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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another non-phone Daily work from home job lead for you This one comes from a company that is a Very highly rated the company Samba Safety has a 132 reviews on Glassdoor And their rating is 4.9 out of 5 Stars So this looks like a great company to Work for but of course if you want to Read the reviews and do your own Research the links to this page plus the Application page if you want to apply Are always in the YouTube description Box below this video now Samba safety is Hiring a manual order processing and Compliance specialist this is remote for The United States Samba safety offers The industry's most comprehensive Driving monitoring software it says it Helps communities reduce risk through Data Insight so companies that use the Samba safety to keep their employees Safe on the roads and reduce risk and Help protect their brand and their Bottom line so I'm assuming this is this Is some kind of software that tracks how Fast they drive if they were in wrecks All kinds of things like that that then Feeds that data back to the company Letting them know what their drivers are Doing in their company Vehicles while They're out on the road there's two Different parts to this job the Compliance function and the manual

Ordering a processing function now in The manual order processing function You'll be processing manual Motor Vehicle Record orders for several Offshore territories and Canadian Jurisdictions so if they're requesting Their records for how they've been Driving this will be what you will be Processing those orders of those records So you'll handle a high volume of driver Releases and you have to analyze those Before submission and complete a high Volume of data entry of the offshore Territories and Canadian jurisdictions Now if you have to communicate with the Customers with their orders you'll be Responsible for assisting the customers Via email through Salesforce within 24 Hours so this is completely non-phone in The compliance function you'll respond Accurately to Consumer and customer Requests for disputing things that are On their credit report you'll be the key Contact to resolve the front line issues For the consumers regarding requests for Their motor vehicle records and accuracy Of their their records as it appears on The credit report or not on the credit Report the accuracy of any information Supplied to the Motor Vehicle Record now If this sounds like something you're Interested in and they are not requiring Any kind of college degree just somebody Who's a great work ethic someone who has

Strong attention to detail excellent Customer service skills especially the Precise email communication the ability To troubleshoot issues the ability to Multitask and prioritize your work and They're looking for someone who is eager To learn above that you've got to be Able to type at least 40 words per Minute there's a lot of data entry in This job now they are looking for Someone to specifically work Monday Through Friday 7 A.M to 6 p.m mountain Standard time so if you're outside of That time zone you'll have to convert Your hours pay for this position is 17.50 an hour and of course they offer a Standard benefit package that includes a Paid time off a 401k health benefits all The things all right if you've made it To the end of this video I want to say It thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me please feel free to leave Anything specific down below that you Are looking for I do read those and keep That in mind also if you have any Suggestions on how I can make this Channel better or things I could do Differently feel free to leave those Down below too and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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