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Hey hey hey happy Sunday two chicks fam It's me Carl and I am back with another Work from home video and this one guys 10 work from home jobs hiring Immediately and they pay weekly make Sure you guys subscribe like and share Because on this YouTube channel we give Away laptop computers not only do we Talk about legit work from home jobs Side gigs inside hustles we also do real Giveaways so if you guys want to jump in On the fun all you have to do is take This video make sure you post it on your Social media platforms Facebook Instagram Tick Tock Twitter Snapchat Don't forget to share it with a friend As well and be sure to come back and Leave us a comment now if you missed the Videos from yesterday be sure to go back And check out those companies I did post A company guys they are hiring like Crazy it is part time hour so be sure to Go back and check it out let us know in The comments what type of work from home Driver side hustle you are looking for Be sure guys to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comments Section and if you are looking for a Easy no interview non-phone part-time Work from home job come over here to the Two chicks blog and look on the home Page and apply for a tell us the Raider Position is open now let's get into the Video so guys we came up with a list of

Companies that are hiring right now and Each one of these companies they pay Weekly so the first one is TSD Global Then we have Babel type Babble type is a Non-phone opportunity TSD Global you Will get paid to process food orders This is an easy one Smith AI that one is More on like a virtual receptionist or Answering service type of company quick Take that is a typing job tan and I both Used to work for a quick tape Vera fast Political calls InfoCision I think they Deal with donations literally that one Is more like a listen and type what you Hear field agent is more like a mystery SHOP Company brain Communications I Think they do something along the lines Of telemarketing and Colonial Brands you Will get paid to process different like Orders I think they do have different Clients that you can work for with Colony Brands so guys there are 10 Companies on this list be sure to do Some research for whatever company that You are applying for now I do know like Babel type Um literally Field agent and quick take those four There is no interview so four of these Guys again Babble type quick take Literally field agent skip the interview On those for the other ones you will Have to do an interview be sure to do Your own research make sure you share my

Video because somebody out there guys is Looking for this weekly pay so make sure You guys do some research about the Companies jot down any information that You think would be important just in Case you guys get an interview you would Want to be prepared and not surprised Make sure you share my video again don't Forget to come back and leave us that Comment down below hop on over to Facebook make sure you guys join kiss That cubicle goodbye follow us on our Other social media platforms and we do Guys have a Facebook business page we Also have an Instagram we also have a Twitter two chicks with the side hustle Because we are doing giveaways across These platforms so you want to stay Connected now the group join kiss that Cubicle goodbye there are a lot of jobs Posted over in the group that do not Make it to this YouTube channel so you Want to stay connected be sure to join Us my name is Carol and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video Bye you too

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