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Happy Tuesday everyone I am back with Another no talk and work from home job Lead that I cannot wait to share with You you can make a thousand eight Hundred a thousand eighty per week and This company is hiring immediately so We're gonna go ahead and dive right into It I am going to share my screen and We're going to discuss the job today's Job lead here okay so we're going to be Talking about this great company here And the company is with basically is Called RR Donnelly Um they're currently seeking accounts Payable specials to work remotely as you Can see on the screen this is a Full-time position and when you scroll Down they're telling you the salary Between 32 100 to 56 300 a year so That's around between 15 and 27 per hour If you have the experience you will get Paid 27 an hour or more depending on Your experience so we're gonna go ahead And dive right into what they're going To want you to be doing on this job Every single day the primary role of the Accounts payable support specialist two Is to reform administrative tasks to Help facilitate daily invoice resolution For their vendors payments this role Supports the work stream and its impact On the sap payment cycle so you'll be Responsible for the collection and the Distribution of documents required for

The successful and timely administration Of invoice error resolution to ensure Timely payment the road will partner With GSS dedicated support plus plant Buyers to resolve enforced errors for Assigned plants the role will monitor Grir sap accounts work with vendors in RTR account members declare any areas Okay now when you go down a little bit Further here This is what you're going to be doing You're going to review the block enforce Report and communicate with the Different partners or teams and receive Your own block status monitoring Progress and provide guidance as needed To clear invoice from block lists for The signed plants you go down a little Bit further you're going to play a key Role in identifying problems with the Procure to pay work streams and Participate in ongoing Improvement the Road this role may need to assist with Other location outside of the plant Assigned during turnovers are seasonal Upticks related to health care election And census ballots and Etc okay so this Is some of the things that you're going To be doing on this job here and only The required skills is use of multiple System application at once strong Attention to details problem solving Communicating clearly math skills Including percentage average and

Multiplication division with a Calculator and then the requirement is Just a high school diploma or GED they Do do once you have a minimum of two Years experience using an account Payable system preferable sap I'm going To show you a place for free where you Can learn how to do this as well as Interview skills in Microsoft Excel I'm Going to go and show you how to use that Here okay so if you want to apply for This position all you need to do is Click right here where it says apply Okay now I am going to show you a place Where you can understand for free Microsoft Excel word PowerPoint and that Is with the company basically Microsoft 365. I am going to share my screen and We're going to show you this this is how Easy before you can complain about I Don't have the experience always Research use Google as your friend to Find these things and here it is Microsoft 365. if you want to learn Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft team Yama assets this is where you go so Excel all I do is click on Excel and if I want to know how to do rows and Columns formulas and functions all you Do is click on this there is a sharp Video that you can watch in order to Understand this and you can be able to Pick this up within five or ten minutes

And you know how to do this and they Show you also in written how to do Um farmers and everything so before you Make excuses about you're not able to do It I always use Google as your friend I Guarantee you're going to find the what You need and if you just Google another Place is when they talk about saps like Account payable I'm going to show you Another free place where you can go and Understand accounts payable or sap where You can understand that so you can go Ahead and get closer to Landing that job Here okay so this is where I'm gonna Show you always Google I went in as you Can see in the search bar how to use the Account payable system sap here are Different videos that here where it if You watch the video this is 14 minutes Sap accounts payable sap accounts Payable training that's 20 minutes Accounts payable in sap that's 49 Minutes and 59 seconds where you can Understand this and say look I have the Knowledge I can go out here and apply For these jobs so take advantage of Using Google as your friend me if I Don't know something I'm gonna always Google things and I'm going to learn it Y'all I'm going to learn it I'm not Going to disqualify myself before I Apply for these jobs and don't do this Do that either always use Google as your Friend if this video has been helpful I

