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TGIF happy Friday my friends we have Made it through another week and I have Another non-phone work from home job Lead for you now this one is not the Best high paying however it is non-phone Customer service where you are actually Responding to the customers through Social media comments so we will just Dive on in just know the links if you're Interested in applying are always in the YouTube description box today's job lead Is from the company tea Turtle now they Are a consumer Products company that Creates toys games apparel and Accessories they are hiring a full-time Customer service representative this is Remote within the United States only but They are basically looking for someone To communicate to their customers Through all written channels so this Will include some zendesk tickets social Media and Kickstarter to ensure that They have a great shopping experience so You'll be answering all of the customer Service inquiries in a timely manner to Assist each customer and leave a Positive impression about the brand You'll be responding to customer Inquiries and comments on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and other channels Such as ads customer reviews and a Kickstarter you will be providing a Positive and friendly and engaging Customer service experience now some of

The questions that you might be getting Asked is processing refunds for Customers discounts or replacement Packages you'll make sure that any Issues the customers have are quickly Resolved you'll also track their Feedback and concerns and pass those on To upper management now they are not Requiring any kind of college degree for This position just a high school diploma Or GED they want somebody who's two Years experience in some kind of a Customer service role ideally via email Or chat someone who has a great Experience in writing someone who can Type at least 75 words per minute Someone who has a working knowledge of Zendesk is preferred but not required of Course somebody who has working Knowledge of Microsoft Office Word Excel Outlook all of those things are Preferred but again not required and you Do of course have to live in the U.S now As I mentioned this is not the highest Paying job in the world but it is a Non-phone work from home job they are Paying anywhere from thirty thousand all The way up to forty thousand dollars a Year and on top of that they do offer a Standard benefit package that includes Health insurance 401K paid time off all Of those things all right as always if This job lead was not for you that is Absolutely okay please feel free to

Leave in the comments anything specific That you're looking for I do read those And keep that in mind thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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