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Happy Sunday everyone I am back with Another work from home job lead my name Is Theresa Swagg and today we're going To be talking about work from home jobs These companies that will train you make Sure you hop on a bandwagon and grab These jobs because these jobs go just Like this so we're going to go ahead and Dive right into the job here okay now We're talking about the company ssnc They're currently seeking financial Service operation transaction process to Work from home this is a full-time Position as you can see on the screen There are State high restrictions listed You have to be living in these states in Order to be eligible to apply for this Job now it is people that have told me That they have they don't live in this State and they apply for the job and Still got the job anyway but here are The states that you have to be living in In order to be considered for the Application now I went to Glassdoor and According to Glassdoor the the salary For this job is between 17 And 17 between 17 and 22 dollars an hour It could be a little bit more if you Have more experience so when we go in Again the location is remote us only now I don't want to confuse you they do have Hybrid when you just go scroll down to The bottom remote hybrid that they have You can choose remote or you can choose

Hybrid where you could work from home Like two days and then the other days You go into the office but it is remote So I want to just explain that so nobody Won't get confused okay so we're gonna Go in the reason why I got they would Train you this company offer paid Training is you have Hands-On and Customized by their team including Techno and e-learning resource so that Is how they would train you okay they do Have extra perks discounts on Fitness Memberships cell phones Child Care Travel and more so this is a great Company here okay so when we go more Into details about Um actually uh what are you going to be Doing here is when you go here a Financial service operation Representative one is an entry-level Role an excellent opportunity to launch A new career you will focus on providing Superior Service to clients as you will Become familiar with the correspondence System as you manage outgoing calls for Financial and non-founder natural Transaction you're going to research and Resolve less complex process problems You will ensure adherence to legal and Procedure standards knowledge of quality Goals and participate in accomplishment Of Team quality metric okay so this is a Consider a non-phone work at home job Now when we go more into details about

This job here after attending a formal Training executing service requests Which include purchasing Redemption Transfer exchange account maintenance And new account set up you can also Review all transactions for quality Assurance the accuracy of the work Entering escalating areas of concern is Needed for the quality improvement Process as well as um it says on Occasion work with clients over the Phone in order to resolve complete Complex issues now you know I always Reach out to hire manager when I have Questions this is not a call center job Where calls are out uh coming after each Other you may be reaching out to clients Over the phone just every once in a While is not every day okay so I again I Repeat this is considered a non-phone Work at home job I reached out to hire Manager you may occasion that means Every once in a while you may be talking To clients over the phone but it's just Every once in a while but he still say This is a non-phone work at home job Now the only thing that you got to have Is no degree it's required no degree is Needed is a high school diploma or Equivalent with one year work-related Experience they also want you to have Demonstrate the ability to meet Deadlines with strong problem solving And resolution skills now I am telling

You the skills that you need to Implement in your resume strong problem Solving and resolution skills you need To put that in your resume solid right Written and verbal communication skills That also needs to go into your resume Under the skills section Demonstrate the ability to remain Adaptable and flexible with changes and Then you need to demonstrate computer Skills with the ability to navigate and Toggle between multiple programs to Perform daily functions and then it Talks about assets to high-speed Internet in order to meet remote work Requirements okay so this is a great Opportunity where they will train you Paid training no degree is required and This company is also hiring immediately Okay so make sure you go ahead and apply Today for this job by clicking here if This video thus far have been helpful May for sure you consider subscribing to The channel by clicking that red button That says subscribe and don't forget to Turn on your notification by clicking on That Bell so every time when I upload New videos you'll be notified and they Will give you plenty of opportunities to Go ahead and apply for these jobs before They go just like this okay now I want To give you some encouragement words Like I always do in all of my videos I Know that a lot of people are looking at

This job and say look I don't have any Experience we all been there even me There is jobs in the past that I know That I didn't qualify for but I always Researched things to understand the job And when I researched the job I found Out okay I understand this I looked at Some videos on YouTube and you got People that are showing you how to do These things I'm like I can do this so When I did apply for the job I was able To get the job you have to speak life And I'm going to keep saying this is you Have to speak life over yourself the Power of the time determines life and Death a lot of people I get it they Don't have people that encourage them a Lot of people are living in homes where It's so negativity that are going on Every single day so that's all that they Can think of when you're around Negativity people eventually you're Going to pick it up but when you're Around positive people you're speaking Positive your life I am speaking Positive over you saying keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it you got You have to speak life over yourself Some of y'all like I said is looking at This job saying oh Um I I don't

I don't think I can get this job I've Never done this before stop having that Attitude and start saying look I can do This I'm gonna learn this this company Offer training so I'm you know what do I Have to lose you know anytime you get a Job they're going to train you anyway The way that they want you to perform The job so why are you worried about I Don't have the experience all you need To do is set up your resume for Success You gotta tailor your resume to each job That you're applying for that is how Your resume is going to pass the African Tracking system and you got to believe In yourself because if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will you have People in the world that is don't have Your best interest let's put it that way They're not happy for you because you're Trying to better yourself they're not Happy for you because you're trying to Go to the next level so stop telling People your goals when you tell people Your goals what they're gonna say Um you can't do this nobody's not gonna Hire you nobody's going to give you a Chance Um you are not educated to do this you Got to stop telling people what your Next move is and move in silence I don't Tell people what my next move in is Because when you tell people they're Gonna always speak deaf over you you

