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Hey there welcome back to another great Work from home job lead if it is your First time here my name is CeCe I post These videos every single day to help Aid you in switching from an in-office Job to a remote role this is an exciting Job through Sticker Mule they are based Out of New York New York however they Are offering full-time back-end Programming jobs anywhere in the world And they offer they operate in 17 Countries and they're always looking for More great Engineers this job like I Said is full-time remote as a site Reliability engineer this is for all of My data driven coding I.T engineering Type people especially dedicated to Back-end programming or programming in General this will be great for you so The SRE team is responsible for building Maintaining and securing our services Infrastructure while participating in The weekly call on-call schedule so what They offer is remote work with flexible Schedules privately owned low stress Culture and a fun no BS work environment We love So they want you to know Docker I don't Even know how to say this word so we're Going to skip that so I don't embarrass Myself gcp AWS go postgres redis Familiarity with JavaScript you have Excellent communication skills a degree In computer science or equivalent

Practical experience so while you don't Need a degree you do need to have that Equivalent experience and you're going To have to prove that some of the Challenges are to build CI and CD Pipelines optimize and scale the Workloads and secure containers and web Services for this it's a salary of a Hundred and twenty thousand based on Experience plus and a yeah you read this Right I'm literally stuttering over my Words because it's crazy a twenty Thousand dollar signing bonus which is Amazing and four weeks vacation plus Holidays based on your country above Residence so great job here lots of Great benefits if you would like the Link to apply for this you can find that In the description box below if this one Wasn't for you on your screen or two Other great leave I've posted check Those out you might find a better match There my face is on the screen click it To subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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