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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a part-time non-phone Work from home job and this is an easy One where you can get paid guys to Upload images be sure to subscribe like And share because on this channel we Give away laptops and we are giving away 10 more brand new laptop computers and They are free free free you guys don't Even have to pay for the shipping we are Going to ship the laptop straight to Your front door the only thing you guys Have to do take my video put it on Facebook put it on Tick Tock put it on Instagram share it with a friend but be Sure to come back leave us a comment Down below now if you are looking for Some side gigs and hustles go over to The two chicks with the side Blog look on the home page under the Spotlight job section apply apply apply Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job you're looking for And be sure guys to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comments Section let's jump in so the company is Called fluentu and they are seeking to Feel this image VA as you guys can see Here the location is anywhere I do see Competitive hourly rate freelance Part-time work from home job it says That we are looking for an image VA who Will upload appropriate images for words In our language education service the

Job details upload images for words in All of the different languages that we Provide services for upload images upon Other editors requests depending on your Performance you will add some tag words To our existing images the job Requirements fluent in English native Level is preferable ability to find Images that language Learners can easily Associate with each word attention Attention to detail Computing Proficiency basic image editing skills Crop size editing adding a simple arrow The ability to work remotely with the Team our team is distributed around the Globe so while working remotely within An international team sounds great at First if you haven't done it before You'll find that there are many Challenges and it's not necessarily a Perfect fit for everyone having a Self-driven and productive attitude you Have to be able to get things done and Be ready for a high level of freedom and Also responsibility strong written Communication being an organized and Clear Communicator is the key stable Commitment being able to work at least 20 hours per week on a regular long-term Basis efficiency at work this is a job With hourly pay that means your time Efficiency will be a very important Aspect of this job and then they have Some information about fluent use so

Fluentu is an education company founded In 2011 that helps people learn Languages with real world videos Including movie trailers music videos News and inspiring talks so this one Guys is posted on the non-phone blog I Will be sure to leave a link right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check out this company again The clump company is fluent you this is A part-time freelance type of job you Probably can work whenever you want and You can live anywhere they are seeking To feel their image VA where you are Just getting paid basically to upload Documentation and it could be you know a Picture it could be some words you just Never know what the images are going to Be so I would just do some research on the Company check it out guys the link will Be posted right below the video in the Description box make sure you share this Video somebody out there is looking for A part-time non-phone job such as this One and you just might be that person to Help them out don't forget to come back Though and leave us a comment hop on Over to Facebook join kiss that cubicle Goodbye make sure you guys follow us on Our other social media platforms we do Have a Facebook business page it is two Chicks with the side hustle guys we also Have a Twitter and an Instagram two

Chicks with a side hustle and we are Doing giveaways on these social media Platforms so be sure to follow us like And share share share make a story Create a story on Instagram create a Reel or something on Facebook put us in Your stories and your reels Let's help Get this information out there to the Masses my name is Carol and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video

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