Have to speak life over yourself you got To keep saying that the power of the Tongue determines life and death If you don't get the encouragement words From anybody today you're going to get It on my channel is you got to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it I am talking to you whoever is Looking at this video Don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs You got this there is a job out there With your name on it but again it starts With the mind you gotta believe if you Believe great things is going to come Your way so keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made especially for you so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs okay now you Know that I talk about Having multiple strains of mcom it's Very important to prepare and plan a lot Of people go homeless is because they Don't prepare and plan they once they Have a job if they've been on the job For two months or even longer they get Complacent Um I'm they're not gonna let me go these Companies will let you go just like this They don't care if you have a family They don't care if you Um You have to pay your bills they don't

Care so you need to always have a backup Plan it all means necessary okay and It's not greed y'all it is prepared in Planning because I don't want to see People not you know losing their homes Or can't afford to put gas in their car Or they can't go afford to get their car Fixed because they did not plan and Repair always have a backup plan it all Means necessary and that is with Bookboat I am not talking just to talk I Am doing book myself to make a passive Income you know you want to leave a Legacy for your children children and This is one of many that I discuss is Creating low content books if you do Your research people are making anywhere Between a thousand to ten thousand a Month creating low content books and for Those who don't know what low content Books are these are diaries journals Um puzzle books activity books all made In Book boat okay that is what it videos And they are selling and people are Making passive income you can go and Search it look at other videos and People are making a living creating These books putting them on Amazon kdb The great thing about bookboat is you Don't have to have any experience you Can live anywhere in the world you don't Have to be a graphic designer to start Doing it all you have to have is a will Of Mind a willing heart and a willing

Spirit to go ahead and do this okay now When you scroll down here the great Thing about bookboat is I always love it That you can always research the product Before you actually make it and see if It's out as well as you can spy on your Competitors and see what kind of Keywords that they're using and Implemented into your titles and Description not the copy but to be Expired bookboat has upgraded they have A new book Studio they have coverage Creators interior designs drag and drop Editors complete customization over a Thousand two hundred plus free fonts More than one million royalty free image Had our scalable designs filter in much More and yes people buy these books Every single day don't let nobody talk You out and say Um nobody buy these books people buy These books every single day you again You're able to do puzzle books activity Books coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match Interiors to create unique books for Your audience and then if you go here to Your resource and then interior wizard I Want to show how to show you how easy it Is I made a whole bunch of videos on This here but I want to show you how Easy it is where everything is Actually made for you you do not have to Make your interior you can choose

College rules Journal music sheet career Plan monthly to-do list mood tracker Online Shopper you get the picture you Can choose what you want but for the Sake of the video I'm going to choose Career plan you got a choice to do Paperback or hardcover or you can do Both both so I always do paperback eight By five eleven I do 120 pages and I'm Going to choose career plan and I'm Going to hit download Once I hit Download this is my interior if I am Pleased with this this is what I would Download to Amazon kdb okay again I am Not a graphic designer so I go on Fiverr And I pay someone anywhere between five And twenty dollars in order to do my Cover to make it stand out from the Crowd and if I'm pleased with this again I get downloaded on Amazon kdb I can put It on Etsy I can put it on send out I Can put it on pay hip I can put it on Free social media platforms to get out There and promote it and if you have Your own website you can promote it that Way as well so when you go down here Anytime you're talking about a business There is pricing and I believe it's very Affordable you cannot complain about the Situation until you invest people that Are moving up the ladder they're Risk Takers they're taking risk and they're Invested in their self in order to have That extra money so they won't fall

Short so there are pricing there are 9.99 per month for newbies in 1999 per Month for pro now the only difference With the pro you're getting the puzzle Creation software included but if you Use my coupon code which is the rest of Sweat and lowercase that information is In you the YouTube description bar you Will receive 20 off the 9.99 per month And again that is Lifetime or if you Choose 19.99 per month you receive 20 Off of that and that is Lifetime and Then also you can try it out for three Days for free and see if you like it and I guaran to you you're gonna like it and You know this is a great easy Start right here where you can make Passive income and Elementary student to Do it as well as a medical middle school And as well as a high school anybody can Do this nobody is limited to creating Low content books this is a great Opportunity Um if you go through the tutorials you Will understand if you spend an hour a Day you will understand how easy it is To create low content books and start Making passive income but you got to put In the work there is a saying what come Easy won't last and what last won't come Easy so again you need to check this out Because I don't want to see anybody Struggling I want to teach you that you Got to go and you got to prepare and

Plan and have multiple strains of income Not seven but eight multiple strains of Income just in case if something go Wrong people changes every single day There's people that are in relationships That are Um you know one spouse is not working And the other person is trying to tell Them hey you need to get out you know People are abusive relationships every Single day and they just don't have the Funds to get out you should always have A backup plan it all means necessary so Go out there today and sign up once you Sign up you can start creating low Content books today and also make sure That you are watching my videos all the Way through again I have videos go out Every single day this channel is all About non-phone work at home job leads They go out every single day and what I Specialize in is try to help you found Jobs that companies that will train you Paid training Um also companies that hire you with no Degree is required as well as jobs that Are hiring immediately so consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe and Don't forget to turn on your Notifications and make sure that you Check Community Tab out every time every Day because that is where I engage with You when I upload new videos I post them

In there when I do post I post them in There and if you would like like to Support the channel Or you would like to become a member of The YouTube channel all you have to do Is click the join button there is a Short video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the channel shout Out to everyone that's already a member Of the channel and I'm going to leave Some encouragement words with you again Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but you gotta believe it starts with Your mind You got this go out there and grab what Is yours today by applying for these Jobs and go check out the next video That is posted here to help you get more Increase your opportunities to found More work from home job leads so go out There and check out this next video that Is appearing on the screen again have a Great day

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