so That's basically what we need to do and I'm a strong believer in multiple Streams of income because I believe in This day and age Majority of us should have some other Extreme income coming in not just one Stream of income because things happen Okay you can lose your job or or you Need something to fall back on so of Course we live in a country where we Have the resources there are resources And

Um funds and foundations that are that Are out there that exist that can help Us out when things happen and I have a Video that I posted I will link it in The description section if you're Someone who let's say you're looking for Assistance rent assistance to pay your Rent there are some important Information that I shared in that video So I'll link it in the description Section below this video okay this video May be part two to that video honestly So check it out link will be in the Description section so let's jump into These online opportunities now keep in Mind these are things that I know exist Out there that are legit and can earn You money in the fastest way possible Again it may not be 100 and 500 to a Thousand dollars within 24 hours you may Make maybe like fifty dollars in one day Or something okay being honest with you But every little bit counts all right And some you may not have heard of which Is fine hence why I exist here on YouTube to let you know about these Opportunities okay all right so let's Jump into the video of the day online Opportunities that will earn you fast Quick Cash quickest way possible for Emergencies so here we go these are five Websites that I'm gonna share with you In this particular video and then I'm Gonna share extra additional five in the

Description section linked below this Video okay so just for time's sake I'm Only going to cover five in the video And then you can look for additional Opportunities that will be listed below The video in the description section Let's jump into it the first company That will help you to get some funds and Some cash for emergency for putting in Your emergency savings account Is transcribe me okay that transcription Work is plenty is there's a few Companies out there that do offer Transcription jobs and they pay fairly Well okay now you're not going to make Like full-time income doing Transcription jobs with some of the Companies that are out there but the Great thing about it is that you can Work for as many companies as you desire Or you can work as an independent Transcriber and some and transcribe Audios for various companies that are Looking for transcriptionists now if you Are new to what transcription work is It's basically listening to audios audio Files and typing exactly what you hear Word for word and if you have good Grammar and you could type on a fairly Good speed then this would be a great Opportunity for you type at a good Speed Without a lot of Errors right so Transcribing is definitely available to Anyone and it is one of those

Opportunities you can do anywhere so I Believe that if you are international You may be able to do transcription work Online okay so transcribe me is one of The companies that are my favorite they Are one of the highest paying Transcription company so you can Monetize your downtime basically when You have free time when you have time to Spare you can do this they consider Themselves the highest paying Transcription service they have the Industry's best rates with earnings Starting at 15 to 22 per audio hour now Audio hour is different from per hour so Keep that in mind your hour basically Means the time it takes for you to type Out an entire audio in top monthly Earnings at twenty two hundred dollars Average earnings are around two hundred Fifty dollars it is something to do to Earn extra cash along with other things That you can do okay so if you can earn Up to twenty two hundred dollars just Typing on your free time your spare time Your down time whenever you have the Time you can earn you know twenty two Hundred dollars per month and that is a Good amount of extra cash that you can Bring into your household So they offer flexibility work from the Comfort of your home whenever you want And how much you want transcribe short Two to four minute Clips not long

Interviews some companies will give you These long one hour as I mentioned Earlier our long audio for you to type And it can take you two to three hours To type that one hour audio so the best Thing about transcribe me is that they Give you shorter Clips to type so it Won't take you as long to be able to Reach your goal in earning the maximum Amount okay when one clip is completed In their system they will send you Another to transcribe automatically There is no limit to how many can be Processed consecutively so this is Awesome right joining doesn't cost you a Penny so it's absolutely free you're not Paying them for you're not going to pay Them anything all you need to get Started is a reliable internet and a Computer that's it so so if you have Internet and a computer you can get Started on transcribe me in earning Money okay now of course there are some Steps that you have to take there may be Some assessments that they will provide To you in order for you to pass so they Can check where you are in your typing Skills your grammar skills Etc et cetera To bring you on board so you can get Started and working there's no Interviewing so if you're someone Worried about interviewing no interview Is involved and again it's and it's a Non-phone-based type of opportunity okay

So these are the services listed below The website that you can look at they Their industry the industry that you Transcribe me to transcribe audio is an Illegal medical Educational industry Consulting market Research technology call centers Enterprises and so on okay so that's Just to give you an idea of the type of Audio you will be transcribing for the Various companies that work with trust Describe me so if you want to get Started you can go to where it says Freelancers because you'll be considered A freelance transcriber it says become a Freelancer and start earning anywhere You want to transcribe me professional Freelance Community start working on Projects from anywhere anytime you just Click where it says start freelancing to Get started with transcribe me and once You click that you'd have to create an Account with them fill out the Information that you see listed here Fairly straightforward Application if you want to call it that All right so let's jump into the next Opportunity I want to share with you is Coming from a company called Cloud Workers Cloud workers hire online Moderators to work online okay and Moderators are people who make sure that That all interactions on social media Platforms that are owned by companies

