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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with another work from home video And this company is hiring fast but Before I jump in make sure you guys Subscribe like and share because on this Channel not only do we talk about legit Work from home jobs side gigs and side Hustles but guys we also give away brand New laptops and if you want one they are Absolutely free just take my video go And share it with a friend post it on Your social media platforms Facebook LinkedIn Twitter don't forget to come Back and leave us a comment now if you Are looking for a part-time side gig Side hustles or just part-time work from Home jobs be sure to go back check out All of the work when you want videos and Make sure you guys apply to everything That I posted don't forget guys to let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and be sure to Click on that link and sign up for Branded surveys let's jump in so the Company is direct interactions you guys Have heard us talk about this company Before they are looking to feel their Customer service specialist I believe This one is part-time but I do see here They have full time as well so it says To be considered you must first be Invited to go through our job tryout Phase assessments it says this

Correspondence will come via email if Selected please continue to monitor all Inboxes in your email so that way you do Not miss an email or deadline to respond By now you must be a self-starter must Demonstrate a passion for for providing Outstanding Services you must maintain Composure across a variety of customer And peer interactions experience working In a team environment routinely Demonstrates listening skills and is Attentive to the needs of those you will Be assisting excellent verbal Communication skills including correct Grammar and punctuation along with tone And Pitch ability to remain calm under Pressure in a fast-paced contact center Environment ability to remain calm while Taking back-to-back calls ability to Show empathy for those that may be Frustrated or anxious ability to pay Attention to detail and multi-task while Navigating through multiple programs and Information ability to use a computer Quickly and accurately must possess the Ability to remain poised in high stress Situations must be willing to conquer Goals and challenges and you must be Willing to type at least 30 words per Minute ability to be flexible and handle Changes efficiently proficient in Excel Word and Outlook Office Products and They do have some additional Requirements listed here I see must pass

A criminal background check paid for by The company which is again direct Interactions you are legally able to Work in the United States must be a Current resident living in the United States and must have at least a high School diploma or equivalent now they do Not hire in California or New York for This particular project at this time you Will be processing unemployment Insurance claims answering incoming Calls via customer software and Assisting customers research information In the databases to resolve customer Issues maintain composure and escalated Situations operate accurately and Efficiently in a fast-paced environment Handle multiple responsibilities at one Time and I do see that the training is Done virtually and will consist of Virtual instructor-led and self-paced Learning as well you must first attend a Mandatory orientation session and they Do have the training hours listed here It also States guys that the agents will Be required to at least work 20 hours a Week and you can select when you want to Work so this is another work when you Want fifteen dollars an hour with this Company you are a employee W-2 it says This is a W-2 employee position this is Not a 1099 and they do pay by weekly via Direct deposit so again the company is Directing her actions 20 hours per week

Are required for this position guys and I do see you select when you can work so This is a work when you want part-time Monday through Friday the hours are 8 A.M to 5 p.m Eastern Standard time but You pick and choose what hours you want To work now I do see here that six of Those hours worked are required every Monday no exception and my take on that Is Mondays are probably their busiest Day because you are processing Unemployment insurance claims for this Company and they are hiring fast so make Sure you guys get those applications in And the link will be posted right below The video in the description box again The company is directing her actions Make sure you guys go over and do some Research now they have been around for Quite some time ever since I think tan And I started working from home I think We found out about this company like Three or four years after we started Working from home so they have been Around for quite some time and there is An interview involved with this company But from what we've heard the interviews Are fairly easy especially since they Are trying to get people in on this Particular project make sure you guys Still do some research about the company Just in case you get asked some Questions about direct interactions you Would want to be prepared and not

Surprised again the link will be posted Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check it out and Apply today don't forget guys to share The video somebody out there is looking For a part-time work when you want jobs Such as this one and you just might be The person to help them out so make sure You take my video you go and post it Everywhere share it with a friend don't Forget to come back and leave us a Comment because guys once we reach a Hundred thousand followers on this Channel or subscribers on this YouTube Channel we will be giving away on the Live stream 10 brand new laptop Computers absolutely free so make sure You guys go and share this with a friend Because you never know you just might Get picked for one of those laptops Especially the ones that we see in the Comments each and every single day and We do read the comments guys even if we Don't respond to you guys I would Probably like it maybe put a heart to Let you guys know that I did see that You stated to us that you shared our Video and we greatly appreciate each and Every single one of you to those of you That have not had a chance to share the Video take some time out share these Videos don't forget to come back and Leave us a comment if you are new here It is not too late to jump in on this

Giveaway so the next one guys again a Hundred thousand subscribers and guys we Are almost there I think we are short Maybe around 12 000 or less than twelve Thousand so that is not a lot I feel Like we are going to make it there Before the end of the year also don't Forget to hop over to Facebook join us Kiss that cubicle goodbye because guys We are giving away a laptop in the group So this just increases your chances of Winning a brand new beautiful laptop Computer from us and all you guys have To do is come over there join kiss that Cubicle goodbye and then invite invite Invite invite your friends your family Members your cousins or anybody that you Can think of that is looking for a legit Work from home job and then you want to Follow us on the two chicks with the Side Hustle Facebook business page Because on that page guys we are giving Away two additional laptop computers Brand new absolutely free the only thing You have to do is come over there follow Like and leave us a comment tag a friend Tell a friend or however you guys want To do it you can also take the post or Whatever you see posted click that share Button and it'll automatically go on Your personal or if you have a business Uh Facebook page and you want to put us On your business page hey by any means You are freely and welcome to do so

Don't forget about Twitter and Instagram Two chicks with a side hustle we are Almost at 10K the last time I checked Instagram and I probably would check it Again today we were I think like 20 People short from 10 000 followers on Instagram so don't forget guys there Will be another giveaway on our Instagram page two chicks with the side Hustle and all you guys have to do is Come over there share if you know how to Share or tag a friend in the comments my Name is Carl thank you guys so much for Sharing our content and I'll catch you Guys in the next video bye Bye YouTube thank you

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