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[Music] Foreign [Music] Basework.com make sure you hit that Subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel Welcome welcome welcome everyone my name Is Shea from dreamhomebasework.com Welcome back to another work from home Video today I would like to feature a Company called Hotel planner for those That are wondering what is Hotel planner This company claims to be the top Booking website for all worldwide Travelers since 2003 and so basically Your role is to book hotel rooms for People that are calling in there is no Code calling you will be able to book Hotel rooms for people that are Attending weddings sports events Business meetings and much more now I am Sitting on their official website and I'm just going to scroll all the way Down to their employment page so you can See the listing that they have available You'll see here that they have the Become a work from home Hotel planner Reservation specialist this is an Independent contractor position that Requires you to manage your own taxes You can work from anywhere as long as You have high-speed internet preferably

With ethernet Um but they may be flexible as far as You know the high-speed internet as long As it's reliable You will need a Chrome browser also you Will need an audio headset slash Microphone Now when your application is approved You will attend a training program on How to navigate their system and how to Help callers book hotels The training is not paid for so that is Something to note it only lasts a few Days so it's not it's not a week or a Two week long training I'm just very Short training now when you sign in you Know you can be able to take calls at Any time 24 7. you know you don't need To have a set schedule this company does Allow you to be very flexible now your Pay will depend on your performance you Know it is a commission based job you Will earn anywhere from 10 to 30 dollars Per hour here is a short little video Here Um you know of a lady that works there She's actually talking more about the Process you know and the whole program And then you will actually go right here To begin applying for the job If you are looking for more work from Home job listings make sure you go to my Official website dreamhomebasework.com Where you can sign up for free work from

Home job alerts all you'll do is enter Your first name email address hit Subscribe Um and then also you can find the most Current work from home jobs by hitting The hiring now tab at the top and then You will see a current list of jobs Companies that are currently hiring you Will simply click the job title in blue To apply on their official website so I Hope that this video was a help to those That are looking for something flexible That you can do on your own terms you Can do nighttime or daytime since this Is a 24 7 roll so thank you guys for Watching I'll be back shortly with more Work from home job alerts take care [Music] Thank you

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