Want you to give it a thumbs up as well As I want you to hit that red button That says subscribe and don't forget to Click on that Bell to turn on your Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you'll be notified as well as When I go YouTube live speaking about YouTube live I will be doing YouTube Live today April the 4th 2023 at seven O'clock P.M Central Standard Time I'm Hoping that everybody will enjoy on me On this day it's going to be a work from Home q a as well as we're going to talk About resumes and I'm going to do a Couple resume reviews live okay so you Do not want to miss this event please Join me this coming today today April The 4th 2023 at 7 o'clock P.M Central Standard time I will be going YouTube Live to chat with you and whatever Questions you have in regards to work From home make for sure you be there Okay you know that I want to encourage You because we all need encouragement Words is it's to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you gotta believe you Know you got to believe if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so You need to go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Everything starts in the mind you have To feed your mind with positive thoughts

That it's going to require to be around Positive people if you're around Positive people you're not gonna it's Gonna push you to be better it's just Like in track you always want to run With people that are faster than you you Didn't you never want to run with people That are slower than you because it's Gonna set you back you always want to Run with somebody that is a whole lot Faster than you are because it's going To push you and that's the same thing About life you need to be around Somebody that's going to push you and It's going to Speak Life over you and Not death because the power of the time Determines life and death too many times We want to hang around people that Doesn't have our best interests not Speaking life These are toxic people They don't even need to be in your Center in your circle sometimes they Could be family members people you know And you don't people hate when you try To do better folks don't like you when You go out there trying to apply for Multiple positions people don't like it When you're trying to start a business They're going to give you many reasons Why not to start a business it's too Many people doing that business they're Going to give you a reason why not to Apply for that job there's too many People applying for the job but I always

Feel that what's for me is for me God Has a plan for you so stop listening to What these naysayers say and start Listening to what God has to say that he Has a job for you but you got to make The first move by applying for these Jobs and not just on applying for one Job you got to apply for multiple Positions okay you got to think of it When you go out there and um you apply For these jobs and you get hired on they Don't have one employee they have Millions and billions of employees Working for that company and if they Decide to let you go they got somebody Else to train to do your job until they Found a person your replacement so you Need to be that way when you're applying For jobs go out there and apply for Multiple positions and don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it Speak Life over Yourself surround yourself around Positive people that is going to have Your best interest and it's going to Uplift you so keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but again it starts With your mind feeds your mind with Positive thoughts and stay away from People that is negative okay you got This I believe in you but you got to Believe in yourself okay And then you know that I talk about

Course careers the reason why I talk About course careers it has been a Change a life changer for so many people I have people in my family that's taking This course and they have said nothing But great things about course careers Um they used to was struggling and now They have a place where they can make Enough money where they can take care of Their self and their family and this Could be a life changer for you Um so that's why I talk about course Careers a lot of y'all want to go back To school but you can't afford to go Back to school Um if you know Juniors or seniors in High school a lot of them are uncertain What they want to do when they graduate From high school they you as a junior Senior what do you want to do after you Graduate from high school and they Respond in some cases most children I Don't know and this is for them yes you Have to be 18 years old to start this But it only takes you three months to Complete a lot of people complete this Within a week if people are finishing This course and people are getting jobs Before they even graduate from course Careers course careers have partnered With Fortune 500 companies that dropped The experience and degree only for Course careers graduates and I tell you To look at the testimonies if this don't

Give you popped up then I don't know What will and again you can make Anywhere between 60k to 120k a year You're coming out with experience versus If you were going to college you come Out with that degree but you're not you Don't have the experience so what do They do they go and apply for these jobs They get rejected then they go back to School and they found another major and Then they go and apply for another job And they keep getting rejected after Rejection but with course careers They're gonna have you ready you're Gonna have to experience the knowledge And everything to go out there and do The job what these companies are asking For now there's different courses that You can take you could take text sales We all know that Tech sales is high in Demand not only only are you getting a Salary but you're getting really good Commission checks too as well and there Are more than 300 opening jobs and Restorative salary is between 60 and 80k A year so this is more of a phone job Where you'll be reaching out to Potential buyers like for example you're Working for Google you're reaching out To a potential buyers that are Interested in buying the products at Google okay Digital marketing is more of blogging And content creation and websites and

