$1,153 To $1,346 Week Non-Phone Tickets Support Work From Home Job With No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead this one is not in the Healthcare field But it is still non-phone it is customer Service though but it seems to be all Through a ticketing system so this job Is going to be perfect of those of you Who have great customer service skills But you just don't want to be on the Phone talking to people all day the Company chart hop is hiring a customer Support engineer now this is remote I do Believe this is for the United States Only if you're interested in applying The link to this page is in the YouTube Description box below this video but Chart hop is a company that helps other Companies transform the way they manage And support their people so they like Human resources operations they are Looking for a support engineer to help Honor the technical side so this is Going to be more technical customer Service support you'll be managing the Support cue so I believe that is a Ticketing a cue for the s mb2 Enterprise Customers so you'll be basically working With other businesses you'll manage and Triage the Frontline support requests That come in from customers escalating And coordinated with the support and Management team when necessary including On-call support schedule so on call does

Not mean on the phone on a phone call on Call means you are not actively working But if you are needed you are scheduled To come in and work basically like they Call you in when somebody else calls out Type of thing you'll handle customer Communications during incidences defect Tracking bug reporting and feature Requests so this should all be done Online you just put in a little ticket If you want a feature request for chart Hop and so you will help work those Tickets you will assist with q a and Release coordination of engineer and Product and you'll project manage with The customer success team now they do Not require any kind of college degree They're looking for someone who is an Understanding and exposure to technical Support in a software as a service Company they want someone who has Hands-on experience with zendesk Google Suite pagerduty GitHub and slack so Again because of all the words they're Using this makes me believe that this is All a ticketing system with no phone Calls they're looking for someone who is Excited to work in a startup and has a Desire to work with clients virtually Because this is a work from home remote Position now the base pay for this job Is anywhere from sixty thousand dollars A year all the way up to seventy Thousand dollars a year they offer

Bonuses and inquity on top of that and They also include a standard benefit Package including medical dental vision 401k and paid time off all right if this Job lead was not for you that's okay as Always feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific that you you Are looking for I want to say thank you So so much for watching and supporting Me and I'll be back really really soon With more work from home job leads just For you

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