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Foreign At home and I'm back with another video In today's video we are featuring United Health Group they currently have over 1800 remote-based telecommute virtual Positions that are available in the Health field so if you're someone who's Looking to work in the health industry From home then this would be a great Company to you know save in your Favorites and keep checking back for They have available so again right now Currently at this time they have over 1800 positions that need to be filled Positions that might range for minimal Experience to Advanced experience the Jobs can pay as little as twenty Thousand dollars per year to a hundred And fifty thousand dollars per year According to to Google so as you can see Google has them on the average salary of The lowest 25 000 per year to the Highest 150 000 per year require you to Have for example a senior level Experience okay so there are multiple Opportunities available on this website Now if you're someone who's wondering if They do require you to be vaccinated There is a possibility that they do Require vaccination and they will Provide this information on their Website some of their positions do offer Sign-on bonuses so let's jump into the Positions and how you can find these

Work from home jobs now in order to go About finding these remote-based Positions you go to their careers Section and then you're going to scroll To where it says keywords okay you can Also select where it states remotes jobs And you can locate this on the left side Where it says remote jobs just select That little box and it will populate Positions that are remote based okay So these are the remote-based positions Once I selected remote based jobs they Have positions that were recently posted Yesterday and today as well they hire in Different states in the US so you can go Through your specific states to find Remote-based positions just go to where It says location on your left And you can select your specific Location as well as how many miles now Of course this is a remote base so you Won't have to worry about how many miles Away from the job you need to be so you Just go where your location is if you're Looking for your specific location now For the mere fact that this is remote Base you may not need to enter any Location just select remote based jobs Or you can go to the keywords and enter Remote virtual jobs or telecommutes and That will pull up all their work from Home positions that are available okay Now if you're looking for their sign on Bonus positions the positions

Specifically that offers sign on bonus Then you just enter in the keyword sign On bonus Okay and you'll see the positions that Are listed I offer their sign on bonus They have some of the jobs that actually Offer four thousand dollars and sign on Bonus field case manager remote based Position and that offers five thousand Dollars and sign on bonus now that Position is remote as well but it might Be only available in one state which Looks like Florida they also have Another position for four thousand Dollars and sign on bonus for external Candidates it does not indicate whether That's a remote-based position there's Also a telecommute position to offer Five thousand dollars sign-on bonus so Again it depends on the state you reside In in the particular position that You're applying to sign on bonus does Not apply to all remote based positions As you can see so again United Health Group have over 1800 put remote-based Positions available if you scroll down You can go through the pages of jobs That are currently available to narrow Down a specific position that you are Interested in to find to see if that job Is available you just have to Simply Enter it into the keyword that's the Easiest way to do it or you can click on Their job category section and do it

That way a search for position in a Specific area such as analytics Administrative Account management and so on now just For the sake of this video we're going To enter into the keywords customer Service their customer service positions May be the lowest paying jobs on their Website customer service positions May Pay up to 18 to 20 dollars per hour on Average and they do have some customer Service jobs available on the website as You can see in different states so this Is for their customer service Representative remote-based job that is Available nationally so it says that You'll enjoy the flexibility to work Telecommute from anywhere within the us As you take on some tough challenges So you're going to read the primary Responsibilities for this job you'll Answer incoming phone calls from Health Care Providers the type of assistance The provider needs focus on resolving Issues on the first call navigating Through complex computer systems deliver Information and answer questions Complete the documentation necessary to Track provider issues for this Particular job you just need to have a High school diploma GED or equivalent Work experience familiar with computer And Windows PC applications ability to Work from 8 AM to 5 PM so they have

Full-time work from home positions Majority of the job will be full-time Based as well so if you're interested in This particular position you can go Ahead and apply for this job now if You're interested in knowing how can I Narrow down my search to non-phone-based Work again you can try their keywords Section and put in non-phone base to Find remote-based positions that are Relevant to non-phone-based that may not Guarantee 100 that the position will be Strictly non-phone-based there would Maybe some data entry uh documentation Involved in these positions but they Might still be some phone usage so you Can try to enter in the keyword section Non-phone to find remote-based positions On a website that uses minimal foam okay So again this is coming from UnitedHealth Group they have multiple Remote based positions available over 800 over 1800 positions are listed on Their website and they seem to post new Positions on a regular basis if you're Interested in any of these positions Make sure you check out the link in the Description section other remote-based Jobs are currently hiring

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