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Hello hello what is up welcome back to My channel and if you're new here for The first time my name is CeCe I post Videos daily here on my channel work From home job leads remote jobs things You can do from home side hustles ways To help you make money fast anything That's going to help you guys make money On your own terms so if that is your Vibe that's what you're looking to start Doing click that red subscribe button Below and let me help you get hired so I'm going to share with you guys Apple Jobs that are hiring remote and we're Just going to go through their career Page and then I'm going to send you guys On your way to go apply so you can watch The film join us be you but we're just Gonna keep going this is where Individual imaginations gather together Committing to values that lead to great Work here they'll do more than join Something you'll add something then we Have join a team and Inspire the work You can learn more about working at Apple they have a bunch of different Short films you can watch about their Work life join the community This shows all this different ways you Can make a difference at Apples this is What we want so obviously Apple retail Is going to be more in homework but more At home work we have software and Services Hardware is probably going to

Be more in person work but machine Learning in Ai and support and Service As you can see here for support and Service she is at home they actually Have a really great program where they Will give you a free 27 inch iMac Computer and all the hardware that you Need to work for the company and they Pay amazing so I actually looked up a Ballpark rate of pay for Apple's jobs And it was ranging pretty much anywhere Between 25 all the way up to 90 but the Average being 43 dollars per hour plus All of their perks their employee Discounts they're like partner discounts The free Hardware that you get Everything is amazing so a lot of people Always want to work for Apple so it's Best if you see a role to act fast but They have all different types of Departments that you could work in for All skill sets down here it has Accessibility education environment Inclusion and diversity privacy Racial Equality and justice initiative and Supply responsibility and you can learn More about all of these different Categories I'm bringing you guys over For a peek at the support and service Job board so you can see we have the Support here they talk about why it's so Important to work for the company as an Apple at home advisor or a job as an Apple at home advisor is an opportunity

To use your knowledge of Apple products And services to help others so someone Here is based in Turkey providing Technical support they offer remote work In this space all over the globe there's Obviously a lot here you have online Support Tech Support Apple Store support Business Development Etc so what I'm Going to do is I'm going to link this Page on my website work from home so you guys can access it go And apply Um because the pay is great they offer Worldwide work and I really think you Guys can find a lot of good stuff for You so the link going to apply to Apple In this space will be um on my website Like I said in the description box below Now if this job was not for you on your Screen are two other videos I've also Posted check those out you might find a Bit amount for yourself there click my Face to subscribe so you never miss an Upload and I will talk to you in my next Video bye

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