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Good morning it's Suzanne happy Thursday Today I have a no interview no phone job For you this is with the company vitac And they are always hiring voice Captioners to work from home they pay an Awesome salary anywhere between 20 to 30 Dollars per hour which means you could Earn up to twelve hundred dollars per Week in this position so a little bit About this company vitac is the largest Provider of live closed captioning Services in North America their voice Captioners provide essential services to The millions in the deaf and hard of Hearing Community daily by creating Closed captioning for live television Streamed media corporate government and Educational events if the prospect of Working from home helping positively Touch the lives of millions of people Daily having exciting new work Challenges each day and getting paid for It sounds interesting then this is the Position for you so voice captioners Perform duties from their home and enjoy A flexible work schedule so you can work When you want somewhat vitac offers Part-time and full-time schedules based On personal business needs bitech Provides voice captioners with paid new Hired training so they're going to train You prior to captioning for the Customers in addition to an hourly base Pay vitac offers incentive pay for

Specialized events competitive Medical Dental other benefits here are your Essential duties and responsibilities Produce near instantaneous transcription Of the spoken word into text as close to Verbatim as possible using their speech Recognition technology and bitac Provided software and Hardware so They're going to provide you with the Software and the hardware that you need To be able to do this prepare for Scheduled programs and events by Conducting research related to the Correct spelling of words and names Likely to be referenced in the event for Example if you were going to do the Grammys you would probably want to know Some of the people that were up for Awards you might need to know how to Spell their names accurately they may Have names that are kind of unusual to Spell but you would do that research to Figure out how to do that in advance so That it is accurate when you type it out Record notes as required and as per Company procedures participate in Ongoing trainings as needed minimum Qualifications high school diploma they Are not requiring you any experience They said they're totally going to train You so this is a very beginner friendly Position very good pay they also want You to have the ability to read write And speak English dedicated to ongoing

Improvement good cultural and general News knowledge detail-oriented technical Familiarity with computers able to work Flexible hours reliable and punctual and Proficient in Windows Outlook and Google So they have all of the job benefits Here they're going to provide you with Technical support all of the equipment That you need varied schedules paid sick Time so if this is something that you're Interested in I'm going to go ahead and Put the link Down Below in the Description for you leave me a comment Let me know how it goes in the Application process or if there's Another job type of job that you're Interested in let me know as well so I Can try to find those for you alright Guys I will be back tomorrow

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