That you that promote their product Services or just their company or their Brand that all interactions on their Platform are meeting the guidelines so You'll be deleting you know comments or Maybe that may be offensive or you know Just comments that's just inappropriate Okay so that's basically what concept Moderators moderators online do and There's tons of opportunities available For that area in fields of work so Cloud Worker you can apply for this job again This is one of those companies that do Not require you to do any interviewing Enjoy a lot of freedom and benefits Whether you wish to work from home or From the other side of the globe those Internationals it does indicate that This opportunity may be available to you You choose when and where you want to Work now again feel free to you know Research these companies I'm just here To let you know these companies do exist And these opportunities are available to You and there are people who are making Money doing these things online at as we Speak okay so so you can feel free to do Your own independent research to make Sure you you feel comfortable working For any of the companies that are Presented in this video I can't make That decision for you you have your own Independent mind and will so for their Company again you can work anywhere all

That is required is a computer and a Stable internet connection and competent And language skills they guarantee you a Regular income long-term employment and Opportunities preferred for professional Growth and advancements so you can read More about the job description their Chat moderators are engaged in Text-based online chats in one or more Online social Community platforms chat Moderators work with Cloud workers that Are provided with flexible exciting and Uncomplicated opportunities to utilize Their language skills and earn a Reliable monthly income as an Independent freelance moderator with Positions available either on part-time Or just need to own a PC your laptop Possibility to work as a freelancer Openness to adult dialogues Fast and reliable payment on a monthly Basis is provided okay I'll list the Average pay for cloud worker in the Description section below this video but You do scroll down to their question and Answer section so if you have a question It may have been answered on the website So make sure you go through their q a Section because it's Cloud workers and They are always looking to bring on Board content moderators and you don't Need to have experience and there's no Interviewing that is involved the next Company that is also similar to Cloud

Workers is Market higher they basically Hire Freelancers though there is no job Postings that you have to worry about no Interviews and no headaches so they Don't you know interview for this Opportunity you just simply apply as one Of their Freelancers to participate in Opportunities that they have available And these are the clients that you will Be servicing as you can see there are Some Brands here that you might be Familiar with Angie list eBay Netflix Etc etc so these are the brands that They work with and some of the brands That you might be working with as well If you scroll to the bottom of the page You will see a section that says rolls For hire so these are the rows that They're going to be hiring you for as a Freelancer Amazon marketer brand Marketer content marketer email Marketing analyst growth marketer paid Research marketer paid social media Marketer cetera Etc you can also visit Their career section and they do have a Referral program to earn you additional Income if you you know mention them to Others as well so you probably get like A referral link and you share that with Others and you'll earn a percentage of Commission if those people join and Start earning money on Market higher This majority of their roles for higher This is specifically for our Freelancers

And marketing so if you're someone who's Interested in marketing and you have Marketing skills then this will be Excellent for you you can market for Amazon different other name brand Companies that they have listed content Marketer email marketer etc etc okay now They do have remote based jobs this is Different from freelance work okay they Have a separate career section Specifically for remote based jobs okay You can click on the career section to See if you see on any remote based Opportunity communities that are Available it will take you to this page Where it says open rooms you can click On it open rows and it will and it will Take you to this page where you will see The position the remote-based positions That they have available so they have One here for business intelligence Analysts this is for the US and they Also have some opportunities for those In the Philippines okay so it's mainly Us and the Philippines but we're here For a freelancing opportunities so if That's what you're interested in again Since this is focused on earning extra Income and getting started fast without Being interviewed for a job then you Want to click where it says apply as a Freelancer and you'll be taken to this Page that is loading it will say get Started you want to click on that and

Then you're going to go through this Whole process here okay like typing your Name what is your first name and you Just go from there okay to get signed up As a freelancer it's my chance to go to Marketerhire.com and you land on this Page you will click where it says apply As a freelancer not hire marketers okay So this is for companies that are Looking to hire you to Market their Brands so you will click apply as a Freelancer to get started now in terms Of the average pay if you want to get an Average of how much you can earn on the Site it's pretty much you set your rates When it comes to being a freelancer you Can set your rates so you can base your Rates on the amount of experience that You have as a marketer okay so you set Your rates but the average you can Always Google to see how much Freelancers are earning on Market higher So on indeed as you can see they have People earning 65 per hour for social Media Specialists you know marketing Social on social media and then you have In their frequently asked questions Section an hourly rate of 80 to 160 per Hour as a freelancer working part-time And their Freelancers will may be Working full-time earning way more than That like up to two thousand dollars per Week full-time okay so this is basically Just the average to give you an idea of

