$17 Hour Listening To Calls & Entering Data (No Talking On The Phone) Work From Home Job | Non-Phone

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Welcome back my friends this job lead That I have for you today is very Exciting because it is a typing job and It is very different than the typical Transcription jobs so we are not going To waste any time we are going to dive On in just know the links to everything Are in the YouTube description box below Today's job lead is from a health care Company looking for transcribers to work Remote within the United States now this Is a temporary full-time position it Does have the potential to turn into a Regular permanent position and this is a Different from a lot of standard Transcription jobs they are looking to Hire people to listen to calls that have Been recorded via their interactive Voice response you will not actually be Taking calls or talking to anyone you Are just listening to calls that have Already happened that were recorded they May be satisfaction survey responses Medical conditions prescription drug Names all those things and you will be Listening to those calls and extracting Data and entering and typing that data From that call they are paying 17 an Hour for this so that is different than A regular transcription job regular Transcription jobs pay per audio hour or Audio minute even if it takes you two to Three times that long to actually type It because you have to stop rewind

Listen to it again this is different From that because they are playing a Flat hourly rate that you are working You'll be transcribing the recorded Audio from phone based interactions Using the transcription tools that they Provide in accordance with HIPAA Guidelines you'll complete strategic Transcription and marking project as Requested your report member DNC request To the transcription manager you'll Escalate member reports for Adverse Events and you'll escalate any negative Or life-threatening comments from these Calls as unnecessary now if that sounds Like you they are looking for someone Who is excellent written in oral Communication skills who can type at Least 50 words per minute someone who Has a great listening skills someone who Can work independently with minimal Supervision you have to know the whole Microsoft Office Suite including word Excel and Outlook now no degree is Needed and no Health Care experiences Needed a course a bachelor degree in Healthcare experience is a plus but it Is not required to get hired all right If you've made it to the end of this Video I want to say thank you so so much For watching and supporting me and I'll Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you Two videos will be popping up on your

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