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Hello there what is up welcome back to My channel and if it's your first time Here welcome my name is CeCe I post Videos daily for work from home jobs Leads to help you make the switch from An in-office job to a remote role and Every single week I am going to be Dropping one high-paying side hustle Startup for you guys that will help you Guys make money on your own terms and Not even have to work remote for a Company but actually work for yourself As an entrepreneur and build up yourself As the entrepreneur I know you are so Click that red subscribe button below It's totally free and let me help you Guys make some real good money this year This is a remote customer support Engineer through files.com they are Based out of Scottsdale Arizona this is Full-time USA only customer support These are the time zones so the starting Salary is a hundred thousand per year And there will be raises offered as you Grow they will teach you everything you Need to know about the platform and You'll earn your full rate of pay while You're being trained which is amazing You get to enjoy working together on Zoom every day you'll get full health Dental vision plus 75 percent of spouse And family coverage a 401K with a Generous match 11 company holidays per Year paid and 20 PTO vacation days you

Do get that brand new laptop plus a Thousand dollars to help you with a Webcam monitor keyboard mouse Etc this Is 100 remote they do travel for regular In-person meetings with the entire team These are based out of the big cities However you know I'm not really sure how Often they do that just with the Protocol of covid and such but they may Be a little more lenient and flexible it Does say here since they've been lifted They fully resume company travel but Like I said that is something to Obviously play by ear because you just Never know with the state of the world Currently so in this role you'll be Responding to customer initiated Interactions such as phone calls and Emails identifying software bugs and Feature requests providing after hours Emergency support to customers on a Rotating basis and taking the high-touch Approach to support which is amazing What they are looking for you to have is Excellent verbal and written Communication skills top-notch customer Demeanor you can learn a process and Then add to that you are known for being Smart and getting things done and you Have a general understanding of software As a service environment including some Experience not necessarily expertise of The following Tech and web applications Which you can brush up on these in a

Quick YouTube video and that is it you Don't even need to have a college degree A little experience obviously would be Great but they are training you as well So absolutely love to see it if you Would like the link to apply for this Job of course you can find it below Check that out there are also videos on The screen of other leads I've posted More for you to apply to that you might Have missed go watch the those you can Click the face that is mine on the Screen as well to subscribe so you never Miss one of these uploads and I will Talk to you in my next video bye

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