How much their Freelancers are currently Earning on their website if you're Someone who's interested in doing Marketing gigs then this is definitely The site for you so let's move on to the Next website I want to share with you in This video and that is becoming an Online juror I did a full video about This particular type of opportunity I Will link it in the description section Below this video because I included on Online verdict.com along with other I Believe three other companies that you Can check out that will hire you to work From home online as a mock juror so you Will be evaluating cases like real cases And they're just looking for your Opinion you can earn between twenty to Sixty dollars per case working online From home so jobs such as these are not Like consistent so you may get one case Per week or maybe three pieces per month And it also depends on how long these Cases are so the longer the case is you Get paid more money short cases easy not So complex cases may earn you twenty Dollars okay so it depends on the case And it also depends on where you're Located and other factors as well so I Cover all of this in a video I will post It in the description section below this Video if you are interested in learning About how you can become online journal And evaluates real cases that are being

Taken into court so online verdict is One of the highest paying for this type Of opportunity they pay 20 to 50 for 60 Per case I've heard of people earning up To 100 something dollars per case but Again it depends on the difficulty the Complexity of the case and how long it Will take for you to do it so unlike Verdicts they always have this Opportunity seems to be open all the Time so you can join one of their jurors And be in their database or just sign up So that your information is on file in Their database so that when a case comes Up they will contact you using the Contact information you provide to see If you're interested in participating in A court case so this page right here Will give you full information what is An online juror focus group so just go Through the information so you have a Better understanding and also watch my Video that I'll link in the description Section below this video and how you can Get started alright so let's jump to the Next website I want to share with you And this is a interesting and unique Opportunity but there are people really Doing this all right they're people who Are donating blood to earn money you Know to earn extra cash especially if It's emergency situation or people that Are willing to donate blood so this is a Company called Bio Life and they

Specialize in plasma if you're not sure What a plasma is plasma is extracted Fluid that's taken from your blood Um hopefully I'm explaining this Correctly but there are some resources And information online that you can look Up to learn more about this okay and Know what plasma is Um I believe it has like a yellow Coloration and it helps with immunity Blood clotting maintaining blood Pressure as well as you know balancing Your pH levels so it's a very important Component of your blood for health Reasons and there are people earning up To 975 dollars for donating plasma so You can donate your plasma and you can Go to Biolife Plasma and let them know That you're interested in becoming a new Donor and you can earn up to 975 dollars For your plasma Okay thousands of people Depend on plasma based on medicines to Live Health their lives but plasma can't Be made in a lab it comes from people Like you so there's three steps to join By a life to become a donor you create An accounts by registering locate your Center New donors look up your Center on Their locations page to find your Center's new donor bonus of course you Will be signing up online but then you Have to go in person to donate your Plasma okay but I wanted to share this Because I felt it was something that you

Could do anyone can do you know and it Is something that other need and it's And it can help to save a life so if You're going to do something why not Donate you know blood or your Plasma in You get to earn quick Buck doing this There are real people doing this Currently First Step they have here States grab the coupon open your new Donor bonus page coupons save it to your Phone or take a screenshot and then Schedule your first appointments that Simple so they have an app here that you Can download and you know keep track of Things going on with your plasma they Also have a video that can give you Further information There's also an article that I found That was very much useful provided some Useful information if you'd like to Learn more about this to know about Blood plasma so this just basically give You a better understanding of what that Is and what it's used for and how it can Help to save life okay all right so this Basically wraps up the video again I Have additional five or six other online Opportunities that you do listed below This video so make sure you check it out And if any of these opportunities Interest you I think they're amazing Opportunities to earn extra cash to add To your emergency fund so that whenever You need or you you come into some sort

Of emergency you can always have the Funds readily available okay so again if Any of these opportunities interest you You can get started today in earning Some extra cash and I'll post additional Information below this video five Additional online opportunities that you Can do online even using your smartphone Or mobile device you can do some of These jobs so that's it for this video Again I hope it helps you out hit the Notification Bell I love you guys so Much thank you for your support and I Wish you all the best of luck happy work From home bye

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