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Foreign [Music] Hi everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and this one right here is Coming from one of my favorite companies And it's prenda I featured them on the Channel several times and this is one of My favorite companies because they have Great jobs and they always have fair and Great pay okay so definitely check them Out from time to time sometimes they Have part-time jobs most of the time Their jobs are full-time though okay so Today we're going to be talking about Their Community experience director this Is a full-time remote job available in The US and let's go ahead and get Straight into the details so with this Job right here you're going to be Implementing Brenda's Community strategy To onboard and activate Community Leaders known as coaches who recruit and Support the people who run their micro Schools known as guides who will be Working with internal teams on process And continued development of the Community experience team and you're Going to oversee digital Community Spaces including Mighty networks and Printicon and you're going to manage a Remote team of five to seven people Gonna work collaboratively with the

Media team on the development of content For the community they'd like for you to Have experience directly supervising one Or more Community Professionals in a Previous role experience with Development design testing documentation And Analysis of new community programs Experience building Community focused on Achieving marketing goals as a plus four To six years of related experience is Preferred startup experience is a plus And managing remote teams is a plus and The ability to travel is required so This job is going to pay between 120k to 130k per year that includes salary and Equity you're going to get health Insurance and a home office set up Stipend unlimited PTO and they have a Pretty quick application for this job so Of course if you're interested in Applying you can find the links in the Description bar you guys know that I Wish you the best of luck make sure to Leave any questions or comments below I Appreciate you guys so much for watching And I'll see you in my next video

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