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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you now this one is Going to be mostly non-phone we are Going to get into all of that just know The links if you're interested in Applying are in the YouTube description Box below and just a little disclaimer I Don't work for any of these companies I Simply share what I find online so I Don't have any additional information Other than what is in the job of posting Today's job lead is from the company Seamless AI they are looking for a Technical support specialist now of Course support does not always have to Mean on the phone and this one Definitely is not so they are looking For someone to work a hundred percent Remotely to assist and the customers and Effectively resolving issues through Email and chat those are going to be Your main channels so this is going to Be mostly non-phone it does mention You'll have to use other communication Methods as needed so some phone or live Train training like Zoom or WebEx may be Required on an as needed basis but is Not a standard part of the job you'll Develop and maintain comprehensive Knowledge of seamless AI to diagnose Software issues engaging with their Product and engineer teams to help you Solve more complex product issues of

Course you'll also collaborate with the Account managers and sales teams to help Identify opportunities for existing Customers to grow their existing account And you'll provide positive support and Guidance to marketer sales people in all Of these service professionals now if That sounds like something you're Interested in they're looking for Someone who is an expert at learning Software and interested in building Knowledge around apis and CRM Integrations so you do not have to be an Expert you need to be an expert at Learning so just be able to learn Something new someone who has excellent Verbal and written communication skills Someone has a previous experience Assisting customers through email and Live chat and is passionate about Delivering that great customer service Now of course they did not list their Pay in the job description you'll have To ask that at the time of the interview You know me I tried to do a little bit Of Investigation on their glass door Page Glassdoor is great for Investigating salaries because in order To actually have a Glassdoor account and Look up things you're required to give Back to Glassdoor so in order for me to Create my account and everything on Glassdoor I had to tell them where I Worked and what my current salary is so

They actually collect this information From people working with the company and All of that and I did find that a Technical support specialist makes Anywhere from 56 to 60 000 a year all right if you've made it To the end of this video I want to say Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me as always feel free to Leave anything specific in the comments That you're looking for I am always Reading those and keeping that in mind And I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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