Paid campaign there are more than 200 000 opening jobs at starting salaries Between 40 and 60k a year you're not on The phone okay this is a great Opportunity information technology is Also a good opportunity it's an I.T Um you're not on the phone the best way I can describe this is a chat job where You're dealing with tickets and cues There are more than 200 000 opening jobs Average starting salary of 40 to 60k a Year y'all got to stop procrastinating Take action use the job that you have as A crush to invest in increasing your Salary some of y'all been at a job for a Year to six years and still making the Same salary some of y'all been at the Job for a year to six years and you've Been wanting to take a vacation and you Can't take a vacation because why nobody Know how to do your job you have to Better yourself if you want to go to the Next level you're going to have to be a Risk taker okay you're gonna have to do That I used to be the type person oh but My my competitors they were going from a All the way to Z and here I am stuck at Level a because I did not want to invest In myself now once I got out of that now You can you can start seeing the growth So you need to take action here are the Students just look at their testimonies And see what they have to say these if This don't give you pumped up then I

Don't know what will and how it works is You start a free intro course in the Intro course is going to tell you all You need to know about text sales Information technology and digital Marketing and at that time you know if It's a good fit for you if it's a good Fit for you don't procrastinate take Action and sign up today enroll in their Online course and you can start the Course today and you can complete the Course within a week or no later than Three months depending on how much time You spend with it if you look at the Testimonies it's people that have to Finish this course within a week because They are ready to get out there and make This money and how you start your career You start applying the skills that you Learn course they would teach you Exactly how to land an entry level Position through an Insider knowledge of How to apply to companies what they look For resumes and applications how to Interview and so much more again they Partner directly with Fortune 500 Companies that are looking to hire you Into an entry level position okay Now how this work is I'm going to go up Here and I'm just going to click on text Cells here when I click on text cells it Tells you some of the companies that are Hiring for text sales serving monkey Zoom different other places and when you

Scroll down here it tells you the day in The life of a text sales you're going to Respond to emails checking calendars You're going to research companies Editing new prospects as well as you're Going to be making phone calls to people In your Outreach and when you go down a Little bit further here it tells you of Course the the courses flexible Education because it's self-paced and it Tells you who this text sales course is For Um it really you do not have to have Experience you have to be authorized to Work in the United States or Canada Um to do this the background you could Be a recent high school graduate looking For a college employee want to make a Career change College Dropout trying to Figure out the next move our college Graduate consider what their options are So in Tech sales it tells you what You're going to be going over sales Basis sales skills sales technology Sales process interview prep and then When you go down here here is some more Testimony people are testifying how good Course careers have changed their life So take advantage of listening to that And when you go down here is the price I Know this this is what you've been Waiting for the free introduction course Is free it's a one-time payment of 499 Let me know can you pay that amount just

Only in a trade school Community College Let alone a graduate school a university No you'll be out a lot of more money Than that you'll be out of 50k or 100K All you have to pay is 499 you come out With more experience if you would and Got a Bachelor's a master's degree okay It's people that went through course Careers they making more money than Somebody that went to actually a University and got a degree but if you Use my coupon code which is the rest of 50 all in caps you'll get 50 off of the 4.99 that information is in the YouTube Description bar or you can do a four Payment plan where they got 150 every Two weeks no contract or heating fees Along with a 14 day money back guarantee This is how strongly course careers Believe that this is a great opportunity For you to go ahead and get started Remember once you sign up today you can Start taking the classes today so go What are you waiting on go ahead and Sign up today so you can change your Life and your family life okay Now You know that don't forget to join me on Today April the 4th 2023 at seven O'clock P.M Central Standard time where I will be going YouTube live again this Day work from home q a where we'll be Answering questions as well as I'll be Going on resumes and your live resume so

I look forward in chatting with you on Today at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time and remember to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there for you but it Starts with you you gotta believe and Don't forget to subscribe to the channel For more no talk and work from home job Leads that go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Your notifications so every time I Upload new videos you'll be notified as Well as when I go YouTube live you will Also be notified too as well check out The videos that's listed at the top or At the bottom there are more no talking Work from home job leads for you to get Out there and apply for these jobs and Get these jobs today remember don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it you got This I believe in you thank you so much For watching and I will see you in the Next video bye Foreign

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